Fortune telling on the old new year 2021 at home: for the future, on the narrowed, for money, at a desire

Old New Year has always been considered magic time. On this night, it is customary to burn - girls will find out their destiny for the near future, guessing the narrowed, success in the career and personal life. To get accurate answers from January 13-14 on January 13 on January 14, prepare and do not make mistakes when making a ritual.

How to prepare for fortunate on the old new year 2021

Think about whom you would like to spend this event. You can make this sacrament one or a company to call 1-2 girlfriends. This preparation takes:

  • Correctly select a place where night will be quiet, no one will distract;
  • Take care of creating muted light, you can use night lamps or candles for this purpose;
  • Before fortunate, put on loose clothes, blossom hair, it is recommended to crash;
  • Remove the other domestic room, turn off the TV, reduce the volume on the gadgets.

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In advance, study the rites that will be used when making the sacrament and prepare everything you need for them. If you need cards, it is better to give preference to a new unused deeline, it is desirable that even no one kept her in his hands before that time.

On a note!

According to Christian beliefs attempts to learn their future equal to sin and the church does not approve such events. Before you fortunate, cover the icon with impenetrable cloth, remove the native cross and put it in a secluded place.

How to guess the old new year 2021 at home

An important point that interests many girls is how to guess for the old New Year in 2021. During the magical rite, follow several important rules:

  • It is impossible to guess a noisy company, during the implementation of the sacrament in the room there must be no more than 2-3 people;
  • Fully focus on your desires and questions, for the time of fortune telling about all extraneous thoughts and problems;
  • It is better to use church candles if there is no, you can install ordinary;
  • Hold the rite is better at night, closer to midnight.

The most important rule - sincerely believe the rite. If you guess only for the sake of entertainment, to have a pleasant time, the effect will not be - desire will not come true, and the answers to questions will be wrong.

Fortune telling on the old new year 2021 on the narrowed

The meaning of fortune telling on the narrowed - to find out who will be the future husband, as he looks like and his name. The options for holding a rite There are several, the most effective - on the cards or on the glass of water.

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On the cards

The simplest fortune telling on the old new year 2021 at home. It needs a playing deck. The number of cards does not matter - suitable as 36 and 54. The rites are carried out like this:

  1. Remove from the deck of 4 king.
  2. Each of them give a name - this is a person you are sympathetic.
  3. Drag the cards several times, turn up the shirt up.
  4. Pull out from the deck on one map, alternating words: love, hatred, passion, indifference.

When you pull the king, compare it with the word that was called. So it will be possible to learn about the attitude of the mensed man. It is necessary to hold the rite until all 4 kings are elongated.

On a glass of water

A simple rite for the narrowed, which is recommended to spend on the night from January 13-14, 2021. To find out with whom fate will drive you, do the following:

  1. Eat very salted product in the evening. You can give preference to pickled cucumbers or any permanent dish. It will torment the thirst, but it is impossible to drink until morning.
  2. Before you go to bed, say the phrase "the narrowed mine, my muddy, come to me and drink me with a key water."

After these words you need to go to bed. If the girl is destined to meet his dream this year, she will dream of her chosen one. Perhaps he, in fact, will bring a glass of water in a dream.

On a note!

During divination before bedtime, it is not recommended to watch TV or get involved in gadgets. Try faster to fall asleep, thinking about your future satellite.

How to guess the future

An interesting rite, which was also held by our grandmothers - on dumplings. This is a truthful way that allows you to determine what is waiting for a person in the future. To carry out a fascinating magical ritual, make a few simple actions:

  1. Cook dumplings. If you plan to guess with girlfriends, make it together, every girl give a specific task.
  2. Prepare 4 types of different fillings. Traditionally, it is recommended to use Adygei cheese, cherry, potatoes and sauer cabbage for this purpose.
  3. Come up with the interpretation for each stuff depending on what you plan to guess. It may be wealth, a career success, happiness in personal life and health. Use any options to guess.

Read more >>Weld up dumplings. After they are cooled, without looking to get 4 dumplings. Interpretation looks like this:

  • Four identical dumplings - will soon happen that it was formed to this type of filling;
  • Three dumplings with one filling and one on the other - it will come true, but not as fast as I would like;
  • Two dumplings with the same filling - both desires can come true, but for this you need to make an effort.
  • If all dumplings fell with different stuffing, it is worth spending a fortune-up.

Optionally, the magic ritual can be performed in another way. Put the secret ingredient in each stuffing - it can be a small ring, greens, cereals, a piece of vegetable or fruit. For each of them, make a desire. Pull out only one dumplings, and what was melted on the secret ingredient will come true soon.

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Fortune telling for old new year 2021 for money

To improve the financial condition, you need to work, but luck contributes in many ways. In order to turn the fortune in 2021, at night of the old new year, make a fortune telling on a coin or conspiracy on the tablecloth.

On a coin

Vareniki.The easiest magic ritual:

  1. Prepare several coins of large nominal.
  2. Wrap each of them into dense fabric, better than red.
  3. In the evening or on the night of the celebration of the Old New Year, cover the table. Under household plates, put on one coin.
  4. After dinner, give every money to that man, she lay under whose plate.
  5. The next morning, collect coins and fold them into a wallet separately from other money.

Just a rite will bring the whole family in the current year a success that promotes career growth and improving the financial condition.

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Conspiracy on the tablecloth

Another way to attract wealth in 2021 is a conspiracy on the tablecloth:

  1. Cover the table. For him, at least for a short time every member of the family should sit.
  2. After the feast, remove all the dishes from it. Collect a tablecloth along with crumbs and exit the balcony. If it is not, you can go outside or stand in front of the window, after opening the window.
  3. Say the phrase: "How many crumbs are now on this tablecloth, let the same happiness and wealth be in our family this year." Repeat it three times.

With a conspiracy subject you can do differently, for example, to take the city into a deserted place and burn under the tree. You can also shook the crumbs in the morning, turn the tablecloth and hide it into a secluded place.

On a note!

Similar divination can be carried out online. This is a simple method, but its result may be unturid, as there is no power of man.

How to guess for old new year at a desire

The most popular fortune telling, which is carried out on the night of the old New Year - attracting good luck, which will contribute to the desire to come true. For this you need:

  1. Write a wish on a piece of paper.
  2. Burn it on a saucer.
  3. Exactly at midnight dispel the ashes in the wind, it is better to do it under the battle of the chimes. The second option is to lower the ash in a glass with champagne and drink it.

It is especially important to guess if for some reason it was not possible to make a desire on the night of December 31 on January 1.

For the implementation of desires, the involvement of wealth and love is needed efforts and patience. But luck plays an important role. To pull it and find out the answers to the questions you are interested in, spend a simple magic rite over the night of the old new year. Follow the rules and believe in fortune telling, then it will be possible to get the most accurate result.

On the old new year since the times of Russia was made to burn. Thus, girls and guys could find out further fate: there will be a wedding soon, when children will be called whether to get rich, and how life will work out. Most of the ghosts have been preserved to our times, and they can be held at home. If you are wondering what awaits you in the future, then find out how to properly guess from January 13-14, 2021, and try good luck to yourself. By the way, I recently told about fortune telling for Christmas.

The old new year has long been magical time, so this time is very suitable for divination. In the midst of the branch, the border between the other world and reality becomes fragile, so you can look at a quick future with one eye. It is possible that you will learn about some things that fear, thereby be warned from failures. And suddenly you will be tempted by a quick fulfillment of desires, and you will look forward to when it comes to the right time.

There are a lot of fortune telling methods. To carry out most rituals, you will need healthy items that can always be found at home: mirrors, candles, paper, matches, a glass with water, etc. So that it is not so scary to hold rites at home, call a girlfriend or sister, just do not arrange an entertainment out of ghostas: causing behavior and loud laughter will insult perfumes, and predictions will turn out inaccurate or false.

All rituals are harmless and do not carry negativity to no fortunate, nor for others.

Preparing for fortunate on the old new year at home

In order for the answers to the questions and predictions to the questions and predictions, you need to prepare. First of all, remember that all the same is the sacrament, which means to burn it better one or in a small company of 2-3 people.

Before you know the fate, prepare for rites:

  • Find the most quiet calm room in the house so that you can retire there. No one should disturb you and distract. For this purpose, a bathroom, bedroom, attic and sauna are well suited;
  • Make lighting in the room muted or turn off the lamps at all, and burn church candles (if there are no chickens, you can freeze simple). This will create a magic aura;
  • Remove the native cross and cover the icons. In Christian customs, it is impossible to look into the future, the church does not approve this;
  • Rotate your hair and cross the legs during the process. You must be open to communicating with spirits;
  • Focus on the ritual. In advance, come up with a question and correctly formulate it;
  • Remove pets, except cats. They are considered to be conductors with an overwhelming world, so their presence is desirable;
  • If you are guessing on the maps, take a new deck on which no one has played. Do not refer to the maps roughly, do not throw them on the table or on the floor, otherwise they will stop talking to the truth.

The results of the divination can turn out not only good, but also bad, so be prepared if troubles and minor troubles are falling. Negative should not be taken close to heart and do not need to be upset because of what has not yet happened. But in good predictions you need, on the contrary, to believe, then they will be fulfilled.

How to guess from January 13-14, 2021 at home

More than our great-grandmothers stole to find out which of them will marry them earlier, where to wait for the grooms, and how many children will be in the family. By the way, you can guess not only about a personal life, but also on any of the topics: Material wealth, a good year will be or not, etc. There are no restrictions, so think carefully what exactly you want to know and proceed to the execution of rites. There is a huge amount of them, but we selected only the most truthful and simple so that they can be done at home.

On the narrowed or narrowed

Any unmarried girl is worried about marriage. There is one old way, how to get the answer. For its implementation you will need a wedding ring. You can take it at mom, grandmother or near a friend. Just do not take it out of the hands, it is bad sign (the husband will change). Let the owner put a ring on the table, and you raise it. You need to guess together, you will need deep opaque cups. One girl closes his eyes, and the second puts the ring under one of the cups. If the girl truly guesses where the ring is hidden, then she will marry this year, and the marriage will be successful.

Furge several times in a row can not. Prediction will not be true.

For the future of wax

To find out what to expect from the coming 2021, try to pay on the wax. Melt the paraffin to the liquid state, take a glass with cold water and gently pour the molten wax into it with a thin jet. When he freezes, remove the resulting figurine from the water and look attentively on it. Pay attention: smoothed rounded edges talk about calm living life. If the figure has a lot of sharp corners, then you have envious.

Decipher, which means Message:

  • The church is an ambulance wedding;
  • Arrow - love romance;
  • Castle - expose;
  • Tree - well-being;
  • The key is a promising tempting offer;
  • Star - the implementation of conceived plans;
  • Snake - Girls in your environment;
  • Flower - romantic relationship;
  • House - change of dwelling;
  • Man is a new successful acquaintance;
  • Ring - marriage;
  • The cradle is the birth of a child;
  • Rocket - Fast Dream Execution;
  • Bublik - the presence of enemies;
  • The dog is gaining friends;
  • Mountains - obstacles.

If there is a bad sign (damn, coffin), then this indicates diseases, nonphosity and misunderstanding in the family. When you took a figurine to see her better, and she broke on the pieces, wait for the occurrence of pregnancy.

At wish

To find out whether your dream will come true, or it is necessary to forget it, try to pay out this way.

Find a small table mirror and a piece of old candle. When it is dark on January 13, before you go to bed, set fire a candle, and then write your most intimate desire on the mirror on the mirror. No one should see what you wrote. Take the candle, and put the mirror near the head of the bed. Go to bed, and in the morning look at the inscription. If she stayed, the desire will be fulfilled and already soon. If the inscriptions did not turn out to be this thought, she was not destined to come true ever. Sometimes part of the message disappears, this means that the desire will come true, and for its implementation will have to wait.

On the groom

If the girl has no guy, and she really wants to know the name of the future groom, that is, one way to do it.

Cut thin strips from a sheet of paper, they should work out a lot. On each piece of paper, write one male name, without repeating. Several pieces of paper should be empty. Then shift the scrapbook into the deep cup and fill with water. Pull the first piece of paper that came up on the surface of the water. What a name pull out and will call the narrowed. If a blank paper fell out, then the bridegroom will soon appear.

By the way, this fortune telling there is another kind. When you write men's names and complete the paper, fold them in a canvas bag and put on your pillow in the evening on January 13th. In the morning, without getting out of bed, start your hand into the bag and remove the first inscription. He will indicate how to call the future spouse. Thinking paper is impossible.

With payment

In the old girl who wanted to see the narrowed, wondered on his comb.

Take a small comb and, when you go to bed on the old new year, put a break under the pillow, saying: "My squeezed, muddy, you come to me, and my head. Amen, Amen, Amen. " In a dream you will be the one for which you will soon marry. Some succeeds clearly to see the face and find out the name of the groom.

Hair must be fascinated, so do not braid braids and do not tie the tails on your head before bedtime.

On paper for the future

Prepare paper sheets, matchboxes, church candle and plate.

Close in the bathroom or in the attic, there should be no light in the room. Light a candle, leaf crumple, put on a plate and burning. When the paper fully prohibit, the ashes will remain from it. Encounter the flame from the candle and see what shadow ashes throws onto the wall. It will be a sign, what to wait in the future. The characters seen mean the following:

  • The house is a measured calm life, a strong family;
  • Tree - joyful news;
  • Bird is a good event;
  • Ring - a quick marriage;
  • ruins, shapeless figures - trouble and vain experiences;
  • Wolf or dog - the appearance in the life of a new friend;
  • Cave or pit - illness;
  • Man - the emergence of a new acquaintance;
  • Machine - Travel;
  • Candle - Emergency Chosen;
  • Circle - happy marriage;
  • The child is adding in the family;
  • Flower - the beginning of a stormy novel;
  • Snake - Envious and Evil Languages ​​around you;
  • Cross - trouble, illness.

If it does not work out that for the figure, it was formed, carefully brighten the plate around and see how the form changes. Pick up the most suitable angle, and then the picture will be.

On the future husband

Prepare a lot of walnut shells. Cut pieces from paper, write on each name of a young man who you are already familiar with.

Put in each shell on one piece of paper. Fill the pelvis with water, arrange the shells near the side. In a separate shell, check the candle and burn it. Place it in the center of the basin and wait for it where it will come. Deploy the Message and you will learn how to call your future husband.

For further life on thread

This fortune telling will help you understand that in the future you will be waiting. In three needles insert three threads of different colors: white, red, black. Ask my mother or girlfriend to push you threads to clothes on your back, you should not see the sequence. Pull out the one that the first will come to your arm. The color of the thread will tell you that you are destined: the red thread is the birth of a kid and a happy strong marriage. White thread promises loneliness and sadness, and black says that there will be no marriage this year, but you need to do career.

On the character of the narrowed

To carry out this rite you will need a deck of new cards, which were not played. Pull out all kings, and when you go to sleep, on the night January 13, shove 4 cards under the pillow. When you wake up, first turn the first card. What suit will fall, such a future spouse. Peaks are old and jealous, the cross is a military, a tambourine - young and successful, worms - beautiful and rich.

In order for the prediction of precisely to come true, you do not need to tell about him anyone. Keep it in secret and wait for execution.

Divination for the old new year is very charged with energy, so the result is likely to come true. If you look forward to him and believe, this will happen soon. Do not be afraid to predict the events, there is nothing bad and dangerous. In the case when something bad drops, do not give the values. The man himself is right to change his fate, so the future can also be changed and avoid those who hung over your trouble.

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For Europeans, the holiday of the old new (night from January 13-14) seems strange and incomprehensible, whereas for us it is a reason to get together, to talk, to pay out and once again to say goodbye to the old year. Traditions for 102 years - to the Gregorian (new) Calendar Russia passed in 1919.

The celebration hits the shields (July 7-19) - according to beliefs in this period, the mysterious forces are walking on the ground, and the evil spirits pecks their bad things, harms people, and light forces, on the contrary, help, protect. At this time, all prohibitions are removed and with the help of fortunes, you can learn about the future, narrowed-rich, about the fulfillment of desires. Special force has the evening on January 13 (Vasilyev evening) and the evening on January 18 (the Epiphany Christmas Eve), when fortune-telling is considered things and often come true.

How to prepare for fortune tells on the old new year at home

Learn the secret requires concentration and attention, so you need to guess in a relaxed atmosphere. To avoid bustle and hurry that can affect the results, the option of divination, attributes to it need to be thought out in advance. The physical condition of the excessive factors are also affected by the physical condition - with ailment, the extraneous factors are distracted, the energy is directed not at the river, which prevents focus on, so during the disease it is better not to guess.

Participants must necessarily believe in magic and not refer to the process dismissively, mockingly - this will not allow the negative to intervene. Do not invite rivals to the company in love who quarreled or offended by each other.

On a note!

It is undesirable to take part in pregnant women, since the result can have a strong impact on them, which will affect emotional state and harm health.

How to prepare:

  • Go to the room order, maintain windows, turn off the light, radio, TV, light the candles (better than church), icons close the cloth, because the church does not approve of divination, especially with the involvement of dark forces;
  • Wear loose clothes without belts, lightning, ties, unleash the nodules - nothing should interfere;
  • remove all the decorations, the cross (the cross can be moved to the back);
  • women dissolve hair, remove hairpins, gum, bows;
  • tune in, mentally extinguish yourself from reality;
  • not to assemble a large company (well, if there is only 2-3 people);
  • Take out animals from the room, but you can leave the cat - it is believed that cats are intermediaries between the other and the real world.

If the result did not meet your expectations or did not like it, you do not need to be upset and build speculation, but to believe in good and kind. The main thing is to make something real, not fantastic and unless under any circumstances.

Never guess - all this is nonsense, in which you should not believe;


As a way to spend time with friends;


I wonder only at wishes, but for the future, I'm afraid to guess fate;


Always guess exactly from January 13-14 - I believe in prediction, because my lot has come true.


Voted: 338.

Simple divorities from January 13-14, 2022 at the desire

In the evening, in the atmosphere of mystical sacrament it is interesting to know whether the cherished desire will be fulfilled. Such fortune tells are simple, do not require complex preparations, adults and children, friends close to them can participate in them.

With nut shell

Each participant brings with me a walnut in the shell or takes from the owner, but preliminarily holds it in hand (pocket) 10-15 minutes.


  • Wide and deep tank (pelvis, pallet) with water;
  • crude walnuts;
  • Nutokol (can be "key" for nuts);
  • Candles for cake by number of participants;
  • Paper strips, scissors, handles.

The container is installed in the center of the table, on the floor and sear around. Each of the paper strip writes his desire (marriage, marriage, love, material well-being, career growth, health, etc.), bends the end of the strip and hangs it on the edge of the Court of Appears approximately at the same distance from each other.

Then the "owner" of the nut splits it into two halves, trying at least one to maintain the whole. In the improvised boat in the center, a lit candle is fixed, a dropping of a little wax. All the boats are lowered in the center of the People and begin blowing on them so as not to sneeze the fire. Shells, having come into motion, should be born to the side and the nearest prediction to the boat will refer to its owner.


While driving, you need to trace what the shell will have an impact on your boat - it will be clear who will prevent, will help, take part in solving the issue. Sometimes for personal well-being you need to protect yourself, close to unnecessary attention and advice.

On the cards

It will take a new one, never used, a deck of 36 cards. The company should have people who are not ashamed to voice their desires. Otherwise, the sincerity and meaning of the process will be lost.

How to guess:

  1. The desire is clearly formulated and three times pronounce loud. After that, all the aces get out of the decks, lay out on the table, choose one, which is currently the most likely, and remember it. The remaining cards in the deck are thoroughly shuffled and lay on one to the aces up the shirt until they are running out. Cards, which lie on the selected ace, turn over and recalculate only those that are similar to the Tuza Mashy (it is also considered). The number of cards at least five suggests that the desire will come true if there are less, then, alas, it is deferred.
  2. Accurately formulated desire to pronounce loud and tausit a deck. Fifteen cards are folded down with a shirt, aces, if there is, lay aside, it is taped again, lay out, remove aces and so four times. If all four aces were in the stack, then the desire is truly, if less, then it will remain a dream.

With the participation of the cat

They are considered to be special - they are able to feel and see spirits, mystical creatures. Therefore, they are often attracted to participate in divination at a desire.

The cat is pre-removed from the room, the door closes. After the desire is forgotten, the door opens and name the animal. It is necessary to follow how the cat crosses the threshold - if the right foot, then the conceived will come true if left - then it is impracticable, and if he jumped, then everything will depend on your actions.

With a candle

It is necessary to first ask a question about the execution of cherished desire, then light the candle near the entrance door. When the candle breaks up, clockwise slowly bypass with her dwelling. The candle was not extinct - everything will come true, I was extinct - the conceived will not turn.

Beads + Manka (Other Crupes)

We need red and white beads, semolina cereals. Beads are poured into a deep tank, we fall asleep with a semolina, stirred (it is impossible to pry), whispering the desire. After that, get the first beading bead - the Red promises the fulfillment of desire, White reports that luck has turned away this time.

Based on the book

The fortune telling is very interesting both among friends and in a family circle. It will take any artistic book (scientific is not suitable) and a good mood. They make a desire, pronounce it about yourself three times, open the book and finger point to any word on this page. A proposal in which this word includes a desire.

With lotto

After it is formulated and a desire is made in the mind, three barrel gets out of the bag. The numbers on them (not numbers) are summarized, the double digit numbers are again summarized. An even number - the conceived will come true, the odd - you are waiting for disappointment.

An example of counting:

  • got the barrels at numbers 8, 12, 23;
  • We summarize - 8 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 3 = 16 = 1 + 6 = 7;
  • The number 7 is odd, it means that the desired will not be embodied in reality (if the number was even, then you can expect a dream).

Notes under the pillow

On the evening of January 13, they write their cherished wishes, then the leaflets turn the tube and put under the pillow, saying what written to herself. In the morning, waking up without getting up from bed, get one piece of paper - the desire written on it should come true.

Truthful ways to guess on the narrowed house before bedtime

Girls always want to know if they will appear in their life and how soon it happens. Believe or not to believe predictions - the case of everyone, but if you do not believe, then why guess?

With payment

This ritual is not one hundred years old - it is believed that he truthful and allows you to see the narrowed in a dream. Maybe you will see the one who is near, but you do not notice it? Or maybe seen in a dream will help to take a right decision? Everything can be ...

You need to guess before bedtime, pre-tuned and prepared for the process: take a shower (bath), dry and comb your hair, put on loose clean clothes from natural fabrics without buttons, strings, relieve all the decorations, cross, bring animals from the room, light a few candle Tablets in cups (on stands).


The ritual is committed alone, warning close to not interfere, did not interfere. After divination until the morning it is impossible to talk. It will take a wooden or flat plastic comb, any essential oil with a pleasant aroma for you.

How to conduct a ritual:

  • sit on the edge of the bed;
  • drop oil on a comb, distribute over all the tooth;
  • Combing the hair on one side (this is important), pronounced the words three times: "Daissed-rude, come to me comb hair. Waiting for you in a dream, scallop will leave under the pillow ";
  • Remove the comb under the pillow and sleep on the side where the hair was combed;
  • In the morning, waking up, you need to write everything seen, without missing the details - they can come in handy in the interpretation of events;
  • One who will dream and will be narrowed.

With water in a glass

During dinner or immediately before bedtime, the girl eats something salty and does not drink any liquid - you will have to suffer, otherwise nothing will work. Before you lie down in bed, a glass of water is put on the bedside bed with water and says: "Durable-rude (name), come to drink me with clean, key". If she is destined to meet the narrowed year, he will dream of.

You can try another option:

  • Shortly before sleep, light a candle (better than church), to the left of it to put a glass without faces and drawings filled with clean water;
  • mentally formulate a question (who was narrowed, will and when the wedding, whether the groom is rich, etc.) and look closely through glass glass;
  • If you concentrate and not distracted, then, according to gadaven, the answer will be seen.

With two mirrors

Use two identical or slightly different in the size of the mirror - they are put on the table opposite each other, leaving the clearance between them. Nearby install a lit candle. Girl, blossoming hair, removing the cross, all the decorations, sits down in front of the mirrors and says: "Durable, appear! Durable, show! ". After that, it begins to look closely into the corridor between the mirrors - the image of the narrowed appears there.

On a note!

Impressive, nervous is better not to use this way. If, nevertheless, they began to guess, but they were afraid or saw something terrible, then you need to say right there: "Chur me!".

Using matches and rings

Conduct a ritual before bedtime. Pre-prepare new boxes of matches, a golden wedding ring. It is impossible to take a widowed ring or divorced woman.


  • on a saucer, tray folded a well made of matches, put it next to the bed;
  • to put the ring on the bottom;
  • Before bedtime, already in bed, pronounce: "My squeezed, molded, the fate of the set, to (name) come, the ring from the well, to the crown (name) is motive."

If it is destined to meet the groom in the coming year, then in a dream she will see it, if the dream was immediately forgotten or there was no man in it, it means that this year the proposal of the hand and heart will not go.

Fortune telling on the night of the old new year for love

To find out if love will meet in the coming year, your love is mutual or not, whether they chose the wrong and interesting fortune telling in a friendly cheerful company correctly. The main condition is to clearly formulate the question.

Variations of fortunes:

  1. Loves or does not love. Take a new deck of cards, submit your boyfriend (girl), mentally ask a question: "Loves me (name) or does not love?" And pull the map. Chervi means passionate love, Bubi - Love Platonic, Vini (peaks) - he (she) does not love, the baptism is the second half of you only need sex.
  2. Are there any feelings in the chosen? Mandarin will need - it needs to be cleaned and calculated the number of poles. An even number - there is no love, odd - love mutual.
  3. Help the cat. On one sheet of paper, write "loves", on the other - "does not like", put them on the floor and invite the cat to the room - it will suit the sheet, which will answer the question.
  4. The answer to the question: "Does love (name) me?". On four sheets write the word "dislike", on the other four - "love", mix them and offer to someone pull four sheets. It will be more with the words of love, it means that you are passionately love, less - at the moment, your love is unrequited, equally - while the chosen is decided with his feelings.

Tradition to guess postcases with predictions

The celebration of the Old New Year does not do without fun, comic predictions in a friendly or family company. The game is made up to enjoy, and not to look for coincidences and analogies with real serious life situations.

Where to put notes with predictions:

  • In specially baked cookies - it is laid out on a large dish and offered to everyone to take one by one;
  • Attach a note in the wrapper of candy and treat the candies of the guests;
  • paste on the bottom of the plates, circles and offer the guest to choose your dishes;
  • Swim note-bows on the Christmas tree;
  • Hide into the room - playing on tips find them (for example, you will go straight, then left, look up and see your prediction);
  • Descript in winery, plates - guests are arbitrarily sitting at the table and find notes.

Prediction texts can be made in prose, verses, you can take lines from songs, quotes from works, movies. Examples of texts:

  • There is no chance to win, if not determined with the final goal;
  • new opportunities lie in the current crisis;
  • Want to be happy - learn how to manage your thoughts;
  • How much will you give, so much happiness will get;
  • The road to a thousand miles consists of small steps;
  • Titanic is built by professionals, and the ark is an amateur, so do not be afraid to do what you can not yet - everything you can learn;
  • You know what you strive for, it means that the struggle is justified;
  • Not always, thoughts can be pronounced out loud;
  • From each situation there is a way out, and sometimes not one;
  • Wings will definitely grow, if you do not bother them to grow;
  • Success is provided if you manifest the initiative;
  • Always Nadya and everything will be.

How to find out the future during fortune telling for the old new year

As the sick time is mystical, many are trying to find out what they are waiting for them in the future. If you are excessively impressionable, then you need to choose innocuous divination without bringing dark forces.

About the near future cat will tell

In the evening, when you are ready for fortune, you need to ask the question that will be waiting for you soon, and then watch the behavior of the cat.


  • cleans the fur, wash it - Someone will come soon;
  • asks for his knees, rubs about his feet - wait for good luck in the launcher;
  • Hiding without a visible reason, does not want to go to the hands - wait for trouble;
  • It begins to run with anyone - you can expect a new partner in life;
  • He sleeps, no manifests itself - nothing new is foreseen.

Wax + Water

The method using wax (casting wax) allows you to learn as much information about your fate. It requires from gadget fantasies and the ability to find the meaning in the figures, symbols, patterns. It will take no very short candle and a wide deep dark color capacitance, filled with water - for a large drawing should be enough space, and on a dark background, a light drawing will be visible clearly.

Before starting the ritual, it is necessary to clearly formulate the question, purpose, focus on the process. The burning candle is raised above the container, tilt to the wax drop exactly in the center. The candle is kept motionless - it is impossible to move it. You can interpret yourself or resort to the proposed options.

Examples Interpretations:

  • Dog figures, puppy mean friendship, support - it is possible that you have some kind of problem, and friends will help in its resolution;
  • Embryo, germin - the appearance of something new in life (the birth of a child, a successful undertaking in business, at work, etc.);
  • Mushroom - surprise, surprise;
  • Toad, frog - mean positive emotions, a favorable outcome of the work started;
  • Fish - well-being, comfort, joy, wealth;
  • Monkey - Possible deception, tricky game from friends, loved ones;
  • Cat - a sign of warning from betrayal close people;
  • Flowers - conceived will come true, favorable events;
  • boat - you can avoid problems;
  • The key is trusted;
  • Church - difficulties will be overcome independently;
  • month - around you envy affecting your energy;
  • the star - all the conceived will come true if you want to really;
  • Leg - move forward, change in life.

Cool comic fortune telling on dumplings

A good tradition to guess in dumplings came from a long time ago, when such a strish personified with prosperity, success. It was believed that the energy of the moon is connected in the dumplings, i.e. Maternal, and sunny, that is, Father's - on the form of a dumplings looks like a half of the moon, and a round dish, to which he was placed in the sun.

Varny fortune telling on the night of 13 to 14 acquires a prophetic character and is quite suitable for a family holiday, for invited guests. Everyone will be interested to know what lies inside a delicious dumpling - prediction, hint, hint in solving the problem, the answer to the question.

Dumping dumplings in advance and those who are engaged in cooking, do not reveal the essence of the dish - for all it should be a surprise. About an unusual filling, you can warn at the table. The main condition for prediction - it should be a brief, capacious, semantic.

Examples of comic texts:

  • You love him to believe - open the door rather;
  • Good luck is waiting for you - boldly, fun forward;
  • The head is spinning from love - you definitely you mila;
  • We will have the good news, if you forget about anger and revenge;
  • Suitcase get out - awaits the road to the south edge;
  • Little wait - money is already on the way;
  • Divide the chocolate - a nice meeting with joy;
  • The cat has moved the road - pick it up with you, and all the evil will go around the house side;
  • If the fortune is often kept, then it gets tired;
  • Rest under the palm trees refreshes and rejuvenates;
  • The more often ask stupid questions, the more you know interesting;
  • When boring, knocking on the battery - it will be exactly fun.

Divination in the old new year is energetically strong, and if you believe in them, they will show the correct result, which will soon come true. You need to tune in to a positive, do not be upset if the answer does not like it - negative emotions attract bad.

If you are guessing, then share with us the most truthful ways, interesting cases when the fortune telling came true and influenced the events in your life.

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Old New Year is a special, mystical time. On the night of January 13-14, there is a better time for fortune telling. Divination for the old new year is available to all girls and married women. There are a huge set of ways to predict your destiny, each of them is interesting in its own way and is performed quite easily. There are many ancient and modern species that are truthful enough. You can guess both alone and in a large company. IT'S IMPORTANT TO KNOW! Gadalka Baba Nina: "You will never need money if you wear a neck ..."


Rules of divination On the night of January 12-13, the girls guess marriage.

  • The conditions for holding a rite are very simple:
  • loose hair;
  • Shubach with a magical ornament to protect against evil forces on a naked body (embroidery on a shirt of red threads with floral ornament);
  • No men at the place of divination;


Our ancestors betrayed great importance to natural phenomena. Midnight were chosen for fortune telling because on the border between the days, the door to the world of spirits was blocked for a short time, which had to answer the questions of the girls.

Our ancestors betrayed great importance to natural phenomena. Midnight were chosen for fortune telling because on the border between the days, the door to the world of spirits was blocked for a short time, which had to answer the questions of the girls.

The most accurate signs for the old new year, fortune telling, traditions, conspiracies

Simple rites on the narrowed and marriage

In vintage fortune telling, a variety of items, animals and food are used. These are the simplest ways to learn the name of the narrowed, its appearance, welfare, social status, and so on.

When conducting any ritual, follow the conditions above. A shirt with an ornament can be replaced by a cotton night jacket, causing inside out. The wrong side performs the role of the overag.

When conducting any ritual, follow the conditions above. A shirt with an ornament can be replaced by a cotton night jacket, causing inside out. The wrong side performs the role of the overag.

Rituals, rites and conspiracies for the old New Year: for good luck, money, health, love

With a comb or comb

One of the easiest ways to see the narrowed in a dream. Previously, a wooden crest was used for this, today you can take a conventional comb.

Five minutes before midnight, it is necessary to dissolve the hair and start hairstyle, saying: "Come to me in a dream, narrowed, taking my hair." Exactly at midnight to go to bed, putting the ridge under the pillow.

Hair is considered a kind of mediator between the otherworldly forces and space, so many manage to see the guy in a dream.

Any fortune-telling requires a certain attitude and faith. Without this, the rite will not work.

Any fortune-telling requires a certain attitude and faith. Without this, the rite will not work.

How to find out when you meet love: the best fortune tells on the maps, runes, subjects, by date of birth

"Well" Another simple and pretty popular way to see in a dream of the groom. Wooden sticks or matches are used for the rite.

  1. It is spent alone, no one tells anything: one.
  2. In the headboard bed put a chair or stool. 2.
  3. It is laying out a square of sticks or matches. This is a well. 3.
  4. Then you need to say the words: "narrowed, rich, come to the well of water drunk." four.

After that, we must immediately go to bed.

If the bridegroom did not come in a dream, then you should pay attention to sticks. If at least one of them is shifted and the "well" is open, then there will be a quick acquaintance. If you managed to see a guy in a dream, and the "Well" is intact, then the wedding can break with him, sticks shifted - the ambulance wedding, perhaps in the same year.


Fortune telling similar to "well". The branches from the tree are needed, purified from the crust. Of these, there are bridge - two long stacked in parallel, short across, so that the conditional bridge is. Twigs fasten with thin wire.

Before bedtime, put the bridge under the pillow with the words: "narrowed, rude, translate over the bridge." If the bridegroom does not dream, then married to get out early.

With stocking

Before bedtime, a new stocking is put on the right leg. Three times pronounce: "Dailed, rude, come to sort me."

In a dream, a guy should appear, which will be a fiance. If he did not dreamed, and the stocking slip is a quick acquaintance if on the spot - you need to wait.

Divination on the ring

Use a ring with a stone or without it. The area for the rite should be a central room, such as a living room or room.

At midnight, the ring must be thrown and see how it falls or rolling. In the direction of the kitchen - life will be full, and the groom rich in the side of the exit from the apartment is a quick marriage, towards the bedroom - life will be calm and happy.

With dog

You can guess in the afternoon. The girl stays in the room alone. It is imparted by a dog. If the dog immediately comes to the gadgetting, then the marriage is fast, driven and friendly wags the tail - the husband will be kind and gentle, first sniffs the floor - the marriage will be difficult, and the husband is angry.

In the gadania, several girls usually take part in turns remain in the room.

With a bucket

Light and cheerful fortune telling with a bucket at the same time is a game. Young people are going from someone in the courtyard shortly before midnight and starts funny rite.

An unmarried girl on the head is put on a bucket and make it take place in place. After that, she should take a few steps. If it goes to the gate - to be a wedding this year, if the courtyard is deep into the courtyard, it will not fall, it remains unmarried. The fortune telling is repeated every year.

On the towel

For divination, the girl gather in the same house, where they stay spent the night. Each brings with him a new cotton towel. In the evening they are hanging on the rope in the yard. Girls sentenced such words: "Come, narrowed, with a mustache wader and ferment by my trench." Those of them, whose towel in the morning will be wet, will get married in the current year.

If at night there was a strong frost, then the soil is considered a towel, "worthy of cool." Skinny and sneak can not be saved your towel.

Learn the name narrowed

This fortune telling has deep roots. In the old days, when the girls were not released on the street on January 12, the young guys were spinning under their windows and frightened every way. Among them were potential grooms who liked one or another beauty.

After midnight, January 13, the girl ran into the street and asked the name from the first oncoming. "The first counter" tried to be a guy who had the most serious intentions. For this reason, the fortune telling was very accurate.

The essence of the rite: immediately after midnight you need to go outside and ask for the first matched passerby to call any male name. So will call her husband.

Rooster and chicken An old rite, which was performed in many villages.

  • It will take a rooster and chicken, as well as:
  • coins;
  • corn;
  • mirror;
  • water;

lump of land or clay.

At a short distance, there are: a handful of coins mixed with grain, a plate with water, a mirror and clay. The chicken is kept in their hands and produced when the rooster appears near a separate plate with grain so that it remains in place. Rooster enter the room and lowered to the floor. The result is considered by the choice of poultry: what it will be suitable for, such and there will be a husband.

  • Interpretation as follows:
  • Grain with coins - full and prosperous family life, groom rich;
  • The mirror - the groom is selfish, narcissistic;
  • Water is a narrowed amateur to drink;
  • clay or land is the bad character of the groom, troubles and misfortunes in family life;

Chicken - husband will change.

Saty fortune telling

Also, fortune telling on the old new year is associated with the period of the winter shin - from 7 to 19 January.

Evening and night from January 13-14 is a Slavic holiday called "Generous Evening", or "Rich Vasilyev Evening", in honor of St. Vasily the Great. It is still popular in many countries.

There are many adoptions related to these days, and the techniques are burning for the future. Young girls gathered together and spent special rites to learn about their future. In each village they were their own. Family couples wanted to know about the birth of children, relations between spouses and the further fate of households. Many of the rites have survived to this day and are successfully used today.

  • The most popular topics still include:
  • marriage;
  • the floor of the future child;
  • Fortress family;
  • fulfillment of desire;
  • love and money;

Wealth and well-being.

Family Vorozhb

Married women and married men are interested in their own family. It is necessary to conduct any rite together. Family fortune telling differently. Vorozhba can be furnished as a game.

If there are disagreements in the family, the rite should be postponed to better times.

On the floor of the child

A young couple can learn the floor of the future child in the easiest way. To do this, the water is poured into a spoon and remove it into the freezing chamber. In the morning they look at the resulting ice. If it is a convex - there will be a boy, a naughty girl, smooth - you need to wait.

You can pour water into a circle, and in the morning carefully consider the result. If there are hooks on the ice, the first is the first to be born, a dent or a fossa is a girl, and the other - twins.

For the future of the family

The fortune telling is suitable for a family in which there are crowded children. At the festive table, they put a plate with ordinary water and lowered a piece of black bread without a crust. In the morning of the next day they look at the result.

If the bread is preserved as integer, then everything will be fine in the family, the children will remain with their parents. Slice fell off - one of the children will soon leave the father's house. Two - both children will leave. The bread completely unfolded - the family will disintegrated.

For good luck

Each of the family members is distributed over a pinch of any cereals. Grains are recalculated. If the number is even, then the year will be happy and prosperous, odd - there will be problems.

For the smallest, if he is, the grain considers father.

On dumplings The dish is prepared as usual, with any stuffing. In several dumplings add "surprise".

  • Depending on what fell in dumplings, the future will learn: Coin.
  • Wealth, a comfortable life. A person will not need anything. Colepko.
  • For an unmarried girl - a quick marriage. For a guy - marriage. For married and married - happy life in marriage. Beans.
  • Easy addition to the family. Olive
  • . To longevity. Garlic.
  • Large bitter in the family, you need to think about mutual concessions. For idle - the upcoming marriage will not be happy. Raisins.
  • Disputes and squabbles at work. Buckwheat.

Unexpected money: raising salary, winnings, premium and so on.

Wax and water Divination at wax and water relate to more complex rites.

  • When executed, you must follow certain rules: Wax.
  • Must be extremely natural. It absorbs human energy and gives the exact result, which does not occur when using paraffin candles. Water.
  • Any suitable, but preferably well, spring or consecrated in the church. The perfect option is Epiphany. Wax candle.
  • Only new, having a natural color, with the exception of some rites requiring colored candles. Time.

From call to sunrise. Ideally - midnight.

It is possible to guess alone or with the company. Wax will tell about the near future, welfare, marriage, enemies and friends. For interpretation use special tables with a description of the values ​​of the figures.

Conduct It is necessary to put out the light and light the candle, next to put the wax that will be used in the fortune telling, put the tank with water.

  • The flame in general will tell about the near future:
  • smooth burning - joy;
  • Crack and flame shake - important news;

The fire does not flare up for a long time, the light is dim - disappointment and tears.

  1. It is spent alone, no one tells anything: Conducting a ritual:
  2. In the headboard bed put a chair or stool. Looking at the candle flame, it is necessary to tune in to hold a rite, mentally repeat questions in my head.
  3. It is laying out a square of sticks or matches. This is a well. A piece of cooked wax need to be a bit in his hands, not forgetting to formulate questions. If it is a candle, it is used entirely, without cutting and not lazy slices.
  4. Then you need to say the words: "narrowed, rich, come to the well of water drunk." Wax put in dishes for melting and bring to the burning candle so that the top point of the flame comes into contact with a spoon or bucket. While the wax melts, mentally ask questions. Do not hurry, it is an important point in fortune.

When the melting process is over, the dishes are turned over with a sharp movement over the water. The wax pellet is formed. Two minutes later, she carefully takes out. Turning over the opposite side, lay out on the napkin.

  • When the wax is finally driving, you can view the resulting images, mentally dividing the cake for five parts:
  • The upper part is the near future;
  • The right side is the future within three years;
  • left side - past;
  • The lower part is the present;

The center is a mental state, something personal.

Each sees wax drawings according to its imagination. If several people participate in the fortune telling, then the priority is given to the images of the questioning, is interpreted by what he sees.

On the gold chain At midnight, when the household sleeps, you need to take a chain and hold a little in your hands so that it warms it. By shifting into the right hand, shake and sharply throw on the table several times.

  • Depending on the resulting figure, the future is judged:
  • The strip is luck in everything and luck;
  • Circle - the predicament from which you need to go out;
  • Knot - troubles and a confusing life situation;
  • The triangle is a great success in affairs and love;
  • Bow - the ambulance wedding;
  • Snake - betrayal of a loved one;

The heart is peace of mind and happiness in love.

On playing cards

Sattime fortune telling differ from the defill. Maps are used otherwise, and the wash and the picture serve to determine the nature of the narrowed.

This is an individual tool that cannot be given to anyone, otherwise it will not work.

Fortune telling on kings

The deck should be new. It can not be transferred to other people's hands. Before desperating the map "tame". To do this, they need to be in hand, ask for help and all day to wear in your pocket. Before bedtime, you need to wash it well, put on a new shirt, from the deck to take out the four kings and put them under the pillow. To mentally ask for at night a narrowed.

  • If in a dream, the bridegroom did not appear, then from under the pillow, at random pulls the map: Peak king.
  • The husband will be much older, jealous and married at the time of dating. He will have to take away from his wife or another girl. Chervoy king.
  • Young and secured guy. Great marriage for a girl. Trephic King
  • . Military or representative of power structures. A man who is wearing. Bubnian king.

A quick marriage of love with a man who loves the girl.

A concrete person or a card king can dreamed.

To work Closer to midnight, windows should be tightly and light three candles. Hold the map of the cards in the hands, mentally asking the truthful answer. Remove only pictures and shuffle them. At random pull one card.

  • Meaning the following: Ace.
  • Good luck in affairs. For unemployed - success in finding good work. For working - raising wages or career growth. King.
  • Changing work on more profitable. For a young card means a definition with a future profession. For those who are afraid of dismissal - a good sign, he will not be fired. Lady.
  • To find a job, you have to make a lot of effort. For working - can "hang out" in the workplace. Valet.

The conceived will not turn. You need to repeat the fortune telling at another time.

Modern fortune telling In the modern world, you can guess for anything if we are talking about simple answers "yes" or "no."

  • A typical example - divination for the fulfillment of desire: By windows at home.
  • In the evening, when light lights up in apartments, you need to make a desire and recalculate the illuminated windows of any selected home. An even number - the desire will come true, the odd - will not come true. On thread.
  • Thread, closed to clothing, wrap around the index finger, guessing the desire. The answer is similar. On the cereal.
  • Fucking a desire, any cereal is poured onto the table and calculate the grains. By grass.

Ring to Travinku, calculate how many times the pillow of the fingers will fit along its length.

Variants of fortune telling an infinite set. You can get a more detailed answer in other ways.

On champagne The first glass you just need to drink for the wires of the old year.

  • It is necessary to guess on the second glass, carefully considering the game of bubbles:
  • go from the middle of the glass - a good year without special troubles;
  • unevenly complexities in affairs and mass of emotions;
  • Rise parallel rows - interesting things and dating;
  • intertwined - love, meeting with her destiny;
  • beaten in face - troubles in relationships;

Only up to half of the glass reach - double people in a close environment.

On the newspaper Dusting suits people with good imagination and developed intuition.

  • For ritual, you will need:
  • newspaper;
  • candle;

Fireproof stand (tray).

The newspaper to change his hands and put on the tray. The candle will be lit and install so that the wall is visible by a clear shadow from the crumpled newspaper. To mentally ask a question and set fire to paper. Carefully observe how to appear and change pictures on the wall. According to the shadows decipher the message.

  • Approximate interpretation of silhouettes: cross
  • - an event determining fate; Head with horns
  • - danger; bag
  • - Profit, wealth; Butterfly, bird
  • - romantic relationship; Child, doll
  • - addition to the family; Weapons
  • - quarrels and conflicts; coffin
  • - the death of a loved one; the mountains
  • - difficulties; vehicle

- Travel, ride.

If the ultimate figure is incomprehensible, then the tray with the newspaper is slowly rotated until a clear picture occurs.

Using technology

Any gadget can serve as a tool for divination. You can come up with a rite, relying on the traditional interpretation of the results obtained.

Such methods of divination arose relatively recently, but they are interesting and have the right to exist.

By photo On the morning of January 14, you need to photograph the street.

  • For this photo you can interpret your future:
  • The predominance of passers-by male sex - good luck in all endeavors and affairs;
  • Most women are love;

Empty street is likely to ill.

We need to take pictures immediately, and not pull the time, waiting for a good moment.

Name narrowed on the Internet

You need to go to any forum and ask the name of the man in the top of the message string. If he responds - it will be the name of the future husband, if not - until the marriage is foreseen.

The method is cool and can give a completely unexpected result - a new acquaintance with a pleasant man.

On a phone call Rooster enter the room and lowered to the floor. The result is considered by the choice of poultry: what it will be suitable for, such and there will be a husband.

  • Dial an arbitrary number.
  • Short beeps - hope will not come true, the troubles will be empty;
  • Long beeps and no one takes the phone - there is a disease, loneliness or disappointment in love;
  • The tube took a woman to love or a date;
  • a man - problems at work;
  • The child is a successful marriage, the appearance of a child, joyful troubles;

They fell on a friend - a happy future.

The first digits of the operator are recruited as usual further - at random.

For a cheerful team

Having gathered the company at home, you can have fun. Collective divorces are rather a game, but some predictions still pay attention to.

Based on the book

Conduct a serious rite is hardly possible, so you choose the simplest options.

The thick book is chosen, which will be guess. You should not take the Bible or Gospel, it is better to leave them for a more appropriate case and serious understanding.

Each of those present asks a question and calls the page number and string from above or below. After reading the text, the questioning gets the answer to your question.

On the paper

The process looks like a bottle game. Each of the audience writes on paper a note of arbitrary content. All papers are folded into one container. Collectively selected "Oracle", which will get notes.

All sit in a circle. "Oracle" turns a knife or a bottle. The one whom the choice falls is asking a question. The presenter pulls out a note and reads it out loud.

The text is compiled in such a way that it can be used as an answer.

With cups It will take seven cups.

  • They need to put items having the following values: onion
  • - tears; bread
  • - wealth; coin
  • - wealth; sugar
  • - fun; salt
  • - troubles, quarrels; ring
  • - an ambulance wedding; water

- nothing will change.

Seven people participate in the fortune telling, who take turns choose a mug with blindfolded eyes.

The story of one of our readers Alina R.: Money has always been my main problem. Because of this, I had a lot of complexes. I considered myself a fault, problems at work and in personal life pursued me.

However, I decided that I still need personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other bad strength.

But who will help in a difficult life situation when it seems that all life rolls under the slope and passes by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when it was necessary for renting an apartment 11. What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed overnight for the better. I could not even imagine that you can earn so much money that some kind of trinket at first glance could have affected.

It all started with the fact that I ordered myself personal ...

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