Mustard on cucumber pickle - a culinary recipe

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A good mustard recipe. The hassle is minimal, and the brine in winter is quite enough. By the way, I use pickle not only cucumber, but also from tomatoes, cabbage, assorted vegetables. The only thing is to control the amount of sugar. After all, when preserving vegetables, we put it somewhere more, but somewhere we don't put it at all. Try it! I would be glad if you like the recipe! :-)

Pour dry mustard into a jar or bowl and dilute it with cucumber pickle (cabbage, from tomatoes) to the desired consistency. Close the jar (if it was cooked in a bowl, then transfer it to the jar and close the lid tightly). We put it in a warm place. I put on a radiator. (I usually do it in the evening and leave it on the battery overnight). After 8-9 hours (in my morning) I open the jar, if excess liquid has come out, then I drain it. If not, then add vegetable oil and refrigerate!

Homemade classic mustard is a mustard powder, sugar, salt, vegetable oil and vinegar. It is also prepared with the addition of lemon juice, honey, turmeric, horseradish, etc. Today I cook homemade and very spicy mustard in brine in two versions. One option will be in tomato brine, and the second option will be in cabbage brine. Tomato pickle basically consists of water, vinegar, sugar and salt (a classic mustard addition). But in cabbage there is only salt, vegetable juice and lactic acid. I also add vegetable oil. I will not say that it is easier to cook mustard in brine, since in the classic version everything is quickly mixed. And she will be ready in 3 hours.

Homemade mustard in brine. Two options

Very spicy homemade mustard. I cook it in different ways, it is this method that is rather autumn-winter, when sauerkraut and pickled vegetables begin to come into play. It is easier to prepare by reducing the number of ingredients. I show 2 cooking options. The mustard will be ready in 3 hours. It is very good with black bread and first hot dishes. I also cook meat, fish and salad dressings with it.

Time for preparing
3 hours 10 minutes
Time for preparing
3 hours 10 minutes
Homemade mustard in brine. Two options

Very spicy homemade mustard. I cook it in different ways, it is this method that is rather autumn-winter, when sauerkraut and pickled vegetables begin to come into play. It is easier to prepare by reducing the number of ingredients. I show 2 cooking options. The mustard will be ready in 3 hours. It is very good with black bread and first hot dishes. I also cook meat, fish and salad dressings with it.

Time for preparing
3 hours 10 minutes
Time for preparing
3 hours 10 minutes


  1. First option. Pour mustard powder (100 gr.) Into a low jar.

  2. I will use tomato pickle, it is made with the addition of sugar, salt, vinegar and water. It can be replaced with cucumber pickle. Pour it into a cup and heat it in the microwave or on the stove.

  3. Pour warm brine into the powder in small portions.

  4. Mix well. It may take a different amount, depending on what consistency we want to get. It took me about 250 ml., It turned out to be a thick mustard.

  5. Then add vegetable oil (1 tbsp. L.).

  6. And mix well again. Now it is not spicy and very bitter. Close the jar of mustard, wrap it in a towel and leave it on the table for 3 hours.

  7. Second option. I use pickle from sauerkraut (fermented it with the addition of salt, sugar and lingonberries. It turns out very vigorous).

  8. Pour mustard powder (30 gr.) Into a bowl, add warm brine (it turns pink from lingonberry), mix and pour oil.

  9. Mix well again, transfer to a small jar, close, wrap with a towel and leave for 3 hours.

  10. After 3 hours, the spicy homemade mustard is ready. From cabbage brine, it turns out to be sharper, has a cabbage aroma and taste, but when you spread it on bread and eat it, then this taste and aroma are almost not felt behind the pungency. From the tomato brine, the mustard also becomes sharp (penetrating), there is no taste or aroma from the brine. Enjoy your meal!!!

For the recipe you will need:

  • mustard powder - 2 tsp
  • pickle (cucumber, tomato or cabbage) - 60-70 ml
  • vegetable oil (odorless) - 20 ml
  • salt - 1/2 tsp
  • sugar - 1 tsp


Pour mustard powder into a small jar with a screw cap.

Add sugar and salt to the powder.

You can use tomato, cucumber or cabbage pickle to make mustard.

Pour the brine over the mustard powder.

Stir the powder thoroughly so that there are no lumps left. Pour in a spoonful of vegetable oil, stir the mustard again. Cover the jar with a lid, a towel and place in a warm place. For example, you can put the jar to the battery. In about a day, the mustard will be ready. You need to store a jar of ready-made homemade mustard in brine in the refrigerator. Vigorous, strong mustard will well emphasize the taste of jellied meat, jelly, any meat dish. Enjoy your meal!

Mustard in brine powder recipe

Mustard from powder on brine at home [how to cook] - a step-by-step recipe with a photo

Mustard from powder on brine at home [how to cook]

Domestic mustard cannot be compared with purchased mustard. But cooked in brine, it turns out to be even more spicy and aromatic. In addition, the cooking process becomes much easier.


  • Mustard powder - 50 g
  • Brine - 1 l
  • Salt - 0.5 tsp
  • Sugar - 1 tbsp
  • Vinegar - 1 tbsp
  • Vegetable oil - 1-2 tbsp

Step by step cooking process at home

  1. We prepare the ingredients.

Pour mustard powder into a bowl.

Add brine and stir with a fork.

The brine must be added in portions to the desired thickness.

Add the rest of the ingredients.

The amount of added vegetable oil can be adjusted. It affects the pungency of the mustard. The more oil, the softer the mustard will be.

We take it out of the refrigerator and absorb it. This mustard is good even with bread.

How to cook mustard in brine at home

Greetings, food lovers!

Eat deliciously, with taste so that it would take your breath away, your eyes went up to your forehead. Therefore, now we will talk about such a common seasoning as mustard, without which jellied meat, aspic, meat and fish dishes, pizza, potatoes, salads and many other dishes are indispensable.

Mustard, as a seasoning, has been seen and tasted by everyone, but not everyone knows that they make it from the seeds of the plant of the same name, which, by the way, belongs to the Cabbage family. Three main types of mustard are widespread: white, sarep and black. Each species has its own characteristic qualities. The color and taste of the finished product depends on the type.

Both whole and ground plant seeds are eaten. Crushed, dried, sifted seeds are called mustard powder, from which the well-known seasoning is made, as well as mustard plasters. Yes, besides cooking, mustard is also used in medicine and cosmetology.

Now ready-made mustard is sold in almost all grocery stores, you can just buy it and not bother, but we are not looking for easy ways, so we will make the seasoning ourselves. And to do it with cucumber or tomato pickle, which usually remains in the jar from pickles or tomatoes. It turns out tastier, more and without harmful additives. So, I am sharing a method on how to cook mustard in brine at home.

For cooking we need:

  • Dry mustard powder. Sold in grocery stores, packaged in packs or sachets.
  • Cucumber or tomato pickle, preferably fresh, homemade, not sour. Usually, such a brine already contains salt, sugar, vinegar, extracts of dill, horseradish and garlic, and other spices.
  • Sunflower or olive oil - a few tablespoons.
  • Equipment and utensils: a glass jar or bowl of suitable size, a tablespoon.

Let's start cooking

To begin with, we filter the brine, - we remove all sorts of impurities from it: leaves, stalks, garlic, black peppercorns. Pour the brine into an enamel mug, put on a fire or an electric stove. While stirring, heat up to about 60 degrees Celsius. It is clear that no one will measure the temperature using a thermometer, everything is intuitive.

Pour some heated brine into a jar or bowl and slowly pour mustard powder into it, so that a slide forms. We take a tablespoon and mix until smooth, rub the lumps. If it turns out to be liquid, then add more powder and mix again. If it's a little dry, more brine. So gradually we bring the mixture to the required volume and consistency. The mixture should be homogeneous without lumps.

Add a few tablespoons of vegetable oil, mix thoroughly until smooth. If you cooked in a bowl, transfer the food to the jar (s) with a lid.

We leave the resulting mustard in a closed jar for 12 hours in a warm place, letting it brew well, brew. That's all, you can eat! I hope you managed to make the mustard in brine!

How to use?

What a question! The simplest thing is to spread it on bread and put a few slices of bacon on top. Instead of lard, sausage, ham, fillets of herring, mackerel, anchovy will go. By the way, a mustard lard sandwich is an excellent addition to thick, boiled borscht. You can spread mustard on half a boiled egg - it's also delicious.

One or two teaspoons of mustard will add spice and unique taste. manna pea porridge, various salads.

How to cook spicy mustard in any brine

Tasty, spicy and aromatic mustard on brine is a wonderful, spicy sauce for a variety of meat dishes, from an ordinary sausage sandwich for breakfast, to a good, rich jellied meat for a festive table. Here are just store-bought mustard in jars or plastic tubes rarely pleases with either sharpness or aroma.

In order to get a truly delicious seasoning, it is better to cook it yourself at home, especially since it is very easy. Fortunately, it is not at all difficult to purchase mustard powder in the store. It is more difficult to decide on a recipe, since there are a great many of them. And here a lot depends on what qualities of the sauce are most important for the hostess. To make it really spicy, the recipe for making mustard from powder in brine is most suitable. Although there are also options for hot or cold water, apple juice. But these are all softer options.

Mustard in brine from pickled cucumbers or tomatoes

How to brew mustard powder in brine? The easiest way to do this is to use a pickle from tomatoes or cucumbers, since both already contain all the necessary spices, as well as sugar, salt and vinegar. Brines from pickled products are especially good for making spicy seasonings; they are steeper, tart. Pickles from store vegetables are also suitable.

Homemade mustard made from powder in cucumber brine is not much different from the product in tomato brine. Which one to choose for your recipe, everyone decides independently. Your own preferences can be a guide. Tomato pickle tends to have a milder, sweeter flavor. Of course, this is reflected in the taste of the finished seasoning. And also the simple availability of a specific option at hand.

Most importantly, the seasoning is more than easy to prepare. The process of cooking mustard in brine from pickled tomatoes or cucumbers will require literally a few minutes from the hostess, this, of course, not counting the ripening time. Exactly so much will be taken directly by the hassle with the ingredients.

First you need to prepare dishes in which the sauce will be stirred, and in which it will then be stored. However, it can be the same dish - a small glass jar. True, stirring the mixture in it may not be very convenient, but this must be done very carefully. So a small deep bowl is more suitable for this.

It is important that the mustard powder is fresh, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve the required pungency. The quality of the brine also matters: cloudy, sour liquids will not work in this case.

The exact proportions of the ingredients will have to be clarified in practice, since each has its own optimal density of the final product. To begin with, you can take the powder about two-thirds of the dishes in which the finished sauce will be stored.

Then brine is gradually poured into the powder and mixed thoroughly so that no lumps remain. How well the ingredients are mixed will determine how tasty the mustard in brine will be.

The temperature of the brine can be used to regulate the taste and pungency of the future sauce. Hot brine will make it softer, and cold brine will make it more pungent, even vigorous.

According to the recipe, homemade mustard from powder in brine should be about the same consistency as sour cream of medium fat content. You can adjust the density by adding more brine or mustard powder. You should not make the seasoning too thick, it will dry much faster, but of course, the mustard itself should not spread.

Now the sauce needs to be transferred to a jar and tightly closed with a lid and let it brew. It should be infused in a warm, dark place. You can put it on the battery if it happens in the winter, or just in the locker if in the summer. Another option is a warm, not completely cooled oven.

Mustard should be infused for 8-9 hours. After that, you need to open the jar. If excess liquid has come out over the mustard, it must be drained. After that, stir again and put in the refrigerator.

It may taste slightly bitter immediately after cooking. This aftertaste can persist for up to 24 hours after preparation. This is normal.

If, after a day, the mustard remains bitter, and not just spicy, this may mean that the powder is of poor quality.

If the mustard seeds are harvested in the rain, the seeds may rot a little. If after that you dry and grind them, then such a powder will look and smell like a regular one, but the finished sauce will taste bitter. Of course, there is no longer such a seasoning. And it's not tasty either. The correct mustard powder should be yellow in color.

As you can see, the recipe for cooking mustard in tomato brine is really simple, although it has its own nuances. Most likely, you will be able to do it the first time. And in a day, the hostess will be able to please her household with delicious seasoning.

Mustard recipe with cabbage brine

The recipe for mustard with cabbage brine is a little more complicated as new ingredients are added. But in general, the process looks about the same. For one glass of mustard powder you will need:

  • a spoonful of sugar;
  • a spoonful of vegetable oil;
  • a teaspoon of salt;
  • half a teaspoon of vinegar;
  • spices to taste.

The amount of brine is also individual, as in the previous case. How to make mustard with cabbage brine? Simple enough.

Mustard powder is poured into a cup, into which brine is gradually poured and mixed thoroughly. It is important to grind any dry lumps that form.

Now add all the remaining ingredients to the resulting mixture: sugar, salt, spices, vinegar and oil. Next, you need to mix the mixture very thoroughly, and, as in the previous case, transfer the mixture to a jar, close and leave to infuse.

Little tricks

Despite the fact that the recipe for mustard at home on brine is extremely simple to perform, and does not require any special ingredients, however, its preparation has its own little tricks. And you need to know them too. To get the perfect result, just the way you want it.

The temperature of the brine and the bitter aftertaste were discussed above, but that's not all.

If an insufficiently steep brine was chosen for mustard with pickle brine, then it makes sense to add sugar and vinegar to it in the same proportions as in the mustard recipe for cabbage brine. That is, it is necessary to try the raw materials before cooking. However, if the cucumbers were pickled with her own hands, then the hostess already knows everything herself.

Sugar in any of the seasoning recipes, if desired, can be replaced with honey. This will give the mustard a richer flavor and interesting aroma. In addition, the seasoning in this case will not turn out so sharp. The original mustard in brine is very hot. Even if you just sniff it, it knocks a tear out of your eyes. And honey mustard will help you cope with colds faster due to the shock combination of anti-inflammatory ingredients.

You can also soften the taste of mustard by adding vegetable oil. By the way, if you remove it from the cabbage brine recipe, the result will be more spicy.

Oil can be added to mustard not only during cooking, but also after it is infused and ripe. It is only important to mix the sauce once more.

It is better to cook homemade mustard in small portions. Even if the family eats it quite a lot and often. It is better to make a new portion, fresh and flavorful, than to watch the already cooked dry.

If you want to somehow diversify the taste of your favorite sauce, you can add various spices to it during cooking:

Other options are also possible. Much depends on the hostess's imagination and her preferences. And the world of spices is very, very diverse.

Homemade mustard made from powdered cucumber pickle is far from the only option. You can even use a pickle from assorted vegetables, which included not only cucumbers and tomatoes, but also zucchini or squash, bell peppers. It can also give the finished product an interesting, new flavor.

Whole mustard seeds are a good seasoning for powdered mustard. In this case, the finished sauce will be even more aromatic and smellier. Such mustard can not only be served with meat, but also used as a base for complex salad sauces. For them, it is the aroma that is especially important, and not at all the sharpness of the mustard. If the seasoning is specially prepared for this salad, it is better to soften it.

If it was not possible to correctly calculate the required amount of sauce, and the mustard began to dry out, you can add a little vegetable oil to it and mix thoroughly. But you won't be able to constantly renew the mustard, sooner or later it will dry out anyway. Moreover, in this case, its severity will gradually decrease.

Even the most common mustard leaves a good housewife room for creativity and imagination. With a little experimentation, everyone will find the right taste for themselves. Or provide a variety of favorite sauces. However, not everyone likes experiments. For many, the usual taste of their favorite sauce is most important.

The delicious, hot sauce so beloved by the Russian people is really easy to make at home. This means that there is no point in buying mustard in stores, where it is expensive, and its taste is not ideal.

It is much easier to prepare the seasoning at home. And exactly the kind that a particular family loves. And if necessary, even with different tastes and different pungency for different family members. The main thing is to guess correctly with the quantity.

The recipe is quick in the sense that the cooking process itself takes no more than 5 minutes.

The habit to cook everything of my own, whenever possible, came to me from my grandmother, I remember when I often came to her on vacation, I watched her prepare homemade starch for jelly, dries beets for kvass and puts the kvass itself, I took over a lot of useful and interesting things from my grandmother.

I tried to cook almost everything, but I didn't make starch from potatoes, it's a pity for the time, this process is not at all fast.

Today I will share a recipe for mustard, vigorous and aromatic. Just look when you buy mustard powder for the expiration date, the older it is, the weaker the mustard will be.

all the ingredients on the table
all the ingredients on the table

For the mustard, I take pickle from pickles. In principle, you can use a pickle from pickled tomatoes, there is not much difference, but do not do it on pickle from pickled vegetables, it’s all wrong. If, of course, you marinate in citric acid, then you can.

To prepare mustard, I do not heat the brine, I just take it out of the refrigerator in advance and leave it on the table. For example, here I have 150 ml. cucumber pickle, 100 grams of mustard powder, salt, sugar and sunflower oil.
I add 2 teaspoons of sugar, 0.5 teaspoon of salt to the brine, mix everything well until completely dissolved, then add mustard powder.
my mustard, she still needs to stand for 5-6 hours
my mustard, she still needs to stand for 5-6 hours
I add it gradually, stirring at the same time. See for yourself what consistency suits you, I breed it to a state of not very thick sour cream.
Then I put 1 tbsp. l. sunflower oil and covering the glass with a towel let it stand on the table at room temperature for 5-6 hours.

The mustard is ready. I put it in a glass jar with a tight lid and keep it in the refrigerator!

Enjoy your meal!

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Step 1

Photo of the recipe: Homemade mustard in brine, step number 1

Pour mustard powder into a deep bowl.

Step 2

Photo of the recipe: Homemade mustard in brine, step number 2

Pour in the brine, mix thoroughly.

Step 3

Photo of the recipe: Homemade mustard in brine, step number 3

Add vegetable oil, honey or sugar.

Step 4

Photo of the recipe: Homemade mustard in brine, step number 4

Stir until smooth.

Step 5

Photo of the recipe: Homemade mustard in brine, step # 5

Put the mustard in a jar, close the lid. Put in a warm place for 12 hours. Keep refrigerated.

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