Top 12 best adhesive pistols: how to choose, prices, rating

A modern high-quality adhesive gun can be an indispensable assistant in home domestic and repair work, and it is also useful to those who are actively engaged in needlework or sewing cause. This small-sized device is capable of high quality and quickly glue elements even in low-cost zones, and even a teenager can control them.

The adhesive gun works with the help of plastic rods, which gradually melted and turn into liquid glue, gradually focusing. All that you need to make an employee after refueling the rod into a gun - to spend them on the surfaces that need gluing and connect them. In addition to gluing parts, the use of this tool is extensive - it is also suitable for sealing seams and cracks, for sticking rhinestones on clothing and other surfaces. Buy spare rods can be almost in any construction store. However, when buying a pistol itself, you must pay attention to the functionality of the device and the quality of parts and assembly.

The adhesive gun works with plastic rods that gradually melted and turn into liquid glue
The adhesive gun works with plastic rods that gradually melted and turn into liquid glue

Advantages of the adhesive gun

The device will be useful not only to every man for household work on the house, but also girls for decorative and diverse works. In addition, this tool has a number of significant advantages over others:

  • simplicity;
  • The glue is grabbed in seconds;
  • Compound is resistant to water;
  • The glue composition is not toxic, suitable even for children's crafts;
  • The tool has a small weight and quite compact dimensions;
  • Purchase replaceable rods will not be much difficulty;
  • The cost of rods is significantly lower than the cost of adhesive compositions;
  • It is possible a point and fairly subtle application of glue;
  • Economical consumption.

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Device of adhesive gun

To work correctly with the adhesive gun, it is recommended to initially familiarize yourself with the principle of its work and the device. Any type of similar type consists of the following items:

  • Heating knot. Heating chamber, where there is a TEN and heating element;
  • nozzle. Gives the molten glue the form with which it is squeezed out of the pistol;
  • Pistol housing. It is usually performed from heating resistant and not transmitting the heat of plastic and is supplemented with a folding stand, which will be needed in the event of a break in operation;
  • Glue launch mechanism. Fixes the adhesive rod in the correct position and directs the melted glue into the nozzle;
  • network cable. There is only electrical appliances with connecting to the network;
  • switch. They are complemented by a number of modern models of adhesive pistols, and with it you can take a break in operation without disconnecting the device from the network.

In addition to the above device elements, it will be important to note the necessary consumables - the glue rods that the gun refills. The pusher gradually promotes the rod, which, resting in the heating element, begins to melt. The glue supply mechanism gives already molten glue to the nozzle. The trigger allows you to increase the pressure and strengthen the flow of glue.

View and Device of the Adhesive Pistol
View and Device of the Adhesive Pistol

With a glue gun, you can glue the following materials:

  • paper;
  • cardboard;
  • wood;
  • fabric (except synthetic);
  • plastic;
  • leather (natural and artificial);
  • glass;
  • linoleum;
  • And even metal, if warm it in advance.

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Types of glue pistols

There are several types of adhesive pistols, which, first of all, differ functionally. Professionals allocate the following varieties as intended:

  • Professional (suitable for construction and repair);
  • Amateur (will become an excellent choice for small domestic repairs and needlework).

Also glue are divided by the source of energy to:

  • electrical (operate from the power supply with the help of a network cord);
  • rechargeable (operate from rechargeable battery or batteries);
  • Gas (refilled using a liquefied gas can.

Top 12 best models of glue thermopystoles

Photo Name Rating Price
Best models with replaceable nozzles
#one Defort DGG-50N-K ⭐ 100. / 100 1 - Voice Be find out the price
# 2. Bosch GKP 200 CE Professional ⭐ 99. / 100 2 - Voices Be find out the price
The best adhesive pistols for cardboard and paper
#one Dremel 930-18 Hobby ⭐ 100. / 100 1 - Voice Be find out the price
# 2. Uhu Creative ⭐ 99. / 100 Be find out the price
The best thermopystole to work with rhinestones
#one DREMEL 910 F. ⭐ 100. / 100 Be find out the price
The best types of adhesive pistols for needlework
#one Hobby and Pro DS-040 ⭐ 100. / 100 1 - Voice Be find out the price
# 2. Master Hand. ⭐ 99. / 100 1 - Voice Be find out the price
Best battery-type models
#one Steinel Neo 1 334 109 ⭐ 100. / 100 1 - Voice Be find out the price
# 2. Bosch Glue Pen. ⭐ 99. / 100 Be find out the price
Best professional models
#one DREMEL 910 JC. ⭐ 100. / 100 2 - Voices Be find out the price
# 2. Steinel GlueMatic 3002. ⭐ 99. / 100 2 - Voices Be find out the price
# 3. Bosch PKP 18 E ⭐ 98. / 100 2 - Voices Be find out the price

Best professional models

3. Bosch PKP 18 E

The high-quality pistol for the famous brand of power tools will be excellent to the construction and repair work. The device has a high-temperature mode and is able to warm up to 200 degrees in a matter of seconds, which makes it possible to apply glue to the surface much more evenly and makes stronger seam. The tool is universal and suits for gluing various materials (metal, plastic, wood, cardboard, fabric), and can be applied as sealant. The cost of this model is about 2100 rubles.

Bosch PKP 18 E
Bosch PKP 18 E


  • heat-resistant housing;
  • low weight;
  • High heating temperature;
  • uniform distribution over the surface;
  • Metal nozzle;
  • Large length of the network wire.

Adhesive Pistol Bosch PKP 18 E

2. Steinel Gluematic 3002

Professional high power glue gun with electronic temperature adjustment sensor. Separately, it is worth noting the presence of a lung and compact ergonomic plastic case, convenient for daily or regular operation with a tool. The cost of this model is about 1,200 rubles.

Steinel GlueMatic 3002.
Steinel GlueMatic 3002.


  • Little weight (320 grams);
  • adjustment of heating temperature;
  • compact format;
  • Ergonomic shape of the body;
  • High power (220 W);
  • glue level sensor;
  • Increased performance;
  • glue leak valve;
  • 3 adhesive rods included.


  • no switch;
  • not a particularly comfortable trigger with miniature work;
  • Long heating (up to 10 minutes).

Adhesive Pistol Steinel Gluematic 3002

1. Dremel 910 JC

A universal glue thermopyard with improved characteristics is coping with both professional construction tasks and small household issues. The tool has an ergonomic handle and a good trigger, which makes even daily work with it much more comfortable. The device works at heating temperature to 165 degrees. With it, you can glue such materials like wood, plastic, cardboard, glass and others. You can purchase this model in just 1,100 rubles.



  • low weight (200 grams);
  • presence of a stand;
  • electronic temperature adjustment;
  • Fast heating;
  • acceptable cost;
  • Ergonomic shape.


  • high weight of the network cord;
  • The overestimated cost of branded adhesive rods.

Best battery-type models

2. Bosch Glue Pen

A comfortable portable tool in an ergonomic rubberized case allows you to comfortably work even for a long time. Separately, it should be noted the presence of such useful options as the light indicator and the shutdown key on the housing. You can purchase this model of an eminent tool brand for 2500 rubles.

Bosch Glue Pen.
Bosch Glue Pen.


  • offline work;
  • rubberized ergonomic case;
  • shutdown key;
  • Battery and charging included;
  • universal USB type connector;
  • protection against glue spray;
  • Long operation from one battery charging (up to 6 rods).

Bosch Glue Pen glue gun

1. Steinel Neo 1 334 109

This battery type tool is favorably featured by a miniature form of nozzle, which makes it more subtly and accurately apply adhesive to the glued surfaces. Also, this adhesive thermopystole will become an excellent choice for seaming seams. The full charge of the battery gives the possibility of half-hour offline. The cost of this model is about 2500 rubles.

Steinel Neo 1 334 109
Steinel Neo 1 334 109


  • the presence of the start and off key;
  • point applying;
  • excellent overview of the treated surface;
  • compact format;
  • Protection against glue splashes;
  • Little weight (only 150 grams);
  • Automatic shutdown.


  • overestimated cost;
  • only 7-millimeter rods are suitable;
  • For a long time of charging (up to 3 hours).

Glue Pistol Steinel Neo 1 334 109

The best types of adhesive pistols for needlework

A thermopystole for needlework and other household needs have small sizes and a small diameter of glue rods, but at the same time it is quite fiscal and have an economical adhesive consumption.

2. Master Hand.

The most budget model among thermopystoles of this species has high quality assembly and perfectly copes with the initially specified tasks. The tool works at a temperature of 120 degrees, and the device heats up in just 5 minutes. The tool has a compact size, ergonomic shape and allows you to comfortably perform even miniature work. You can purchase a thermopystole model for only 250 rubles.

Master Hand.
Master Hand.


  • acceptable cost;
  • 2 adhesive rods in the set;
  • Comfortable use;
  • Fast heating.


  • Not particularly high-quality plastic case allows leaking glue.

1. Hobby and Pro DS-040

A universal compact adhesive thermopystylene for needlework will be an excellent helper for lovers of decorative and finishing works, floristics, scrapbooking, making jewelry and other works. Despite low power, the device perfectly copes with almost any materials - starting with paper and cardboard and ending with wood and cloth. The cost of this tool is about 700 rubles.

Hobby and Pro DS-040
Hobby and Pro DS-040


  • blocking leakage leakage;
  • presence of a stand;
  • Ergonomic shape of the body;
  • the possibility of point application;
  • Budget value.


  • The possibility of heating the plastic case during continuous operation.

Adhesive Gun Hobby and Pro DS-040

The best thermopystole to work with rhinestones

1. Dremel 910 F

A compact glue thermopystole in a lightweight body weighs only 140 grams and makes even long-lasting work with a tool much more comfortable, which is particularly necessary at the scrupulous process. The cost of such a tool is about 800-1000 rubles.



  • compact format;
  • Ergonomic shape;
  • little weight;
  • Large length of the network cable;
  • Convenience and easy use.


  • Fast consumption of adhesive rods.

Dremel 910 F Admel Glue Pistol

The best adhesive pistols for cardboard and paper

2. Uhu Creative.

A fairly simple adhesive gun low temperature type (operating at a temperature of only 110 degrees) is an ideal option for such delicate materials as thin paper, kraft, cardboard. The strength of the gluing remains is still high, and the surface of the material does not breed. The cost of this model is about 1000 rubles.

Uhu Creative
Uhu Creative


  • Fast heating in just 3 minutes;
  • rapid drying;
  • reliable glue seam;
  • Ergonomic shape;
  • low weight;
  • Comfortable work with small details;
  • Delicate work with fine materials.


  • In practice were not found.

1. DREMEL 930-18 HOBBY

A high-quality amateur thermopystole has two temperature modes, which allows you to work both with fine paper, cottage and organza, and with cardboard. The cost of this tool is about 1,500 rubles.

Dremel 930-18 Hobby
Dremel 930-18 Hobby


  • Multicolored glue rods in the set;
  • Heating-resistant housing;
  • compact format;
  • Small weight.


  • Little cable length;
  • Thick nozzle.

Admel 930-18 Hobby Glue Pistol

Best models with replaceable nozzles

2. Bosch GKP 200 CE Professional

The unusual version of the thermopystole, which includes not only the standard, but also the elongated nozzle nozzle, allowing to work even in particularly hard-to-reach places. The cost of this model is 7000 rubles, but the device is professional and is distinguished by special assembly quality.

Bosch GKP 200 CE Professional
Bosch GKP 200 CE Professional


  • Fast heating;
  • control leakage leakage;
  • presence of a stand;
  • Conveniently enlarged launcher;
  • An extended nozzle bundled.


  • no shutdown button;
  • overestimated cost.

Bosch GKP 200 CE Professional Adhesive Gun

1. Defort DGG-50N-K

Professional adhesive tool of universal type is suitable for both construction and repair work and needlework. The tool is heated in just 3 minutes, and in the set there are two replaceable nozzles. Separately, it is worth noting the possibility of the autonomous operation of the thermal system. The cost of this model in comparison with other similarities is quite small and is only 2000 rubles.

Defort DGG-50N-K
Defort DGG-50N-K


  • excellent quality assembly and materials;
  • presence of a stand;
  • the presence of rods included;
  • The presence of replaceable nozzles.


  • not a particularly convenient storage format;
  • In comparison with amateur - high cost.

How to competently use the tool

Before you use a new tool, you must initially explore the instructions to a particular tool, since each thermopystole has its own characteristic features. The first thing that must be remembered is the correspondence of the adhesive rod of the pistol model. There are stems of two sizes - 7mm and 11mm. Also, if the manufacturer prescribes a recommendation on the use of exclusively branded rods, this Council should be followed.

When you turn on the thermopystole, it is recommended to leave it for 5-7 minutes (see the instruction), so that the glue managed to melt well. When using the thermopystole, it is recommended to use protective gloves resistant to heating, as the tool nozzle is raised to high temperatures. If it is necessary to make a long break in operation, it is recommended to disable the tool with the button (when it is missing - to pull the power cord from the outlet) and set the tool to the stand.

If you need to replace the rod to delete the residues of the previous one, you can press on the tper tool, open to this tool is extremely recommended.

Video - How to use a glue gun

How to choose a glue gun

There are several key criteria that should be followed when choosing an adhesive thermopystole:

  • power. This indicator determines the melting rate of the adhesive rod, and, accordingly, the speed of working with the tool. Professional models have a capacity of 300 to 500 W, amateur - from 30 to 150W;
  • productivity. This characteristic determines the amount of glue passing through the nozzle per unit of time. This parameter is determined by the power of the heating element, the nozzle diameter and the rod diameter;
  • Maximum heating temperature. The temperature of the heating element may vary from 100 to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • The presence of temperature adjustment. The speed of work depends on the heating, the uniformity of application and universality of the instrument. Preference is recommended tools with temperature adjustment, as the universality of the instrument depends on this and the ability to work with various materials.
  • Power type. There are several tool power options that define its portability and the possibility of moving in space. Rechargeable models are much more expensive than models with a network cable, however, when working with such a tool, you are not "tied" to the outlet.

Video - How to choose a glue gun

What better to choose a glue thermopystole in 2021

Modern models of glue thermopystoles are distinguished by a wide variety, so the tool selection can not be easily. In the presence of financial resources, one should prefer branded tools, stamps such as Bosch, Dremel, Steinel. Among the domestic devices, high quality productions are the models of branded bison and kolner.

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Bosch GKP 200 CE Professional

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The adhesive gun is a tool, popular among builders, housewives and even children. They can be fastening different materials, repair furniture, make crafts from paper or cardboard and much more.

The thermoclane gun is used for gluing, and the combination process itself is obtained at times faster than the manual method - only 5 - 15 seconds. Yes, and you do not have to get into the glue. He, heated, is fed by a viscous trickle, so splashes will not fly into other materials. But in order to choose the right thermal power, you need to know its characteristics, what will be discussed in the article.


Purpose of the thermal system

Harry Green, developing a tool for gluing furniture parts, presented the prototype of the current glue gun. It was a bulky device working on a liquid glue. His advantage was in the very technology of applying adhesive masses, as a result of which a neat and even seam was obtained, with durable and elastic.

The current instrument has become more compact, and instead of the liquid glue, it uses solid adhesive rods, which caused its rapid propagation. Despite the versatility, it is not suitable in those situations, if the fastened parts are heated, which is why the adhesive compound softened. A thermopystole is problematic to work with concrete, plaster and some types of polyethylene due to poor contact of glue with these materials.

As for the rest, there are practically no restrictions here: all the advantages were first appreciated by furniture makers, then the builders began to use the builders for gluing parts. Designers, radio amateurs, florists. Designers and consider the find tool at all. Thermopystole allows not only to quickly glue the details among themselves, with its help they also make polyurethane patterns, create pictures.

The adhesive gun is a tool for supplying universal glue, which does not smell and fully solidifies in just 1 - 3 minutes. It is used for gluing wood, paper, cardboard, leather, fabric, plastic, ceramics, rubber and metal.

We will deal with the instrument device to understand what kind of choose for household needs or needlework.

Appearance, device and work principle

The thermoclaural gun is called an electromechanical instrument, melting and dosing melted glue. Models are characterized by dimensions, weight, species and characteristics. Looking around to appearance, it will become clear that the device is visually similar to the weapon, which is why the pistol is called. Special rods serve for him for him.

We'll figure it out how the thermopystole is arranged. Its working principle is not complicated - the adhesive rod is inserted into a special chamber, where it heats up. When you press the trigger, glue, already being melted, it will begin to be squeezed out through the nozzle under pressure. After one portion of the adhesive follows, since the adhesive rod acts as a piston.

The device inside does not constitute anything complicated, so this device is so easy to use.

To heat the chamber, the heating element is powered by the network. Here we will negate that some models are equipped with electronic temperature control and multiple heating control modes. In automatic models, an electromagnetic valve is provided, so it does not need to press the trigger for the adhesive.

After connecting the tool to the network, its power increases sharply to 500 W, then the device works only from 14 W. It is explained by the fact that the gun needs to support glue in the molten state, but not overheating it. The device can work normally for approximately 20 minutes, then turn off. The current models are equipped with an adhesive heating indicator. It is convenient, because you can reduce the operating temperature, gluing heat-sensitive materials.

Tool advantages:

  1. Almost instantly gluits the details . In order for the polyurethane mass to froze, it is enough to wait from 40 to 180 seconds (it all depends on the thickness of the applied layer).
  2. The strength of the glued materials. The gun is suitable for working with wood, metal, fabrics, plastic, glass, leather, ceramics, faience. These materials can be combined with each other by gluing.
  3. Gled surfaces get a great appearance. Adhesive rods are produced in various colors, so you can always pick up a suitable shade.
  4. Relevant for fasteners in those places where mechanical impact is not suitable. If you can not drill a hole for a dowel or score a nail, then the tilenist will be helped.
  5. Ecology and safety. As part of the adhesive, there are no harmful components. The glue itself after frozen is not afraid of moisture.

The lack of the instrument is only that they will not work with concrete, cement and plaster. It is explained by this bad adhesion of glue to these materials.

Types of thermal pistols and their features

Heating source - heat release, which is formed as a result of current flow through a TEN. Such thermal systems are called electric. But, heat can be generated by a chemical reaction occurring in a gas - such tools relate to gas. On the market, according to a larger account, electrical models are presented, which are network and rechargeable.

Network thermopystoles

The most familiar to those tools that work from the network are most familiar. Apply for tasks inside the house and to work for the stationary workplace, where there is always access to electricity.

The current models can be equipped with removable cords, which makes work with them more flexible. If you turn off the device from the network, the temperature will stay for another 20 minutes, which is sometimes enough to complete the work. Electrical models of adhesive pistols are popular among decorators.

Network models can differ constructively. For example, the wire goes directly to theta or through a microcircuit. More reliable the second option, since the tool does not overheat during operation and will allow rational use the existing power. If there is no controller, you will have to turn off the device every 20 minutes to prevent it overheating.

Rechargeable thermopystoles

Rechargeable power type is convenient if the tool used must be mobile. Note that the price of such models is slightly higher, compared to network, but it is more convenient to work with them. The device is charging from the outlet. The decision, of course, is not bad, but due to the availability of the battery the weight of the thermopystole increases. Choose such models in cases where the cord should not be interpreted during the execution of work.

Those who buy an adhesive gun for needlework prefer network models, since the rechargeable is decently weighed. Working with crafts, it is important that the tool is comfortable and easy.

Gas thermoclastic guns

Gas thermoclauses are not as popular as network and rechargeable analogs. They are difficult to find on sale and see that someone uses them, but they have their advantages.

During work, they are completely without electricity, which allows them to be used while working on objects remote from electrical networks. Gas can be filled through a special valve from the gas cylinder, and some models are equipped with several replaceable gas cans, which can also be charged.

For the most part, the operation of the operation with a gas thermoclate gun is not different from working with other models, in addition to starting heating, it is necessary to open the gas supply and turn on the heating by pressing the button with a piezoelectric. At the same time, gas will light up in a special combustion chamber, which will be visible through the viewing window. The time of the operating temperature range is from 3 to 5 minutes.

Pneumatic glue guns

The feature of these devices is the pneumatic supply of high pressure glue. The adhesive substance is supplied in such a way that it is sprayed by the spray, there are also nozzles that allow the adhesive of the fine-rod, as in conventional network and rechargeable.

The devices are equipped with a valve that prevent glue leakage, a powerful heating element, automatic control of heating and sensors.

Thanks to the pneumatic presentation system, the gun can under force with drig and viscous substances. Other devices are served small drops of glue, which are able to melt or deform the working surface.

If you compare a pneumatic thermal network with a network, then it is characterized by increased dimensions and the fact that the melon models are more suitable for semi-professional and professional use in the workshop or production.

Professional models

This category includes those devices that are able to function in a continuous multi-hour cycle. In the store, find them problematic, as they are made specifically under the conveyors. They are equipped with a temperature regulator, which will make it possible to accurately select the characteristics for working with a specific material. The glue rod, installed in them, can reach lengths up to 45 mm.

Hand tools are also included in the category of professional models. They differ in the speed of work, which means that productivity.

How to choose a glue gun

The main parameters, types and performance are known, but there are some more details with which it is better to familiarize themselves. This will not only increase productivity, but also to choose such a tool with which it will be convenient to work. Indeed, in the course of the creative process, it is important to focus on work without distracting.

Thermochellae gun for use in the car
Thermochellae gun for use in the car

What to pay attention to when choosing

As noted above, there are professional and household models, which are characterized by productivity and speed. Therefore, choosing one or another tool should be repeated from our own financial capabilities and how often the gun is planned.

What to take into account:

  • The diameter of the installed rods. For models used in everyday life, there are only 2 sizes: 7 and 10 mm. If the device is needed for household works or will be used for crafts, then a rod diameter of 7 mm is sufficient. If the needlework is the main source of income and adhesive gun is often needed, then choose a rod with a diameter of 10 millimeters. A less important parameter is the length of its length, it depends on it, as often it is necessary to install a new cartridge.
  • Glue. Rods, i.e. glue in dry form, differ in flowers. The most common appearance are transparent colorless rods that are suitable for connecting almost any materials. But, there are colored varieties. They are used in cases if it is important that the glue is the same color as the part connected. White - they glue heavy metals and glass. Yellow - for wood, plastic or paper. Gray or black - used as an insulating material or sealant.
  • Temperature. It all depends on the characteristics of the "cartridge". Each species suitable for certain temperature modes. On average, the temperature of heating occurs from +100 to + 200 degrees Celsius. The higher the parameter, the faster it will work with the tool. In terms of speed, in 1 minute leaves from 5 to 30 grams of liquid adhesive mass. For homework and hobby enough 5 - 10 grams per minute. If you work with a large area, then low speed may not be enough. While the master works with the end of the surface, the adhesive has already become cooled, the elements will deteriorate as a result.
  • External parameters (housing, trigger, thermal node). The housing of the chipped gun must be encouraged. The smaller the holes in it, the better. Most often, the tool is performed in the plastic case - such models are easier and do not lead to fast fatigue in the hand. No less important point - the characteristics of the jurka, with which the admission of glue is adjusted. Select 2 types: slider and swivel. More convenient and practical is the second option. A separate category - non-smoke devices, where glue is applied mechanically (the rod pushes his finger).
  • Nozzle nozzles. In simple models 1 nozzle. More advanced are equipped with several, to choose from. For many works, a nozzle having a thin elongated tip is useful - it will make it possible to fill in glue hard-to-reach places. If you need to process large surfaces, a model with a flat hole is useful.
  • Check valve. If you stop harvesting on the trigger, then the tight valve will prevent the leakage of the glue from the nozzle. The valve, as a rule, is part of the nozzle in models, where it is possible to replace it.
  • The rod feed window. It is better that it was wide. Rods will be easier to replace and extract.
  • Stand. Made a folding and allows you to maintain a tool in the desired position.
  • Display. On many models there is a built-in screen, which is displayed on the current temperature.

The parameters you need to consider is quite a few. If you plan to use a thermopystole often, then all these nuances are recommended to think about. If a simple model is selected, for example, for the manufacture of crafts as a hobby, it will be less powerful, without additional options, the device.

Features of choice for creativity and needlework

Thermopystole characteristics:

  • The adhesive used is non-toxic and has a neutral smell;
  • Thanks to replaceable nozzles, you can process hard-to-reach places;
  • Inaccuracies are easily corrected - to separate parts, it is enough to heat them a bit;
  • long service life of adhesive rods;
  • The basis of glue polyurethane, providing fast and reliable bonding;
  • The processed seams are not scary exposure to moisture;
  • The tool is easily glued with natural and synthetic materials.

If the tool is selected for the hobby, then the preference is worth sending household class devices. They are small in size, not very powerful and comfortably lie in the female hand. Powerful guns are not recommended, since glue is faster in them faster and follows, which is why it can spoil the craft. For needlework enough from 15 to 100 W. The diameter of the rod in 7 mm will be enough.

For reliable and efficient operation, a fairly thermopystole price is from 300 to 500 rubles. It will also fit for other purposes: repair of shoes crashed ceramics and so on. As for the heating temperature of glue, low power pistols are suitable for needlework. Yes, he will heat it slower, but will not fill fabric or other material.

It is equally important to choose nozzles. For hobbies, a stretched and long nose is recommended. With it, it is convenient to glue small rhinestones, fates and so on. It looks like a glue gun used for needlework, as well as a classic tool, except that has smaller dimensions and weight.

Choose a glue gun for household needs

Here you immediately need to answer a question for what kind of work the instrument is selected. If it is applied at home, the electric model will fit. But, if the main activity is repairs, then preference is better to give the battery version.

The rods used have a diameter of no more than 11 mm. Almost all household thermopystoles have a plastic case - they are cheaper, but require careful circulation. Although the housing is performed from durable, sometimes shockproof, plastic, but once again to drop the device is not recommended - cracks may appear or can break something inside.

Many homework are easily performed by appliances, the power of which is from 80 to 250 W. Their working temperature is no more than 200 degrees Celsius, and consumption - from 16 to 25 grams of thermoclause per minute.

. One of those options about which you do not know when it is useful, but sooner or later its presence is very helped.
Bonding furniture
. Present in almost all models - budget and expensive. Useful when it is necessary to replace the long rod or to control how it goes short in the thermoblock, so as not to damage the coupling.
Gluing the seal
. Since in standby mode, the thermopystole must be down, then the presence of a folding stand is considered mandatory. Another thing is that not in all models, this item provides sufficient device stability, so it is desirable to pay attention to it when buying.
Princessing plinth

These parameters are sufficient for gluing the falling tiles, foam panels on the ceiling, the ripping of the dried plastic bucket or seaming seam.


Adhesive guns are available in a wide choice, so it is better to be theoretically savvy, dealing with this issue.

The design of the tool is quite simple, so even for 500 rubles you can find a completely decent option, of course, without additional options. The main thing is to know for which tasks the thermopystole will be used and learn to use it.


The adhesive gun is a simple, but very convenient tool that must necessarily be present in each domestic workshop. It is refilled with special adhesive rods (transparent or multicolored). When the tool is turned on, the rods are heated and melted, turning into a liquid glue that comes with a juro of the tip.

What can be glued with an adhesive gun? Anything! Plinth, lightweight tile, linoleum. The connection is obtained very durable, it will have to use a technical hairdryer to separate parts.

Especially popular tools for designers, florists and lovers of Hand Maid. Create compositions from flowers, fabrics, paper, cardboard, beads, and other things with this device are convenient than ever.

In the workshop or for a hobby?

. It all depends on the manufacturer, which can offer along with the device a corporate case, a set of rods for various needs, as well as a heat-resistant rug, from which the glue dripping from the nozzle.

The selection of the glue gun depends on the scope. Here you need to consider some nuances:

  • Power - it depends on it as it is necessary to calculate the adhesive gun. This process takes 3-5 minutes, but some models may be prepared for operation after 15 seconds.
  • Productivity - from 5 to 30 g / min; Depends on the diameter of the nozzle and the force of pressing the trigger.
  • Power type - network or battery; The network tool is convenient if a continuous supply of a large amount of glue is needed (for example, repaired), the battery adhesive gun is mobile, suitable for working with parts of complex forms.
  • The diameter of the adhesive rod is 7 mm (for creativity and decor, where the actual point absorption) or 11 mm (for powerful tools used in construction work). How to insert glue into a gun, tell me in the next article.
  • Manufacturer - Bosch, Dremel and Hammer adhesive pistols are most popular. Each trading stamp has developed unique technologies. Bosch equipped with electronic control heating elements tools. This ensures fast readiness to operate and maintain a permanent operating temperature. Dremel produces some of the most multifunctional glue pistols on the market. They have innovative design and several temperature modes. Reliable and high-quality tools produces Hammer. They are equipped with different nozzles and are equipped with a convenient fixation system.
Since the thermopystole is a fairly simple device, in fact, not much more complicated by the soldering iron, then if it is properly opened, even the budget model can serve for a very long time, even if it is a device of a not quite well-known brand. However, even brand devices with protective electronics and other "buns" are quite inexpensive - it remains only to choose which glue gun will be better for your needs.

Choose the best

It is important to pay attention to additional characteristics:

  • Heating temperature adjustment - maximum 170-200 ° C, melting glue starts at 105 ° C, but high temperatures accelerate the process;
  • Readiness indicator - Built-in LED shows that you can start bonding;
  • Illumination - provides good visibility when working in hard-to-reach places;
  • Protective nipple - does not give drops of glue to drain from the nozzle when the tool is in standby mode;
  • The viewing window - with it, you can control the residue of the charged rod;
  • Disconnecting the cord - relevant for network tools, allows you to work up to 20 minutes. offline;
  • Equipment - may include adhesive rods, a set of nozzles, a special heat-resistant rug, as well as case.

What is the glue gun better? For creativity, you can recommend a small sturm tool! GG2470C1 by 70 W. He has a narrowed sting, so the extra glue does not fall on the workpiece. For repair work - a more powerful gun for 200 W Bosch PKP 18 E. Suitable for gluing plinths and other parts. Designers and professional florists need a tool with a system of adjustments - for example, Dremel 930 Hobby with the ability to change the heating temperature.

Adhesive guns are professionally used construction workers, installers "weakness", radio amateurs, models, artists ... They are indispensable for home masters, who periodically need to be rejected.

Especially precisely to the adhesive gun includes the master of hand-meid, which collect them various crafts, and also learned how to use thermocons by itself - create embossed paintings from it, beads, volume decorations.

The secret of the success of the adhesive pistol is not so much in the design of the tool, but in the unique properties of the consumable material. Thermoplastic multicomponent material of the rod softened at temperatures from 80 to 150 degrees, and after heating another to several tens of degrees, it becomes the fluid sticky melt. Having cooling, polymer thermocons harden up to its baseline.

"Working" Temperature for different types of glue can differ significantly. Some manufacturers with color rods label the temperature regime, and for what materials glue is suitable best. But sometimes multicolored rods make, only to use them as a sealant, imperceptible on a general background.

What are the advantages:

  • Glue combines many materials well.
  • It is characterized by good cozing (tensile strength / bundle of the gluing seam).
  • The items glued very quickly (on average you need up to 1 to 3 minutes), but not as "contact superclaim", which in case of negligence can instantly grab your fingers to each other.
  • Quickly hardening for the whole depth, so it can be used by large layers to fill emptiness.
  • After hardened, it remains elastic and slightly elastic, so it does not crack.
  • Easily "enjoyed", molded and keeps the resulting form.
  • Even in the form of a melt.
  • Not dissolved with water and weak acids, can work as a sealant.
  • Gives a completely minor shrinkage.
  • It is easy to remove with random hit on objects (for separating glued parts, you can apply heating with a hairdryer, solvents can be used for cleaning).
  • Very low price: if compared with the same volume similar by the properties of liquid glue, then the savings are obtained somewhere 2-3 times.

What are the restrictions / inconvenience:

  • You can not use on the surfaces that will later be heated to the softening temperature of the glue.
  • Some materials do not glue them: for example, silicone (therefore, special carpets are made from it) or polyethylene.
  • The heat machine materials (metals) too quickly cool glue, which instantly harden. To increase the "open time" of setting - details need to be preheated (for example, a technical hairdryer).
  • Not a very high penetrating ability, it is difficult for them to "wet" and "soak".
  • The glue can reach, forming annoying threads.
  • Adhesive can leak out of a pistol nozzle if you do not turn off the device during the pause in operation.


By design, this tool can be divided into 2 types.

Pens . Have an elongated form, designed for the "calligraphic" grip. Powered by batteries. More compact and lungs are convenient to manage, but have low performance, so you can only be considered a good option for needlework.

Pistols . The traditional option is similar to manual weapons. Mostly these devices are more productive, can be used in professional activities.

Principle of operation and work order by adhesive gun

  1. Turn on the tool power.
  2. On the back of the device smoothly and slowly introduce the adhesive rod. It must go through the pusher's sleeve and get into the elastic tubular receiver.
  3. We expect to warm the pistol to the operating temperature (for different devices you need different time - from 15 seconds to ten minutes).
  4. No extra effort, several times, slowly press the trigger so that the rod entered the heating knot and began to "melt".
  5. Continuing to press the trigger, we increase the amount of melt in the reservoir of the heating chamber. We work the rod as the piston - we increase the pressure and force the liquid glue to go out through the nozzle out.

Device of adhesive gun

Heating knot . The most important and, in fact, the most reliable element of the device. It consists of a reservoir and a tan, which is located under the camera or hangs it. The use of several heating elements allows you to solve 2 tasks: to warm up the reservoir more evenly and organize a stepped power control, thereof, and temperatures.

Feeding . It consists of "carousel" (moving around its axis) or "slider" (moving along the body) of the jug and connected to it the annular pusher. The main details of the node are made of plastic, so they can break if the user presses on the trigger too quickly and strongly, or without waiting for the rod normally melts.

Elastic guide coupling . This element (in addition to the positioning of the rod), seals the heating tank from leaks in the opposite direction. Like the feeding knot, the clutch can also be called a "capricious" detail, since over time it dissolve and ceases to maintain tightness. It is quite often damaged when they are trying to scroll or pull out the rod - as a result, the flow of the feed knot can be stuffed, or to melt the wires, causeing the closure. Therefore, to change glue to another kind, the rod must be cut off the knife along the edge of the coupling, and the new rod to sell the entire melt through the nozzle.

Nozzle . This element is made of metal, can have a thermal insulating sliced ​​lining or rubber. It gives the melt a certain shape and partly (the diameter of the hole) "adjusts" the output of the adhesive. In some models, a ball valve is integrated into nozzle, which reduces spontaneous expire of liquid glue.

Replaceable nozzles are attached to the thread, unscrewed by a horn key, but it is recommended only with a heated pistol, as it is usually tightly fixed by frozen glue. In a set to the device, several "nozzles" are sometimes attached, which can have a different diameter of the hole, different length and shape of the nose - for example, a flat nozzle for applying glue with a wide strip band can be included. There are also nozzles from third-party manufacturers, let's say wide "iron" and a plank with multiple holes.

Housing . Made of plastic, often has antifriction and heat insulating lining. In the trunk of the pistol, almost all working bodies are located, and the handle of network models is usually almost empty - the trigger moves in it, the control board and sometimes are laid, the switch and the device LED indicator are placed on the handle.

Important Characteristics of the Adhesive Pistol

Power . Almost all the energy consumed is needed to work by the Tan. The higher the power, the faster to the operating temperature, the camera of the cold gun can warm up, and the higher temperatures the tool can reach (the ability to work with high-temperature glue). You can definitely say that the power supply will not be superfluous, since the melt from overheating does not deteriorate, the maximum that can strain a little - is the leakage when there is no power adjustment and protective valve. But the lack of power makes the masters nervous when you chew on the trigger, and hot glue from the chamber is already squeezed and you need to wait a bit to melted the next rod.

There are adhesive pistols that can be switched by a simple "toggle switch", for example, either by 60 watts, or 100 watts, depending on the tasks being performed.

Performance . That's what you need to pay attention to first, instead of power. This indicator indicates how many grams of hot glue gives a thermopystole in a minute of working time (and a minute not separately taken, but in the process of long continuous operation). The actual productivity consists of several points:

  • power consumption,
  • reservoir volume
  • Hole diameter nozzle,
  • Rod diameter.

Range large: from 2 to 30 g / m. In fact, it is precisely in terms of performance that a specific thermopystole model can be attributed to one of the conditional classes.

Diameter and length rod . To ensure high performance in the chamber you need to submit the required amount of thermal. Therefore, more serious devices are powered by 11-millimeter rods. And the lungs and compact devices for the hobby and the home workshop are mainly calculated on the rods with a diameter of 7 mm.

Sometimes the maximum length of the rods used is mentioned, but this characteristic is not so important, since in most devices, 30 centimeters long can be used without problems. And if suddenly it seems to you that the feeding unit is very loaded, then any knife is a long adhesive wand before use can be cut into pieces of any size.

Operating temperature, temperature adjustment . Almost all types of adhesive rods melt normally at temperatures a little above 105 degrees. But some bondable materials (paper, plastics, some types of textiles) poorly carry high temperatures - for them, they sometimes need pistols less than hot or, it is desirable that the Ten can be slightly "fastened".

Therefore, "duplex" appears with a choice of temperature and with electronic maintenance of the installed mode (there are sensors, there is a board with a controller). For example, a gun can switch either by 105 or 165 degrees. There are models where the adjustment is carried out smoothly and can reach up to 200 degrees and more, in which, if necessary, it will be possible to quickly melt high-temperature adhesive types.

Power type . In adhesive guns, rechargeable technologies have proven themselves very well. For example, a lithium battery with a capacity of 1.5 amp-hour and 3.6 volt voltage provides only half an hour of continuous operation, for which 6 glue rods with a diameter of 7 mm can be developed.

Some devices are powered by "building" batteries - a battery of 5 A-h voltages 18 volts allows you to work out on one charge up to 60 11-millimeter rods.

In the asset of battery adhesives, it is worth not only the pleasure of working without wires, but also a small time of heating the cold device to the operating temperature (only from 15 seconds to the pair of minutes).

Some network thermopystoles also show good autonomy. This is achieved due to the detached power cable (there are also models with the base) and good thermal insulation of the tank with the melt. Without any batteries, after disconnecting the wires are capable of giving about 10-15 minutes.

What else to pay attention

Stand . It is very necessary, so as not to spoil the table with a hot nozzle, and so that you can put something to collect the flowing droplets of the glue. Made in the form of a folding metal or plastic bracket.

Droplet . It is implemented using a ball valve in a nozzle, completely does not completely prevent the leakage (sometimes it is still necessary to drop out pressure), but reduces the problem to a minimum.

Status indication . The LED signals when the camera warmed up to the operating temperature. This allows you to protect the feed assembly and the receiving coupling from damage due to pushing the rod into the cold tank.

Switch on the housing . There is far from all models, although it is very convenient (I pressed the button, and you do not touch the plug in the outlet) when you need to turn off the device during a pause to work in vain.

Observation window . The presence of an opening or an observation window in a pistol housing allows you to see how much the rod still remains inside the trunk.

Automatic shutdown . The function is relevant for battery models, which, after a few minutes of inaction, go into sleep for saving the charge.

Built-in flashlight . The illumination of the working area is sometimes very much in conditions of poor illumination.

Selection options

Conditionally amateur models have a power of about 10-60 watts, universal glue guns are consumed in the range of 60-300 watts. But Monsters are 0.5 kW - it is already glue guns for professionals.

Devices with a capacity of 15-30 g / m are suitable for the most intensive work for a long time. Devices with a capacity of 6-15 grams per minute - these are options for short use. And inexpensive pistols for 2-6 g / m are suitable for "point" gluing from time to time.

If you need a device, at any time ready for work, light and most convenient as possible - it is worth considering the models of adhesive handles or autonomous battery guns in the traditional form factor.

To work with an adhesive gun is truly clean and aesthetic - stop on devices with protection against droplets.

All who love to create beauty with their own hands, works for themselves with a florist or professionally engaged in repairs, selling Handmade sooner or later visits the idea that you need to choose a glue gun for needlework. This tool is simply indispensable for fastening parts or performing minor repairs. Consider in detail the types of thermal systems, the criteria of choice and the best rating, compiled according to the reviews of the owners and reviews of experts.

Types of thermopystoles

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Any tool is divided into two conventional groups:

  • household for home use;
  • Professional to work by masters.

It is conditionally separation because no one interferes with the use of a professional home of the house, and work professionals to work. Technology for professional activities are distinguished by:

  • more high-quality case material;
  • high performance;
  • Power is usually higher than at domestic;
  • longer warranty, because Professional tool is designed for greater number of working cycles.

But such reliability and performance have the opposite direction - manufacturers save on additional features, design attractiveness and other nuances buyer.

Adhesive pistols for needlework and repair are still divided:

  • by the type of power of the electrical appliance;
  • in power and time to warm up;
  • for heating temperature (maximum value and temperature adjustment);
  • on the diameter of glue rods;
  • According to the presence of a stand and other amenities.

By the type of power of electrical appliance

Thermopystoles operate on the principle of turning electrical energy into thermal when the nozzle is heated, which, in turn, melts the adhesive rod. Food appliance happens:

  • from 220 V sockets;
  • From the battery.

Some manufacturers offer a whole series of household tool, which works from one type of battery. It is very convenient to perform small repair when purchasing, for example, a screwdriver on such a battery, you can use it for the operation of the adhesive gun for needlework or repair. /

Power and warm-up time

The more powerful thermopystole, the less time he needs to warm up the nozzle and start working. Professional devices are usually more powerful. Pistols with 11 mm rods are also more powerful than pistols with 7 mm components. The power of the tool is from 10 to 100 W and above in individual professional adhesive guns.

The average heating of the metal spout of the pistol takes 5 minutes. There are models that are heated faster, maximum for 1 min. Multiple home budgets can begin the flow of glue not earlier than 8-10 minutes. If speed is important, this tool is not suitable. For example, in needlework, in floristry or working with polyurethane foam ceiling decor.

At the temperature of heating

On the heating temperature of the nozzle pistols are:

  • with adjustable temperature modes (from 80 to 500 and higher);
  • with one maximum predetermined temperature (in the 180-200 region).

Adjustment is accurately necessary in Hendmade, needlework when the master works with various materials. The more optimal is the heating mode, the stronger the adhesive compound. To glue the cardboard and crafted paper or glass and stone, it is necessary to obtain a different heating of the supplied nose, to ensure the optimal temperature of the glue itself.

On the diameter of adhesive rods

The diameter of component rods distinguish the most popular:

  • 11 mm model (11.2 mm, 11.5 mm);
  • 7 mm pistols.

The advantage of the first - you need to raise the rods and distract from the process. A plus 7 mm thermopalist is a smaller weight of the device, the hand is not so tired, which is important for needlework. The quality of glue in such sizes depends on the manufacturer, and not from the diameter of the rod. The length of the rods is already a matter of savings. It happens that the regular glue rods are shorter than the store, which can be bought as consumables. The most comfortable length is 30 mm. Components are not only transparent, but also colored, with a glitter, etc.

Thermopystoles of different colors

By the presence of additional functions

Modern gluing guns have a number of thoughtful functions:

  • Comfortable stand for the vertical position of the device;
  • metal bracket under the spout so that its heat does not damage the working surface of the table;
  • protection against droplets;
  • adjustment of the temperature regime to adjust the heating of glue under the characteristics of the materials for gluing;
  • indication of the start of work in order to immediately begin glue, as the nose is warmed;
  • Ergonomic start button with a smooth rod supply;
  • the ability to visually evaluate the balance of the rod used;
  • Protective functions (autotlope, protection nozzle protection).

It is difficult to choose the device correctly for the first time, because it is difficult to predict what functions will be superfluous, and which will not be enough. Reviews of models presented in the market and reviews of owners from proven sites will help. It can be online shopping, where the review can only leave the one who really bought goods, or thematic forums. On the forum of needlewomen, it is easy to understand what to choose an adhesive gun for needlework, and the repairmen will prompt about comfortable thermal systems for work.

What to pay attention to choose a glue gun for needlework

Gluing the seal with adhesive gun

Criteria for choosing a gun for needlework Simple:

  1. High frequency and duration of work determines the choice of more powerful and reliable models so that the thermopystole serves a long time and quickly heated;
  2. For home use to glue small details of products that are collected on the table, it is better to take a power supply device from a power outlet, and for gluing parts located in hard-to-reach places, it is worth taking a battery model;
  3. Performance (the amount of adhesive glue in grams per 1 min): from 10-12 g / min to 20-30 g / min;
  4. protection against the feedback of the nozzle in the form of a special spraying on the metal or an additional replaceable spout in the kit;
  5. Thermal insulation of the body is important, namely, heat-resistant plastic or rubberized handle, because if plastic handles will overheat with long-term operation, it will be impossible to use such a handle for needlework and continuous operation;
  6. The presence of a stand or brackets and protective nozzles from the drops is very important to calmly put a working tool nearby, without fear that it glues something wrong on the table with billets;
  7. With constant work with various materials, it is better to buy a thermopystole with temperature control (from 80 to almost 600 ℃ with the option of selecting heating and around 180-200 at one maximum temperature);
  8. We pay attention to the length of the cord: the longer it is, the more convenient to glue, optimally from 1.5 m;
  9. Examine in advance, what diameter and types of rods are suitable for the desired model, how easy it is to buy, because Sometimes there are adhesive guns for needlework and repair with a larger diameter (7.5, 11.2 or 11.5 mm), then the store shift components will hang inside and leak, stick, etc.

Criteria for selecting a tool for small repair work

Adhesive Gun for Furniture Bosch

For minor repairs, the parameters of the thermopystole selection are similar, but there are also their nuances:

  • Product Weight: If you have to glue something for a long time, holding a gun on weight, then the severity of a professional or battery tool is not always justified;
  • It is important to think as far as the adhesive gun will be convenient for a certain type of work: for the design of the ceilings, the battery is simply indispensable, and for a rare lining can also be bought and the usual with a cord;
  • Type of rods: It is better to buy specialized, suitable for gluing certain materials than simple universal;
  • The adhesive gun with long nailed or replaceable nozzles will help to bring up to hard-to-reach places.

Rating the best models

An ideal adhesive gun for needlework or professional repair device does not exist. Almost all worthy branded and reliable Chinese models have drawbacks. Some easy to eliminate, for example, replacing a short cord on a long or equipment of the power button on the fork. The problem of adhesion leakage failed to solve any manufacturer 100%.

Glue gun for Hobbies Dremel


The penultimate value of the nominal power and the standard size model (910, 920, 930, 940) from the glue guns line for needlework from the manufacturer of small household appliances. Build Taiwan. This thermopystole deserves the upper line in the ranking thanks to a number of advantages. It is convenient primarily for the thermoskley of small parts, because Low capacity 5 g / min allows you to feed through a nozzle very small neat drops. But it is also suitable for repair work.


  • Adjusting the heating nozzle in 2 modes (low-temperature 105 ℃ gives glue with thick drops, and high-temperature 165 ℃ almost pours molten rod);
  • heating faster than 5 min;
  • Included in the kit 12 rods with a diameter of 7 mm and a maximum length of 10 cm (3 for 1 mode, 3 for the second, and 6 color or with sparkles);
  • not dripping with glue;
  • Light weight, i.e. The perfect adhesive gun for needlework;
  • there is a bracket for installation on the table;
  • viewing window;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • Do not heated handle.


  • small rods;
  • The cord outweighs, and the gun falls on his side.

Metabo Ke 3000.

Professional tool that is chosen for repair work and for needlework. But we definitely pay attention to the assembly: better than Hungary, because There are many complaints on the Turkish assembly. Very powerful 200 W, respectively, heats up the moment, and not for 6 minutes. You can use large 30 cm rods, and not just regular 20 cm.


  • big maximum temperature 200 ℃;
  • The handle does not overheat;
  • nozzle quickly heats;
  • dripping protection;
  • there is a bracket for installation on the table;
  • Long cord 1.9 m;
  • Control over glue residue.


  • the diameter of the regular components is slightly more than 11 mm;
  • no long nose and nozzles for repair work;
  • No start indication.

Hammer GN-05

An inexpensive adhesive gun, which can be used, and for needlework and home repair is suitable. For your money, this is an excellent powerful tool with high performance 20 g / min. With a power of 80 W truly produces heating to 170-190. It is very convenient that there are replaceable nozzles. In the event of the flow and frosting of the glue, a removable nozzle will save the device.


  • powerful and with good performance;
  • There are 2 replaceable nozzles (optional nose);
  • bracket stand;
  • 11.2 mm rods 10 cm long can be replaced by 11 mm 30 cm analogue;
  • check valve for dripping protection;
  • The handle does not overheat;
  • viewing window;


  • shutdown only from the outlet;
  • control is necessary in order not to flood the nozzle during breaks in the work;
  • Short cord 1 m.


Reliable device that costs its money. The Chinese factory quality assembly quality allows you to work with its parameters and components even masters. The main advantage is the ability to charge from the stand. Everything is folded into a convenient storage case, where they are placed:

  • adhesive gun itself for needlework;
  • Stand with glue collection, to which the power cord is also connected;
  • glue components 11.2 mm 10 cm long 6 pcs;
  • 2 Replaceable nozzles for different types of work (flattened and beveled);
  • Instruction.


  • reliable, up to 4 years warranty;
  • Powerful 500 W;
  • temperature adjustment from 150 ℃ to 200;
  • good performance 15 g / min;
  • You can work without a power cord;
  • viewing window;
  • very fast heating 2-3 minutes;
  • The handle does not overheat.


  • glue proceeds with downtime in work;
  • no power button, start only from fork;
  • Heavy, put and remove with one hand and removed from the stand.

Bosch PKP 18 E

Brand glue gun from the famous German manufacturer. Very comfortable and ergonomic, thought out to the smallest detail. Small disadvantages peculiar to all thermopystoles and price - its only cons, because This is not a professional device. Ideal for repairs due to long nose, and you can choose it for needlework, because Gives neat drops.


  • build quality and materials;
  • assembly of Romania;
  • warranty from a well-known brand;
  • High performance 20 g / min;
  • In the set, 11 mm rods are 20 cm long (they can be replaced by 30 cm) and an additional nozzle;
  • long nose;
  • Powerful 200 W, therefore issues the declared warming up to 200;
  • does not flow in interruptions, except for drops from remnants of glue into the nozzle;
  • control of the length of the rod through the window;
  • bracket stand;
  • The handle does not heat up.


  • no power button;
  • Lightly leakage glue from long nose;
  • The price is overestimated compared to complete analogues collected at one factory;
  • No Case;
  • Short hard cord.

Black + Decker BDCGG12N-XJ

The well-known company has released a series of household power tools that operate from a 12V battery suitable for all devices from the series. This thermal station also works from this battery. But the manufacturer does not give it complete, the battery with charging will have to be purchased separately.


  • There is adjustment of heating temperature, maximum up to 150;
  • Instant heating;
  • You can work 45 minutes on one battery charging;
  • long nose;
  • 4 rod 7 mm 30 cm included;
  • It is vertically;
  • viewing window;
  • There is protection against overheating;
  • There is a power / off button;
  • readiness indication;
  • The handle does not overheat;
  • High-quality assembly.


  • expensive;
  • You need to buy a battery and charger from the "12 GoPack" series;
  • no dripping protection;
  • leaks out of the nose;
  • large.

Ryobi R18GLU-0 ONE +

Qualitatively assembled rechargeable glue gun for needlework. Not suitable for repair, because the nose is leaking. In addition, the lack and no absence of battery and charging is complete all the rest standard.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • Autonomous work 2 h;
  • very quickly heats (1 min);
  • 3 rod 11 mm 20 cm included;
  • Maximum warm up to 195;
  • viewing window;
  • Suitable nozzles from other pistols;
  • The handle does not overheat.


  • You need to buy 18V Ryobi One + battery and charger separately;
  • flows;
  • no protection against droplets;
  • no temperature adjustment;
  • no power button;
  • no start indication;
  • expensive.

STAYER MASTER 2-06801-10-07_Z01

Budget Chinese Device, but not burning after the first applications. This adhesive gun is convenient for needlework, creating crafts and minor repairs. Not suitable for large volumes of work. Functions and parameters are declared worthy, but the quality of execution does not correspond to them.


  • The housing and handle do not overheat;
  • there is a bracket for stability on the table;
  • Complete two 7 mm rod;
  • 2 years warranty from the manufacturer.


  • The maximum temperature of 180, with insufficient power, 10 W poorly heats the nozzle, and the glue does not grab, as it should;
  • You can not stop the work, only shutdown from the outlet;
  • flows if there are breaks in work.


Budget Chinese glue gun model. Works, glue, but the quality corresponds to the price. Suitable for homemade small repair, crafts, etc.


  • a light weight;
  • The power of 40 W allows the nozzle to warm up to the declared 180;
  • there is a bracket for a sustainable installation;
  • 11 mm rods 2 pcs included;
  • Looking window.


  • Small productivity 8 g / min;
  • glue flows;
  • no power button;
  • Sometimes the trigger does not push the rods, then you have to push with your fingers;
  • bad assembly;
  • Short cord.

Bison Master 06850-60-12_Z02.

A powerful "bison" is very actively heated, it gives glue, in general, the beast, and not a glue gun. Suitable for a large amount of work due to large rods and performance. For needlework too powerful, more for florists, gluing boxes, repair.


  • The capacity of 80 W quickly warms the nozzle to 190;
  • Fast warming up 2-3 minutes;
  • High performance 20 g / min;
  • Silicone nozzle on nozzle protects against burn;
  • The handle does not overheat;
  • viewing window;
  • protection against droplets;
  • Stretch leg.


  • expensive;
  • glue components 12 mm 30 cm - a rare diameter, inconvenient to buy;
  • leaks in breaks between work;
  • short cord;
  • no power button;
  • No temperature regimen;
  • No Case;
  • No nozzles;
  • If you need to choose a glue gun for needlework, then not this model.

A detailed video review from the Master "How to choose a glue gun for needlework":

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You do not have a glue gun? In vain - useful thing! Let's see what he is inside, learn how to use this small, but very powerful tool, we will deal with the technical characteristics of different models, we will define the main selection criteria.

Stock Foto Multiple models of glue guns for needlework

There is such tool which, without exaggeration and all kinds of reservations, can be called folk. Adhesive gun just from that series. It is not necessary to agitate for him, it does not need intrusive advertising and cunning marketing tricks, as many masters have long appreciated all its advantages and prescribed this device in their arsenal. Despite the fact that it is not an essential tool, has a simple design and relatively low price, the thermoclate gun copes perfectly with the fulfillment of a wide range of tasks, in most cases it cannot be replaced by something else.

Bosch PKP 18e.
Bosch PKP 18e.

With the help of an adhesive gun, builders fix engineering communications, fill the seams, sealed, glue. This tool was especially loved by designers, florists, as well as the craftsmen of the popular Hand-Maid destination, which regularly engage in the manufacture of various souvenirs, piece items, decor elements. The radio amateurs, models, designers, ordinary home masters remained aside. Even by itself, the polyurethane melt can represent some decorative value - artists create frame mesh designs, painted with glue mass on objects, from color or metallized droplets, the original fraction (balls, beads ...) are obtained, forming stylized prints for registration of postcards, invitations Tickets and festive bottles, create volumetric patterns.

Stock Foto Multiple models of glue guns for needlework

The main advantages of the adhesive pistol

The adhesive gun allows you to almost instantly glue various elements, since the heated polymer freezes for only a few minutes (from 1 to 3), after which the seam acquires almost maximum strength. There is no need for hours to expect a setting, as when working with glue type "liquid nails", "moment".

The melt interact well with most materials - wood, plastics, PVC, glass, leather, metal, ceramics, paper, rubber, tissues ... is not friendly a thermoclate gun only with some mineral bases, such as concrete and plaster. Certain difficulties occur when working with polyethylene details. As in the case of any other glue, when using the thermopystole, the processed surfaces must be cleaned of contamination, moisture, oil spots.

Stock Foto Multiple models of glue guns for needlework

The compound is obtained very reliable, not inferior by strength mechanical mounting. You can disassemble it only with heating, and on many surfaces it does not leave traces after deletion (it is useful if you cannot drill / drill / clog). There is an interesting technology of non-copy removal of dents on the body of the car when the fungus (piston) is glued to the front surface of the stamped part in the "crater", and then a special device (minylifter) clings for a piston and pulls a dent on the metal, then the fungus is removed by heating.

The temperature factor is also a kind of restriction - it is not necessary to use a gun in the manufacture of parts that will be exposed to high temperatures. If you need to glue metal elements, you will have to warm them (for example, Fenom ), Since due to the high thermal conductivity of the base, the melt is too quickly cooled and instantly frozen.

Glue fills emptiness very well, seals, impregnates. Unlike most sealants, the melt, even at large layers, hardens completely, for the entire depth, and in a short time (10-15 minutes), although not as fast as small strokes (1-3 min).


The glue of such a gun is not toxic even in hot, fluid state. The only thing you need to fear burns and damage to heat sensitive materials.

The finished seam is well opposed to moisture. Spare rods for a long time can be stored without loss of their performance.

The gluing process is rather economical, since the springs are relatively inexpensively (by 50-75% less than the liquid glue of comparable volume), and the mass is very accurate, with a small amount of waste.

This tool is relatively safe, easy to operate and very ergonomic, it will even come true for children's applied creativity.

Device and principle of operation of the thermoclaural pistol

The hot gun is a hand tool in which polyurethane glue is warmed up to a fluid state, visually it resembles a well-known type of weapon (hence the generally accepted name). The unit is charged on the back, "cartridges" for it are cylindrical rods of various diameters (most often 7 or 11 mm). The reserve passes the pusher's sleeve and enters the tubular rubber receiver, after which we drive the rod into the heating chamber, where the material melts, acquiring the adhesive and penetrating ability. The initial heating of the tool lasts an average of 3-5 minutes. From pressing a piston, acting on the principle of piston, creates pressure in the heated tank and pushes the melt on the surface to be treated.

Stock Foto Multiple models of glue guns for needlework

Heating knot. The heat chamber is in the trunk - this is a metal tank, near which (usually below) is located heating element, TEN. In some models, several heaters are used, which makes it possible to provide a more uniform, stepped heating (Bosch GKP 200 CE). On the size of the chamber and the power of the TEN, the amount of mass prepared for operation and melting speed - in other words, tool performance. The thermal node, therefore, can be considered the main one, while it is the most reliable, and its resource is usually enough for the entire service life of the tool.

Bosch GKP 200 CE
Bosch GKP 200 CE

Mechanism feed. This node is a ring pusher (sometimes with the engaging tooth), which is driven by a lever connected with a carousel-type curr (moving around its axis) or slider type (moves along the barrel - Stanley Gr 90C). This is a relatively capricious design, here sometimes serious breakdowns happen, especially if you put too much effort, wanting to get a lot of glue at the exit. Often the feed mechanism is too clearly "sharpened" under the specific size of the rod, and even small deviations in its diameter cause violations in operation (difficult to supply a large or slipping of fine spare parts).

Stock Foto Multiple models of glue guns for needlework

Separately, it is worth mentioning about the thrust guide coupling - this is a tubular receiver, located directly in front of the thermal chamber. It is he who seal "the opposite direction", prevents the melt from entering the pistol cavity. In fact, this element turns out to be the weakest - rubber ages and cracks, with frequent melt overheats, it starts to skip the material that stops moving parts, destroys the insulation of the wires and causes a short circuit. Often the coupling is damaged when trying to scrolling the charged rod or pull it back, let's say for replacement. It is better to cut off the rod and skip his residue through the nozzle.

Nozzle (nozzle, dune) The thermal system is used to impart the adhesive mass of a certain form, for dosing the flow and for overlapping the outgoing channel. In the nozzle, a shut-off valve is usually located (spring-loaded ball, nipple), which prevents unauthorized melt leakage. It is worth noting that he does not overlap the Duza completely, it is done intentionally to be filmed with overheating of the mass, so it is necessary to put the carton under the nose in any case. River nozzles also apply, but the loss of material through them is greater.

Nozzles are made of metal (as well as thermal assembly), and from above are covered with a rubber or silicone casing that prevents burns. Many models are equipped with several nozzles of different shapes and lengths. They have a thread for connecting to a thermal chamber and the slots under the horn key, however, it will be changed only in the heated state, otherwise everything is fully fixed with frozen glue.

Stock Foto Multiple models of glue guns for needlework

At the end of the work, the nozzle must always be cleaned from the adhesive, spending it several times in a piece of cardboard.

Thermopystole body Perform from hard plastics, which reduces heat transmission from the heating chamber, provide a small weight product - 300 grams for a network pistol is considered an average. The handle is often supplied with anti-slip inserts, as a rule, inside it is empty - there are wires there, and a carouselist is moving. All the most important thing is in the trunk.

An important option of the case is the presence of an observation window through which you can control the residue of the rod or the appearance of leakage from the guide coupling.

Almost all products have a folding stand in front of the housing, to which you can open the tool to the nap, at the end of the handle for these purposes there is a special incl. During the break in the work, put the gun is not recommended to lay the gun, as the housing (and in-law) in this case is strongly overheated, the surface on which the tool left can also suffer.

We choose the technical characteristics of the adhesive gun

The power of the adhesive pistol is the power consumption of its heating element. It is clear that, the more Watt under the hood, the faster "melts" glue But speed is not the main thing for performance. It will be necessary to take into account the capacity of the melting tank. If the TEN can provide the necessary operating temperature, and the necessary amount of glue will be in the heat chamber, then the question of its capacity can be not considered at all. In general, the "Profi Profi" class pistols take 300 or more watts, while the goods for amateur use are content with a capacity of 30 to 150 W.

Stock Foto Multiple models of glue guns for needlework

However, if the maximum power turns out to be insufficient (for our needs), you will have to make forced pauses to prepare the melt. How to understand, enough for her, or not? In no way! Do not choose in power, this indicator is "for a passport". Choose performance.

Interestingly, some firms offer a tool with automatically adjustable power. For example, for the initial melting, the machine consumes 200 W, then goes to a standard operating power of 40 W, and in standby mode is about 14-16 W.

Operating temperature melt. Not all materials equally tolerate the effect of high temperatures, some of them are very sensitive. To work with paper, textile, some species of polymers use low-temperature adhesive rods, with a melting point of 105 ° C, for them there are special pistols operating in this mode or adjustable temperatures. For example, Dremel 920 issues 105 degrees, and Dremel 930 is a duplex (105 and 165 degrees).

Dremel 920.
Dremel 920.

Traditional, average pistols warm the glue to 170-200 degrees. Interestingly, almost all rods flow at 105 degrees, and high temperature simply speeds up the process.

If you are not going to work with a gun regularly, then maybe it makes no sense to buy an expensive model. We decided to save - do not get the tool with the maximum working temperature, since due to the large internal pressure, questions may arise with durability. Prefer the unit designed for 165-170 degrees.

Advanced models allow you to adjust the temperature in a wide range, to maintain it can even follow a special chip.

The speed of the gun is not a completely correct term, although quite a lot. It is more correct to talk about performance, the data on which is indicated on the mass of the melt, emanating from the nozzle per unit of time. In the passport to the product, it is almost always possible to find such information. As a rule, this parameter is within 5-30 grams per minute. For construction work, glue needs a lot, therefore, the rods with a diameter of 11 millimeters will be the most suitable, but also the performance for them will be required to be appropriate. Moreover, the mass yielding time is limited, and to miss relatively large areas. For amateur creativity, where actual point gluing, you can pay attention to something simpler, paying several times less. If you figure it out, it is the performance that will form the basis of the separation of adhesive pistols on "professional / household".

Stock Foto Multiple models of glue guns for needlework

Food of the adhesive pistol is realized in different ways. The most widely distributed network devices with a stationary fixed wire. The pistols in which the feed cable is eliminated, and the operator has the ability to retire from the outlet and work autonomel (Dremel 940) for 10-15 minutes. Here the heat chamber works as a heat battery. The logical continuation of this topic was the machines that are in the waiting mode are in a special charger, a glass, a dock stand, which also collects drops. For example, Steinel GlueMatic 5000 works for this principle, by the way, the cord to it can be connected directly.

Steinel GlueMatic 5000.
Steinel GlueMatic 5000.

Almost complete freedom will give a battery thermopystole. Steinel Neo 3 has the following characteristics: 45 minutes works from one charging of a compact lithium-ion battery, which is restored over an hour and a half, in 15 seconds heats up the 7-millimeter rod up to 190 degrees, and at the same time weighs only 786 grams (along with the battery). The Bosch PKP 7.2 LI gun has almost identical indicators - only the charger has a two-hour. Interestingly, the price for similar (wireless) devices decreased markedly, it is no longer exhaustible - located in the area of ​​$ 100.

Bosch PKP 7.2 Li
Bosch PKP 7.2 Li

We choose for additional criteria

If you have decided on the appropriate technical characteristics of the adhesive gun, then it makes sense to look at the additional options that make our work more comfortable and productive:

  • Switchable temperature mode allows you to apply a tool for working with materials with special properties, including with thermally sensitive. If the preset is carried out not only to "minimum and maximum", and in a wide range - in front of you the most universal apparatus.
  • There is an electronic temperature adjustment in automatic mode - it means that you will not have to fear the overheating tools, large melt losses. The machine itself goes into different heating phases - the initial melting / operating phase / standby mode. Many experienced users noticed that if there is no smart electronics, then during breaks in work it is better to turn off the device from the network, in order to avoid premature outlet of the gun.
  • Disposable status indication. The LED indicates that the camera scored the desired temperature, and the user can safely put pressure on the trigger, without fear for the integrity of the feeding mechanism and receiving coupling.
  • The pushbutton switch on the housing is used for convenient power off during long breaks in operation (especially relevant in the absence of regulating electronics).
  • LED backlighting with LED - built-in flashlight . It seems to be a trifle, but in some cases healthy helps our brother, especially when we work "at the place", in hard-to-reach places.
  • Replaced nozzles. Significantly expand the possibilities of the tool, since it allows you to obtain a different amount of melt at the output, change the size of the adhesive strip, to get long nozzles into the blind zones.
  • The presence of nipple in the nozzle - significantly reduces the number of drops of glue released in standby mode (Metabo Ke 3000).
  • The viewing window - allows you to control the residue of the charged rod, helps to monitor the integrity of the receiving coupling.
  • Leg-stand. It is not always sufficiently stable and practical, not always reliably fixed in the assembled state. The best samples of thermoclaural pistols have a very wide support area, which can enter the coil on the handle, and even the trigger (Dremel F0131200KA).
  • Curly design. The overwhelming majority of users notes that the most convenient option is a swivel clew mechanism, since it is easier for them to control dosage and less effort must be applied. It is quite difficult to work with a gun without a juro, where the rod is supplied by hand, but a similar system is already a rarity. Some models have a screwdriver stop limiter, which is designed to adjust the maximum dose of material (ELMOS EGG 400).
  • The function of disconnecting the cord - significantly increases the ergonomics of the product, allows for 10-20 minutes to work offline.
  • Equipment of the device may include a case, a set of rods for various purposes, heat-resistant, easily purified from glue rug.
Metabo Ke 3000.
Metabo Ke 3000.

A little about glue rods

The rebel for the adhesive gun is also called stickers. They differ in diameter (usually 7 and 11 mm), in length, in color, at operating temperature.

With the indicators of section, everything is more or less clear, it is difficult to get under the auction, but some pistols are very sensitive to the diameter, so we recommend applying only "native" rods. By the way, there are pistols working on oval rods.

As for the length of the spares - there may be options from 4 to 20 cm, it will not affect the workflow, just if you use longer stickers, then you will have to change them.

Stock Foto Multiple models of glue guns for needlework

The color of the rod may differ for different reasons. First, the color sticker can be designed to mask the seam (for the blue item we take blue glue, for yellow - yellow), or for a decorative effect (rods with glitter, multicolor). Secondly, the manufacturers of the composure indicate the various purpose of the rods, for example, a transparent sticker is universal, black - for sealing, yellow - for glass. Note that there are no uniform standards, each company marks rods in its own way with various chemical composition, so before purchasing you should carefully study the instructions.

Stock Foto Multiple models of glue guns for needlework

The melting point for most stickers is approximately the same and equals 100-105 degrees, do not worry that your thermopystole warms up to two hundred - the glue does not lose its characteristics, just faster melts. True, there are also high-temperature rods, which will be needed 150 ° C and higher. Obviously, such a spare wheel pulls not every gun.

Stock Foto Multiple models of glue guns for needlework

The range of adhesive guns is huge, but we are now well grounded theoretically and can easily make the right choice. As you notice, this tool has a fairly simple design, so even for small money ($ 7-10) you can buy a completely combatable device, simply not burdened with optional options. This is a rare case, when even a purely Chinese product will cost its money, the main thing is to learn how to use the adhesive gun competently. For $ 40-50, you can become the owner of a branded tool from European manufacturers with advanced features and a good safety margin.

Thermopystoles are universal devices designed to glue all sorts of materials, restoring broken parts and many other. However, they differ in each other in both the characteristics and the design. Therefore, choose a glue gun for needlework or home use, professional construction or repair is not easy. Popular glue guns are models from leading brands, with thoughtful ergonomics, high-quality technical part and good performance. Their reliability and compliance with the declared parameters confirms not only the image of the manufacturer, but also numerous positive feedback. It was these models that were included in the ranking of the best adhesive pistols, compiled by our edit.

The best glue guns for needlework

Due to the possibility of high quality, even heterogeneous materials, the thermal systems were widespread in everyday life. Transparent and color rods are applicable when decorating, creating crafts, bouquets, modeling. Fine repairs at home, maintenance of equipment, cars.

Household glue guns are often deprived of additional functions, auxiliary temperature adjustments. However, they perfectly cope with their main task - melting and dosage flow of adhesive composition. Of the minuses - relatively long heating and slow filing, from the advantages - the most affordable prices even on powerful glue guns.



The popular glue gun model is ideal for unprofessional application in everyday life. The heating TEN consumes 500 W and provides an acceptable performance in 15 g / min and a quick heating (3-5 min). The device is extremely convenient to use, running from the power cable or from the base-stand that comes in the kit. Temperature regime is adjusted by a slider in the range from 150 to 200 degrees. This allows you to select the optimal heating and working with rods with a high melting point. However, for low-temperature materials, the indicators are high. In addition to the base, complete with a gun goes two nozzles of different thicknesses, spare glue rods, all this is packaged in a comfortable case.


  • Mobility with database;
  • convenient to use;
  • temperature adjustment;
  • good performance;
  • nozzles with nipples;
  • Case included.


  • Shipping base - stand.

Metabo Ke 3000.

Model from Metabo is a simple, but good adhesive gun for needlework. It has everything you need: a steady stand-bracket, a TEN is 200 W, as well as automatic temperature adjustment that supports the optimal heating of glue. Design Standard - a wide trigger, a small viewing window, nozzles with shut-off nipples. Long, almost 2 m cord, gives good maneuverability in the work. The gun is one of the most productive in its class, it has an acceptable power, but deprived additional options and accessories.


  • automatic temperature adjustment;
  • good performance;
  • good assembly;
  • long power cable;
  • Quality protection against glue leakage.


  • high price;
  • scarce equipment;


Adhesive gun for needlework with colored rods

A comfortable high-temperature pistol from Dremel, according to buyers' reviews, has a good assembly, reliable, durable case. The diameter of the 9 mm rods in combination with low power and performance (5 g / min) make a gun perfect for accurate works, such as modeling. Heating at 165 degrees is enough to work with universal and high-temperature rods. The absence of heating adjustment and other options is compensated by the available price. Considering the characteristics and opinion of buyers, the tool is not suitable for working where the intensive supply of glue is needed in large volumes.


  • Ideal for neat and point applying glue;
  • High protection against leakage;
  • low weight and compactness;
  • a good combination of power and melting time;
  • Comfortable stand.


  • small performance;
  • Lack of adjustments.

4. STAYER MASTER 2-06801-10-07_Z01

STAYER MASTER 2-06801-10-07_Z01

This is a classic example of an inexpensive, but good glue gun for home use. With a small power consumption, the device warms the rods to 180 degrees for 3-5 minutes. It is well suited for the manufacture of models, decorative elements and other small work. According to users, the device is durable even with frequent use. The weight is only 150 g, which gives the possibility of long-term operation on weight. The low price is due to a modest complete set, lack of case, additional functions and indicators. This is the best option when you need a hardy, but budget pistol.


  • cheap;
  • economical;
  • The high-quality guide coupling prevents the leakage;
  • Low weight and compact dimensions.


  • Due to low performance, only for minor work is suitable.

5. ProConnect 12-0102

Photo of the thermal protection for needlework with sets of rods from the kit

The inexpensive adhesive gun Proconnect 12-0102 quickly warms the rods and is equipped with automatic temperature adjustment, albeit in the small range. The hull is made of impact-resistant, heat-resistant plastic, there is a stand. This is a very lightweight and compact model without excesses, which can be bought for a funny price for the modern market (200-250 rubles). In the absence of different kinds of options, the gun is convenient, works with a standard diameter rods in 7 mm.


  • viewing window for control;
  • reliable and durable housing;
  • Very low cost.


Top Adhesive Pistols - Professional

Professional class pistols exceed domestic at the rate of adhesive composition, at the maximum and minimum heating temperature. They are more functional, and high ergonomics makes a long work comfortable.

The area of ​​use of the devices is outside the needlework, hobbies and minor repairs. Increased performance reduces glue application time, efficiency increases when performing bulk work. Often there are models with elongated nozzles and anticipel systems, these pistols allow you to make the most accurately apply and dose the glue, without omit.

Adhesive Pistol Glue Decor on Box

This is one of the most reliable adhesive pistols of a professional level. It instantly warms the adhesive rod, has a wide temperature adjustment (120-230 degrees) and the highest performance (25 g / min). On the case there is a power off button - the device does not need to be disconnected from the network with long interruptions. Works gun with wide rods 12 mm. In addition to outstanding technical parameters, the model is famous for impeccable manufacturing quality and premium ergonomics. Separately, for a pistol, you can purchase replaceable nozzles of different shapes for more efficient application.


  • heating adjustment;
  • High glue rate;
  • simplicity of replacement of rods;
  • Maintaining temperature in authoreme;
  • Suitable for using low-temperature rods.


  • high price;
  • No storage case.

2. Bosch PKP 18 E

Bosch PKP 18 E

Professional tools are always increased requirements, so this model is equipped with a powerful TEN (200 W), a thin and long nozzle for accurate supply of glue into bottlenecks. Thanks to this design, the device is suitable for almost the entire spectrum of work performed by such devices. The duration of the workflow provides protection against overheating, as well as the shut-off nipple on the nozzle warning the leakage of the adhesive. It does not have to speak about the quality - a durable coupling from heat-resistant material, a reliable heating element withstands multiple cycles. According to the reviews of the owners, the gun is capable of trouble-freely serve not one year and forgives overheating. The only thing that PKP 18 E loses to its analogues, is the heating time - 7 minutes.


  • impeccable quality of manufacture;
  • the presence of case;
  • practicality and reliability in work;
  • excellent combination price-quality;
  • comfortable grip right and left hand;
  • good performance (20 g / min);
  • Easy replacement nozzle.


3. Matrix 93015

Photo jobs tool when assembling packaging

Matrix pistol model leaves only positive impressions of work. The kit is a solid stand with a silicone cup for flowing from the glue nozzle. The technical side left "behind the back" of many competitors: temperature regulation with mechanical adjustment (150-200 degrees) allows you to glue any materials, auto-tuning reduces heating in standby mode. The functional apparatus consumes only 160 W, but its performance is 20 g / min, to quickly apply glue to a large area or gently and dose when gluing, sealing. Such characteristics made a universal pistol suitable for domestic and professional use.


  • heating time is only 4-5 minutes;
  • accurate temperature adjustment;
  • automatic and manual adjustment of the temperature regime;
  • Stable stand with an anticipel system.


  • A large weight of 1.15 kg tires with long work on weight.


Ryobi R18GLU-0 ONE +

Ryobi makes some of the best rechargeable tools, did not bypassed developers and glue guns. A professional model is superior to competitors in the class of heating rate (up to 3 minutes) and a high maximum temperature in 195 degrees. The device is running from the 18-volt battery of the one + series, compatible with other brand tools. Given the small energy consumption, even a small capacity of 1.5 A / C is enough to melt no less than 14 rods 11 * 200 mm. The impeccable design of the battery adhesive gun completes the excellent ergonomics - anti-slip coating Gripzone +, wide and soft trigger.


  • elongated nozzle for accurate feed;
  • good performance on one charge of the battery;
  • practical and comfortable;
  • excellent ergonomics.


  • There are no additional adjustments and display indicators.


Repair of shoes thermopystoletole

The Glue Gun 940-3 pistol model from the Dremel company is most convenient as possible and created for professionals. Removable power cord gives freedom of action - about 5-10 minutes they can work, disconnecting from the network. The device is stable on the plane - a large pile on the handle, a wide stand-bracket opens by pressing the button. The nozzle is removable, with an anticipel system, the impeccable work of which is confirmed by a mass of reviews. A power button is provided on the gun housing, during a long work it does not have to disconnect from the power. There is also an automatic thermostat that supports the optimal heating of the adhesive composition inside the instrument. The trigger is wide, suitable for a female or male hand, in places of grip. Durable rubber lining. Concludes a series of advantages a two-year warranty that protects the user from the factory marriage.


  • Removable cable;
  • high maximum heating up to 195 degrees;
  • Accurate dosage of molten glue;
  • Comfortable trigger with soft stroke;
  • Weight just 300 g
  • Two years warranty.


6. Steinel GlueMatic 3002

Photo of repair work with a glue gun

Another representative of professional level pistols at the maximum affordable price. Gluematic 3002 is suitable for a wide range of works - needlework, mounting, sealing cavities, for repair and construction. The power and feed speed of the device is enough to solve almost any tasks. TEN for 7-10 minutes heats the rods in 11 mm, and the electronic adjustment supports the optimal level of heating. In addition to smart electronics, the pistol has a viewing window, a wide trigger, and the low weight (320 g) makes it maneuverable and not tired with a long operation.


  • versatility of use;
  • high heating;
  • no glue leaks;
  • high-quality assembly and materials;
  • Accurate feed and dosage composition.


How to choose a glue gun

When choosing a better adhesive gun for work or home use, it is important to choose its specifications correctly:

  1. Power - An important indicator, however, in the case of devices for heating glue, does not always mean better. If necessary, an accurate, dosage supply of 150 W is enough even with a margin. High power will entail the rods overrun, and may also lead to the damage to the parts bonded. Conversely, with significant volumes, a weak gun will be useless. Insufficient power directly affects the feed rate, increasing the time spent by one working cycle many times.
  2. An important factor when choosing becomes Device class . For hobbies and rare technical works on the house, the adhesive gun of the household level is suitable. With constant use, it is better to pay attention to more expensive, professional devices with a large resource and safety margin.
  3. Additional options and adjustment significantly increase the tool. Because if the upcoming work is unitable and does not require changes the speed and method of supplying the adhesive, they do not need. However, if the pistol is used for creativity or heterogeneous repair, thermostat, replaceable nozzles and "freedom" from the power cord will come as not by the way. In this case, models are suitable with a battery or stand - base.

What glue gun is better to buy

After reading the top 10 of the best thermopystoles, as well as with the main factors of their choice, only one thing remains - to determine what better to buy. If you need to save finances as much as possible, you can refuse functionality and, if possible, neglect ergonomics. Even in the segment of the most inexpensive models there are very worthy options.

Professional use requires more comfort, performance. In some cases, the best option will be pistols with a battery or removable cable. Also, the high-class models are often equipped with anticipel systems - it is necessary for cleanliness when working and saving the adhesive composition.

Needlework and decoration is often associated with the use of various materials. To achieve maximum quality, you need a model with temperature adjustment. This will allow you to select the optimal heating when working with paper, tissues, wood, metal.

And in conclusion: To choose the best adhesive gun, it is important to pay attention to the brand. Reliable companies take care not only about their image, but also about the needs of users.


  1. 1. Wide range "For every taste and color"
  2. 2. Choose suitable consumables
  3. 3. Reviews and comments

The builders, and housewives, and even children enjoy adhesive guns. Do you need to make a plastic or tree? Conside the collapsed furniture? Make a craft from cardboard or paper? The adhesive gun comes to the rescue. When using it, the gluing process does not take much time - the composition is frozen in 5-15 seconds. In addition, working with the tool, it is impossible to blobbed, as in the case of conventional glue. A jet of viscous fluid has a clear direction, thanks to which splashes on other materials are excluded.

It's all about a special device and the principle of operation of the gun: the glue in the form of a rod is inserted into the barrel, where the melting chamber is located. When the instrument is turned on, the heating of the Tan begins, under the influence of temperature, the adhesive becomes liquid and flows along the trunk to the tip. Opening the outlet with a juro, you can get a small jet. If it took to interrupt while working, the gun is placed in a special stand (if it comes in the kit) or put on the stipulated bracket. This eliminates the risk of random leakage of the molten fluid from the barrel.

All adhesive pistols have a general principle of operation. However, due to some technical features of each of the tools, it is possible to glue faster, more efficiently, and the process itself will be comfortable. Let's see that today we offer manufacturers.

Wide range "For every taste and color"

  • For mounting and finishing works Glue guns are used with a power of 300 to 1000 W. The high indicator is necessary that the tool coped with a large load, because every day the specialist has to perform a variety of tasks - gluitive carpet, attach decorative elements, laying the tile. In addition, the tool must produce a large amount of glue (20-30 GR / min) so that the bonded items serve securely. Examples of such adhesive pistols are Bosch GKP 200 CE Professional 0.601.950.703 and Kraftool Industrie 06840.
  • For use in domestic purposes Pistols are produced with a capacity of 100 to 200 W. Their performance is less - only 10-15 GR / min - however, they are optimally suitable for repairing the collapsed stool or gluing a broken flower pot. If you plan to acquire a home tool, you should pay attention to the PRORAB 6610 models, Metabo Ke 3000 618121000 or Zubr Expert 06851-120-12.
  • For crafts and modeling Multiple guns with engines outstanding no more than 100 W are intended. This is enough to glue small details or fragile materials (for example, leaves of colors when creating a bouquet) without damaging them. Productivity - 5-10 GR / min. Examples of such devices - Steinel Gluefix, Dremel 920 JA F0130920JA and STEINEL GLUEMATIC 3002.

In addition to the basic parameters, when choosing it is worth paying attention to additional options. So, some pistols are equipped electronic temperature adjustment . Thanks to this technical feature, the glue can melt with accuracy up to 1 ° C, which is important when working with capricious materials - silk, leaves of plants, rubber.

To save on the consumption of electricity consumed, it is worth activating Automatic heat maintenance function provided for in some models. Thanks to her, you can take a break in work, not surviving that then you will have to heat the glue again.

Many manufacturers (for example, Stayer or Bison) care about the people who choose their products, did not spend time in search of auxiliary materials that will work with the effective and safe tool. What should be purchased in addition to the glue gun?

5 adhesive pistols for needlework of different firms

Choose suitable consumables

  1. Adhesive rods . Without them, working with the tool is impossible. At the same time, it is necessary to know exactly the diameter of the melting chamber of the gun, because the installation of a smaller rod can lead to overheating and breakage. Standard sizes of cartridges - 7, 8, 11 or 12 mm. Adhesive rods are divided into 3 types: universal needed for repair, color are suitable for decorating, specialized ("ECOFLA") are needed to compile bouquets.
  2. Protective kit . Owing glasses and a respirator or a special costume, you can protect yourself from random hitting the glue in the face, hair or clothing.
  3. Extension glands . In the event that the selected pistol is a network, it is possible to increase the radius of its "action" - thanks to the additional electrical cord.

If, when choosing a pistol or suitable consumables, related materials, you have difficulty, call (499) 681-83-28 - our specialist will answer questions and help place a purchase.

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  • For example, a rods with a diameter of 11 mm are attached to the gun, and can I use a smaller diameter - 7-8mm or not? Author's answer
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I thought the rods are only transparent. My sister has such that, if you need to do something, I have it to temporarily use.



My father bought himself a couple of years ago for minor repairs. A week later I bought another one with the phrase at home and my mother "I will not give you"

How to choose a glue gun: Professional Tips




My husband has such a gun in the arsenal. Chose a very long time. Satisfied. If something can be glued somewhere - immediately for the gun is taken.

Despite the simplicity of this device, if you decide how to choose a glue gun, you will have to face the need to decide on a sufficiently large number of characteristics that are desirable to pay attention. At least this power of the device depends on what components it can work and its performance.

If you use a gun in professional purposes, the value will have the type of power, which included nozzles, the glue readiness indicator, how efficiently the stand and other equally important points are made.

How can I use a glue gun

Proconnect 12-0102

1The prototype of modern adhesive pistols was invented by Harry Green, who at one time set the goal to make a tool for quick gluing furniture parts. His device was cumbersome enough, used liquid glue to work, but the present breakthrough was the technology of its application, which allows to obtain a neat and even seam, characterized by large mechanical strength and elasticity. 2When it became possible to use solid adhesive rods and the thermopystopist, it became quite compact, it was very widespread. It is much easier to list cases in which it cannot be used is a fastening of parts that are heated during operation and can soften the adhesive compound. Also, the glue is poorly folded on concrete, plaster and some types of polyethylene - as the last is sensitive to heating, then some skill need to work with them. 3Otherwise, the use of the thermal system is practically unlimited: furnituremers themselves were the first to appreciate its capabilities, the builders glue them to the details of communications, and for model arms, radio amateurs, florists and designers, he generally became a real find. In addition to almost instant gluing parts, using a thermal system, you can get polyurethane figures or patterns, create pictures or make prints on postcards or invitation.

4As a result, a thermopystyle is essentially the same universal glue, but without a sharp smell and able to fully solidify for 1-3 minutes, gluing a tree, paper, cardboard, skin, fabric, plastic, rubber, metals, ceramic parts in various combinations. You should also not forget about the basic rule of the use of any glue - surfaces before using it, it is necessary to clean and degrease. 5Device and principle of operation of the adhesive thermopystole

6The simpler the design of any device that it is considered more reliable. Thermopystoles fully comply with this rule - inside their minimum components that are distinguished by high reliability and, with proper operation, are maximally protected from possible breakdowns. 7The shape of the hot pistol fully justifies its name - he has a handle for which it is kept when working and the trunk, which contains the main elements of the device.


In that place where the conventional pistol has a trigger, there is a receiving hole for adhesive rods in the thermal system. When they are inserted the case, then they are suitable through the coupling into the melting chamber, to which the heating element is attached (TEN). The part of the rod falls here is melted before the fluid state, and if it is firmly supplied to the chamber, it creates an overpressure that pushes hot molten glue through the nozzle, which is attached to the "dula" of the thermal system.

Structurally, the thermopystole consists of the following elements:

KRAFTOOL PRO 06843-300-12.

. Adhesive rod.

. Feeder.

. Guide coupling.

. Network cord.

. Coupe.

Matrix 93015.

. Heating chamber.

. Nozzle.

Performs two functions at once: it holds all the parts of the gun together and itself is a stand to leave the gun in the desired position until they use them. The fact is that when the glue mass in the heating chamber is already melted, then the gun is undesirable to keep the spout up. It is also ultimately not recommended to lay it on the side when it is included, as this may cause significant overheating of the case and the output of the thermal system.

To leave the gun in the right position at the bottom of his handle, a special platform is made to which it is placed, and a folding stand from plastic or steel wire is attached to the front of the front. Thus, the housing has three points of the support for a reliable fixation device in the desired position (one in the handle and two on the stand).

  • Since inside the device there are parts that are significantly heated during operation The body is made of rigid plastic with low thermal conductivity. Also, such materials have a small weight, so the final mass of the device rarely exceeds 300 grams.
  • Thermopystole handle is usually not highlighted by anything special - often in addition to the power supply passing through it, there is nothing inside. For the convenience of using the thermal system, anti-slip rubber lining can be fixed outside.


Directly with the adhesive rod contacts the so-called ring pusher - it is a plastic / metal smooth (or with a cling rod tooth) ring. When the arm of the lever is passed on it, the ring is slightly turning in the vertical plane, so that the rod is captured and stretches after it towards the heating chamber.

The effort of a carousel or slider chunker (moves around its axis or along the barrel), and is transmitted to the ring through the lever. Often the last detail turns out to be the weakest place in the device mechanics, because inexperienced users can put on the trigger too much, trying to "squeeze" more glue.

When you determine which glue gun to choose, be sure to consider that the ring is a problem, if it is done under the specific rod size. As a result, even with small diameter errors, the rod will hardly pass through the ring or slip in it.


Guide coupling

In fact, it is just a rubber tube one end of which is put on the heating chamber, and the adhesive rod is turned into another.

This detail has two main functions:

It worst still solid rod than prevents the molten mass flowing from the thermocamera into the gun housing.

It is a kind of temperature bridge - if the glue rod started at a heat chamber at once, because of the heat transfer, he would be melted even in front of it during downtime in work.

Steinel GlueMatic 3002.

Despite the fact that the guide coupling is made of heat-resistant rubber, it should be remembered that this is one of the weakest parts of the pistol. If the whole mechanism even overheats a little, then the clutch is easy to damage attempts to turn the rod or simply pull it out in the opposite direction.

If different rods are used, it is better to cut off that part that it has already entered the coupling insert a new rod, and the residues of the previous one will squeeze through the nozzle.

Heating camera

In fact, it is a metal tube on which the heating element is fixed. In different devices, various variations of this node are used, for example, several heaters are installed, which heat the rod is not in one place, and gradually from the beginning of the tube and to the outlet.

The power and performance of the entire thermopystole depends on the heating node. The greater the volume of the heating chamber, the wider the rod section, which will warm up, and how quickly it will occur - depends on the power of the Tan.

Despite the fact that this is the main working item, it is often the most reliable - with the correct operation of the device, the heater breakdown is practically no happening.

Nozzle (dune or nozzle)

The main task of this part is to give the desired form overlooking the adhesive mass and its dosage. Depending on the class and the cost of the thermopystole, the nozzle is used direct or valve. In the first case, it simply provides the necessary thickness of the leaving adhesive mass, and its dosage is performed by the feeding mechanism. The disadvantage of such a solution is some loss of glue, since when a certain level of fluidity is reached, it flows freely.

If the nozzle with the valve, then the spring-loaded ball is placed inside it, which overlaps the adhesive output of the adhesive mass while the curcken does not create an overpressure for unlocking the channel. As an additional protective measure, the ball never overlaps the outlet completely - if the working chamber overheats and glue, it becomes too fluid, then its excess is also output.

As a result - when working with an adhesive gun, you should always use the stand on which the excess glue will be collected.

Like the heating chamber, the nozzle is made of metal, but the outside closes the protective casing, which prevents possible burns in carelessly to it. If the nozzle is removable, the thermopystole is completed with several such nozzles - it allows the adhesive layer of various shapes. Also included there may be additional standard nozzles, but with an elongated nose, which simplifies access to hard-to-reach places.

The attachment to the gun is carried out by a threaded connection, but you can unscrew the old nozzle when the heat chamber is already breeding - otherwise, replace the part will prevent the glue inside the glue.

Specifications that need to be considered when choosing a thermal system

Not always, "more" means "better" - this fully applies to the thermopolists, because such devices are made to perform various tasks, and therefore can be equipped with functions or have characteristics that will remain unclaimed with the wrong choice.

Power and heating rate

Under the power of the thermopystole is meant the amount of watts per hour, which consumes the heating device. It is easy to assume that than this characteristic is higher, the less time will be spent on the melting of the adhesive, but it will also be superfluous to take into account such concepts as efficiency and performance. For example, a combination of a spacious heating chamber and a weaker tan, which can still provide the desired temperature, will consume less electricity than a powerful TEN and a small camera. In addition, the risk of overheating is reduced, which affects the overall service life of the device.

For comparison, professional devices consume about 300 watts per hour, but they are calculated on the rods with a diameter of up to 45 mm. For work with rods 7-11 mm, the agents with a capacity of 30-150 W / h are used.

It may happen that the power of the device will be not enough - then when the current reserve is consumed, the adhesive will have to wait until a new one is melted in the chamber.

Some manufacturers went further and supplied the heating chamber with a temperature sensor, which allows to obtain automatic power adjustment. When the camera is cold (before turning on), then the consumption will be maximized - about 200 watts, and when the optimal temperature is reached, a standard or economical mode is turned on in which the Tan is required 15-40 watts.

As a result - if not critical for 3 or in 5 minutes, the thermopystopist is heated to the working state, then there is no particular sense to chase the more powerful device. If it is supposed to constantly with him, I solve how to choose a glue thermopystole, it is necessary to pay attention not to power, but on its performance. If for any reason, the speed of heating is important, it is better to purchase a device with a power regulator.

Melt temperature

Since the thermopystole is used to work with a large number of materials, it should be borne in mind that all of them carry the heating in different ways and for some you need glue with a smaller (if possible) melting point. For example, for paper and many types of tissues, pistols operating at a temperature of about 105 degrees are used. Also manufactured devices that can operate in several modes, it is usually 105,165 and 200 degrees. It is clear that the higher the temperature in the chamber the less durability of the device itself. It is also necessary to take into account that the overwhelming majority of adhesive rods melts already at 105 degrees, and the heat chamber, which issues a large temperature, simply speeds up the entire work process. As a result, if the thermopystole is purchased not for professional use, it makes no sense to choose models with a maximum temperature. The golden mid for this characteristic is the values ​​of 165-170 degrees. If you choose a professional device, it is worth paying attention to the model with a temperature controller, which can be manual or automatic - control is made by the microcircuit, based on the data coming from the sensors.

Adhesive Pistol

Thermopystole performance This characteristic is also called the speed of the gun, although it is more correct to talk about its performance. This is one of the main values ​​for which it is recommended to pay attention to when choosing a thermopystole - it shows the amount of glue that can be squeezed out of the nozzle for a certain time. For different devices, this value will vary in the range from 5 to 30 grams per minute and usually it is indicated in the passport of the device. In parallel with the performance of the gun, it is necessary to pay attention to such a parameter as the time of the fluidity of the adhesive, especially if it is necessary to work with large areas of glued materials. Otherwise, glue at the beginning of the seam can frozen before it is applied at the end.

How to choose a glue thermopystole for your needs

Accordingly, it is precisely on the performance of the device to be divided into professional and domestic, because if the thermopystole will be used for small crafts, then this parameter will not have any value. Type of power source If most electrical devices can work from the network or autonomously, then thermal systems in this regard can boast even three modifications:

The use of adhesive gun


Using a thermopystole

From the network

. The most common standard design with a network cord.

Device of the adhesive thermal system


From battery

. Such devices allow you to work offline from 45 minutes to 2 hours. In this case, the characteristics of thermopystoles are quite good - the rod with a diameter of 7 millimeters they can warm up almost 200 degrees in 15 seconds.




. A device with such a design has unfailed network cord after which the temperature in the chamber is saved within 10-15 minutes.

Wireless devices are also common, which is used in a pair with docking station - while the gun is in it, the heating camera is heated. Additional plus docking stations - they have a container for collecting glue that gradually drips out of the nozzle.

The diameter and length of the adhesive rod

Standard and semi-professional devices are most often calculated on the rods with a diameter of 7 and 11 mm. At the same time, manufacturers take into account possible errors and in the characteristics of the device indicate not the exact value and its range is usually 7-8 and 11-12 mm.

Professional devices that are used in industrial production and are intended to produce a large amount of glue per unit of time, a larger diameter rods are used - up to 45 millimeters.

Adhesive gunSome manufacturers produce rods and pistols for them oval shapes - they have no differences in their work, but choosing such a device desirable to clarify the ability to purchase consumables for them in the future.

Heating chamber of the adhesive thermal systemThe length of the rods may vary from 4 to 20 centimeters, but since it is not critical for them to cool and warm up, then it is allowed to charge a long rod and use a thermopystole with interruptions until it is exhausted.

Another rods differ in color - blue, yellow, black or with sequins. In addition to decorative applications, manufacturers can thus labeep the rods for various tasks. For example, often in the yellow staining rods for gluing glass, and black for sealing seams.

It should be borne in mind that there are no uniform standards yet, so each manufacturer is worried about the rods as it seems necessary. Therefore, it is not necessary to navigate only on color and when buying it is necessary to ask the seller about the appointment of glue or ask for instructions.


As a result, how to choose the right glue thermopystole and for which rods, completely depends on the purpose of its acquisition. For small crafts, there is enough device designed for rods 7-8 millimeters, and if more productive work is planned, then 11-12. If it is not assumed to be frequent replacement of the rod (for example, to work with materials designed for the other temperature), then they can not pay special attention to their length.

Network adhesive gun.

Mechanism feed

Here, the main difference is in the presence / absence of a jug or in the very design of the latter. If the smoke of the thermopystolt is not, then the rod will have to be supplied to the heating chamber manually - it is an uncomfortable and a low-acting system that is practically not used, but still occurs in budget models. This design has only one advantage - there is no risk to break the mechanism of broach.

This is a disadvantage, because when manually pushing the rod into the heating chamber, the risk increases the risk of damageing the guide coupling, which in most cases leads to the severity of the entire device.

If the trigger is present, then it may be swivel or extended - in the first case, it resembles a circle sector, and in the second rectangle. To use the turning is much easier - it is necessary to make less effort to it, and the adhesive dosage is more accurate. Swivel coupe.

Little trigger. Having nozzle nozzles

Here the choice is very simple - removable nozzles are always better than one built-in, and the more their number, the more functional there is a tool. At the same time, depending on the intended front of the work, it will not hurt to pay attention to the shape of the nozzles - it is not always round - periodically come across flat nozzles that can lay glue in the form of a track.

It is still worth considering the quality of the thread so that the nozzles are tightened / twisted, as well as to what the clock is sharpened under what key. Sometimes there are little space for them and the standard wrench to unscrew them is very inconvenient, and the use of pliers can damage the protective coating. Additional options for comfortable work

Observation window If the specifications of the device determine the quality of its work, that is, a number of additional options directly affect the comfort of the use of the device. It will not be supervised to them, especially if the thermopyard is purchased for regular use.

Stand The presence of a temperature regulator

. Determines the universality of the device, which can be used to work with a large number of materials. Electronic Automatic Temperature Adjustment

. The prerequisites for implementing this function became the negative experience of users of ordinary devices, which noted that if in the interruptions do not turn them off from the network, then thermopystoles have much more chances to break due to overheating. Now the electronics switches the device between three modes of operation: warming up, operating temperature and reduced power consumption in standby mode.

Disposable display . When the heating chamber picks up the calculated temperature, the LED lights up on the thermopystal case. The function extends the service life as the user does not try to squeeze out of the gun not yet melted glue, applying excessive efforts to the feeding mechanism. .

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