How to connect smart TV to the Internet via WiFi Router: Connecting on TV via Wi Fi Adapter, if no smart TV, how to set up

Everyone believes that paying money for the TV and bring it home, it is enough to insert the plug into the outlet. But a new device is just one of this action will not introduce into work. With this article, you can connect Smart TV to the Internet to access all the features of the smart TV.

What you need to connect the TV smart TV via Wi-Fi

Connecting Smart TV to the Internet via WiFi can be made in several methods:

  1. Using the built-in wai fi adapter. You need a router with your neighbors.
  2. Connecting to the Internet TV without smart TV is possible using an external Wi-Fi receiver. Sold separately. Connected to USB port.
  3. Using an additional Wi-Fi Router.

How to connect a Wi-Fi TV

Various TVs have a different connection technique. Consider the setting of popular models: Samsung, LG, Sony.


Receivers of this company are connected to the Internet through the Wi-Fi local network like this:

  1. Look at the "Network", then - in "Settings".
  2. Next - the network setting step internal adapter. Click "Start", go to the next auto setting item.
  3. If there is a network, there is a menu with the title of the connected device Wi Fi. We go to the menu and click the "Set up" tab.
  4. If the router setting is made as it should be, the connection image appears - the Internet connection icon. When configuring the TV, a password for connecting to connect is entered. Click "OK".

In the "Applications" tab, choose any, activate. Everything should work.


The process of connecting the telephone number of Korean LG is easy.

We act with settings on the control panel.

  1. After clicking on the settings button from the right side of the screen, a menu appears in the form of a vertical row of rounds with pictograms. Select the lowest "Advanced Settings" icon.
  2. After pressing, we enter the next list with the pictograms in the left side of the screen. By clicking "Network", we see the name of the device with the methods of connecting to the Internet. It has a wired connection, a Wi-Fi network connection, a Wi-Fi DIRECT network connection, LG Connect Apps. Under the "Connection" button must be written "connected to the Internet". This means that everything went with success.
  3. When you click "OK", a directory of possible connections appears. In it, choose the name of your router. After pressing, enter the connections password. When connected, a check mark appears near the network name.

How to understand that the Internet is working? We find the "App" button on the console. After clicking at the bottom of the screen, the connections menu appear. Choose the browser "www". The page is loaded. In the command line of the browser, it is enough to enter the site name. If it is loaded - everything is connected correctly.


With wireless connection:

  1. Press the HOME key.
  2. Go to the Settings menu with a suitcase icon.
  3. Click the network icon.
  4. "Network Setup" - Rebuild Internet and Local Connections.
  5. The following action - sets up a node-based connection. It provides access to the Internet and home "Puttin".
  6. Of the two keys "simply" and "specialist", press the "simple" button. This is the recommended connection method. The setup wizard will ask for a password to connect to the network. "Specialist" - experienced users who know all the settings.
  7. Among the connection options: "LAN", "Wi-Fi", choose the wireless.
  8. We find your router from the list of proposed. If the router has "WPS", click the "Connect with WPS" menu. In the lists manage the console to select letters on the screen. At the end, I confirm "ENTER". To work with WPS clamp WPS on the router. Connection password for nothing.

Everything. Your Sony is connected to "Global Web."

To connect the TV to the Internet if there is no smart TV, you have to buy an external W-FI module. The problem is that which fell will not fit. We will have to acquire the original device. It is necessary to find out whether the machine will function with a remote module.

But you can try to connect through an additional router, connect the network cable to the telephoneial. The bridge connection of the new router will send an image to the TV, receiving data from the main module.

Possible problems when connected

When connecting the Internet to a TV with smart TV, a number of problems may occur.

  1. Applying applications or online video viewing, but the browser loads the sites well. You will need to update the firmware.
  2. Local part of services from the "All Applications" section. This menu opens with the "SEN" button from the TV console. If you reset the settings before the initial, the TV again loads all available services. To do this, click the "Home" button, then "Settings", "System Settings", "Auto Tap". BRAVIA will reset user information and lead them to the factory format. Some services may disappear from the screen in connection with the work of the provider.
  3. It is impossible to install Flash and the rest of the plugins. Some sites require plug-ins. What to do? Unfortunately, Sony's television receiver does not install a browser program. Such sites work correctly only with a mobile version.
  4. Connections with interruptions, and services and sites work with creak, but the TV has a stable connection. Check access to the Internet from other devices. If the Internet is available, restart the router. If it did not help, turn off the IPv6 routing on the access point.
  5. Interference in the connection may be due to insufficient access point power - place it in direct visibility and turn off the rest of the connected devices.
For a longer loading time in the TV - this is normal. The power of their computing devices is much lower than that of computers or even modern smartphones, so do not panic in vain.

Smart, or smart TV allows you to watch regular digital and analog channels, include Internet-television, work with messaging applications, social networking clients. Connecting Smart TV to the Internet can be conducted independently following the instructions below. Does not work? Wizards "Good Deed Services" will give you a distance consultation or will help at home. In the meantime, a few words about enabling and configuring smart TV.

How to set up smart TV

SMART TV connection

For the SMART TV function, a constant stable connection to the Internet is needed on a TV or console. You can provide it in two main ways:

  • Wired (LAN).
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi).

In the first case, you need to connect a separate cable to the splitter. Instead, you can directly turn on the wire, headed by the provider - if you are going to use the Internet only on TV. Connect the cable to the television port located on the side or rear panel. The connection will be installed automatically.

How to set up smart TV

Tell how to connect the Internet on the TV using a wireless network. For this method will need a working configured router. The default data receiving module is set in new Samsung, LG models and other manufacturers. If it is not, you need to buy a special adapter.

To install an Internet connection:

  • Make sure the router is turned on.
  • Find the "Network" menu in the TV menu.
How to set up smart TV
  • Select "Network Setup" and start scanning.
How to set up smart TV
  • Connect to your home Wi-FAY by entering the access code in the window.

You can use the WPS router option - then enter the password will not need.

SMS SAMSUNG smart TV setup

After installing the Internet connection, you can move to the SMART function setting. On the example of the Samsung process looks like this.

At the first stage, you find a multi-colored button on the console, opening the Smart Hub menu.

How to set up smart TV

Try to run any of the applications presented in the list. If it opens, there is a connection, and you can go to the selection of channels and playlists.

How to set up smart TV

Complete smart TV setup includes selection of channels and playlists, registration in online cinemas, media trading. All this can be done using Samsung's branded applications. Wizards "Good Deed Services" will help you cope with the task faster - and start enjoying watching for a few minutes after connecting to the Internet.

Smart TVs LG.

Smart devices of this manufacturer allow you to use Smart TV capabilities after registering in the system. Without registering an account, you will not be able to run embedded applications, install new, customize channels and playlists, issue subscriptions for your favorite online gears.

Tell how to configure Smart TV on LG devices:

  • You open the main menu of the TV and select the login button.
  • When you first start - pass the mandatory registration procedure. To do this, create an account, invent the username and password, specify your email address.
How to set up smart TV
  • After confirming the registration, you can enter a profile on any other "smart" device LG, entering your account data.
  • To check the availability of connections, open the application store and run any. If the program works, you were able to connect TV to the Internet.
How to set up smart TV

Now there remains to install channels, playlists, place subscriptions in online cinemas. Do you think it's hard? Contact "Good Deed Service" - our masters will cope with a task in a few minutes!

Solving problems with "smart" TV

Story how to connect Smart TV by completing a description of the way to fix the Internet connection error. On each "smart" device, the details of the process will be different - contact the "Good Deed Service" for online advice or call the masters to help.

In general, the error correction process looks like this:

  • You go to the main menu and open the "Network Settings" item located on the "Network" tab.
How to set up smart TV
  • Agree to the proposal to automatically find and fix the problems by clicking "Start".
  • With a successful scan completion, you close the window and enjoy the viewing of the channels. If nothing happens, open the item "Network Status".
How to set up smart TV
  • Choose the "IP Settings" header and set the automatic address search.
How to set up smart TV
  • Did not help this method? Then enter the correct IP manually by selecting the same version.
How to set up smart TV

View the "Right" IP, which will be used to connect the TV, you can on a computer or laptop, in the "Control Panel" ("Network Connection Information"). After fixing the error, try to start any embedded application again.


As you can see, the smart TV setting is a long enough and complex process. In order not to spend time on learning instructions and search for possible troubleshooting, contact the "Good Deed Service" - our masters provide online help in Moscow and St. Petersburg. To make an application, call a consultant or write to Chat on the site . We will fulfill complex settings for you - and you will enjoy a consistently working smart TV!

How to connect and configure SMART TV on TV: 5 connection methods

instructions how to set up smart TV on TVMost of the modern TV models, regardless of the manufacturer, supports work with the extended SMART TV functionality.

Recommending how to configure smart TV on the TV, you can not just enjoy standard broadcasting, but also, through one TV, connect to the Internet, view movies and transfer online, communicate in messengers, play in all sorts of games, built-in and downloaded - and even communicate through video link. In particular, when the settings phase is successfully passed, you will have the opportunity to watch TV channels, movies and TV shows in free app and similar popular applications.

Properly configure TV and connect the functionality to you will help you. Note: To ensure that the connection is crowned with success, you need a stable, not interrupted every few seconds an Internet connection. We advise you to make sure the signal in advance - and, when malfunctions are detected, first solve issues with the provider, but only then go to setting up the smartness.

Chapter # 1: Connect the TV to the network or console

Connect Smart TV to the network

Now that there is no doubt about the Internet connection in the stability, you can proceed to the main phase of the settings. The first step that needs to be done is to connect TV with a global network.

Below will be instructions, how to connect smart TV to the Internet, for different cases. Note that in the general case you have to choose one of two communication options:

  1. With the help of a wireless connection. In order to use all the features of Smart TV, you will use the Wi-Fi signal - the driving router or any other available.
  2. By cable, the output contact of which is connected to the TV, and the input to the router. It happens that the connection is used directly by the Cable, headed by the provider to the house.

Ideally make a choice should still be selected. So you can choose a model that best meets expectations, and the connection with the connection will not be guaranteed. On the other hand, technology does not stand still: perhaps after a while you decide to use instead of wired wi-fi.

Therefore, whatever choice you do, we advise you to make sure that the wireless version of the communication is still supported. The main advantage of this method is the complete absence of the need to lay the wires throughout the apartment. It is worth noting that the data transfer rate in this case may be lower.

Method # 1: Connecting on a network internet cable

Connecting a TV on a network cable

To connect the Smart TV to the TV with this method, you, as easy to guess, will need the wire of the corresponding specification. By the way, the twisted pair network cable can be made independently, any length, and pave it from the router to the TV. Such a connection is the simplest that does not require not only the acquisition of expensive equipment, but also to perform complex television settings and the global network.

In addition, it is this technology that provides the highest speed of information transfer - which means you can view movies in the maximum resolution without "brakes" and freezes. A huge number of television owners with smart-TV responds precisely about this method.

We bring a brief instructions for connecting using an Internet cable:

  1. If you do not have a ready-made wire that remains easy to turn on in the connector, start with frishes. To connect a twisted pair, you can apply scolding or if there is an opportunity, the crimper (link to how to make the power cord is slightly higher). In the future, the twisted pair must be connected to the router.
  2. If there is a splitter at hand, connect the wire to it.
  3. If you do not plan to use a cable to communicate with the Internet of any other devices, you can insert the wire directly by the provider in TV.
  4. Our instruction, how to connect Smart TV, will continue the board to run the primary connection setting on the TV. It may begin and automatically - everything depends on the manufacturer and the TV model.

It happens that such an automatic adjustment does not bring a positive result, and at the end of the Smart TV functionality remains unavailable for you. In this case, we recommend switching to the setup mode manually and independently define all the significant parameters: the IP address and mask of the network.

Wire disadvantages:

  • You will not be able to completely move the equipment around the apartment - you will have to change the location of not only cables, but also the router.
  • The wire is likely to run on the surface: on the above reason, there is no sense to hide it behind the plinth. As a result, the cable will be constantly under his feet, preventing free movement.
  • Damage to the isolation of the wire caused by lapture, cracking, interior with pets can interrupt the Internet connection.

Benefits of the method:

  • All manipulations are made extremely simple. It is enough to turn on the cable in the connector - the complex setting of smart TV on the TV will not need.
  • The wire required for the connection is relatively inexpensive - and in any case cheaper than a special console or adapter.
  • The absolute majority of connection faults that theoretically can happen are solved by the most elementary way: the cable is replaced.

The principle of connecting the TV to the network is extremely simple: the first contact of the Ethernet-wire you insert into the connector on the TV case, and the second - turn on or in the router, or in a splitter, or to another distributing Internet signal device. After the automatic primary setting is completed, you can start viewing the smartness; And if there is a need - manually adjust the non-satisfying parameters.

Method # 2: WiFi Wireless Connection

Connecting Smart TV WiFi

The second way we will talk about in this section involves using Wi-Fi network video and audio stream. It is possible to implement it only if you have a built-in data receipt module. However, if it is not, do not be discouraged: you can always use the special adapters that are usually connected to the USB connector.

If you connect through a router, it is certainly necessary to first configure it. Tell how to connect Wi-Fi to smart TV easiest way. Making sure that the transmitter works as it should or, as needed by connecting an external adapter, you must find the section on the connection between Wi-Fi (below in the article. We will give examples of WiFi settings for different TV manufacturers).

Immediately after that you need to run the search on the screen available for connecting networks. Choose a suitable one, desirable the one to which you have constant stable access. We do not recommend using public dots: so you can infect TV viruses.

When the choice is made, the TV will prompt you to enter the access code from the network - of course, if the last is fastened. Immediately after the connection is installed, you can enjoy all the delights of smart TV. Clear the complex moments that cannot be predicted in the general instruction will help the manual attached to the manufacturer's model, we will talk about several below. The document must contain all the important information: the rules and procedure for connecting, the features of using the Smart TV functional on a specific model.

Now show how you can configure the connection on your TV:

  1. Any configuration of smart TV begins with a router and television performance.
  2. After you make sure there is an Internet signal, you need, if necessary, insert the adapter into the port port. If there is a built-in Wi-Fi module on the TV, you will not need any additional equipment.
  3. Now open the SMART TV system settings.
  4. When section "Menu" will be open, go to subsection "Net" . Now you need to open item "Network configuration" .
  5. Run automatic scanning. It will help detect wireless networks available for connecting.
  6. Select your Wi-Fi, noting it by clicking on the corresponding list line.
  7. By pressing the "Start", run sync. As needed, enter the password from the network in the new field.

After confirming the data, you can easily enjoy the viewing of Smart TV.

Method # 3: Connection using Plug & Access or WPS technology

WPS button on router

Modern technology that greatly simplifies the TV connection process with the Internet is so much that the connection is made as easily as when using a wired method. Mandatory condition, without which to connect smart TV on the TV will not be possible - the presence of such an option both in the router (through it will communicate) and in TV.

Connecting devices in WPS. Performed in three simple steps:

  1. You go to Common TV Settings, find and open the WPS item. If there is no it anywhere, you can safely skip this method and proceed to the next one.
  2. The button with exactly the same name is pressed on the router.
  3. Connection must be installed within the next few seconds. In case of success, you will see on the TV screen on which you connect SMART TV, the corresponding notification.

Technology Plug & Access. similar to that described above allows you to connect smart TV to a global network into a slightly different sequence:

  1. You insert any flash carrier to the working router.
  2. When the light indicator hosted on the case, take out the flash drive.
  3. Insert it into any free port on the TV case.
  4. Within the next few seconds, the device must be identified - and the built-in OS will automatically launch the setting process.

When and this stage will be passed, you can pull out the drive - the connection between the router and the TV is installed.

Method # 4: Connect the TV to a computer

Connect Smart TV to PC

Run the following task, connect the smart TV to the computer, is not harder than the previous ones. In this case, for communication with the Internet you will need both a working TV and a PC or a laptop, already connected to the global network. As in the previous example, the connection can be set in two ways:

  • Wired - this time by HDMI cable.
  • Wireless - using the Wi-Fi home network.

Taking advantage of the first method, you actually deprive the TV direct connection with the Internet. You can only run on TV videos and movies placed in the computer's memory - or translated PCs to a large screen, since communication with the global network remains at the computer or laptop level.

Connection using Wi-Fi will allow you to access online data directly from TV - True, because in this case you simply connect with the router, this option does not differ from the usual SMART TV connection to the network. Subsequent setting is carried out in the same way. Read more, how to connect the TV to a computer, we told in the article on the link.

Method # 5: Connect the Smart Console

Connecting the prefix to view Smart TV

It happens that your TV simply does not support the functionality that needs to communicate with the global network. In this case, the instruction will help how to connect a smart TV to the TV. By purchasing special equipment, usually a small-sized and easily connected, similar to a mini-tablet, you can easily solve the task. In general, you will need to configure the smartness:

  • TV, on the housing of which there is at least one HDMI standard connector.
  • Actually the prefix acquired in advance.
  • If there is no console in the set - any manipulator to configure the connection: mouse, keyboard, touchpad.

When everything is prepared, you can proceed to the process:

  1. Insert the cable that is included with the console, to the corresponding connector on the TV case. If necessary, you can use a special extension cord.
  2. Ensure power consoles using the second cable supplied by the manufacturer - usually USB.
  3. In addition, you can connect an additional control device to the console: mouse, touchpad and so on.
  4. By contacting the TV settings, select the HDMI source as a new signal source - the one that was used to connect.
  5. When synchronization is successfully completed, open the setup settings ( Setting. s) And, finding an item Wi-Fi Connect with a global network. You can continue connecting smart TV to the Internet with additional settings: date, time and so on.
  6. On the main page, select which online data would like to view on a wide diagonal.

To return to ordinary TV channels, do not forget to go to the previous signal source when the session is completed.

Chapter # 2: SMART TV Setup from different TV manufacturers

Configuring a smart TV connection on Xiaomi TV

  1. Choose the region.
Choose the region
  1. We search channels.
We search channels
  1. Go to B. Live TV. where channels will be available.
Go to Live TV

Connecting a SMART TV Connection on Panasonic TV

To configure a network connection, follow the instructions:

  1. Log in to the menu item "Net" and subparagraph "Network connection" .
Enter the network menu
  1. Select fast setup and wait for the network.
Select Fast Setup
  1. TV will give a list of available networks.
TV will give a list of available networks
  1. Next, you need to enter a password from your WiFi network.
You need to enter a password from your WiFi network
    1. When connecting via the network cable, do items 1 and 2, after which the TV itself connects to the Internet.
When connected via the network cable, do items 1 and 2

An example of setting channels through DVB-C:

  1. Press the key "MENU" On the remote
Press the Menu key
  1. Go to B. "Settings" .
Go to the Installation
  1. Select item "DVB-C setup menu" .
DVB-C Setup menu
  1. Click on "Auto-tuning" .
  1. "Search mode" Install on "All Channels" .
Search mode
  1. "Scan Mode" Put "Full" .
Scan mode
  1. "Frequency" "Auto" .
  1. "Symbolic speed" - 6875.
Symbolic speed
  1. "Network ID" - one.
Network ID.
  1. Press "Start scanning" .
Start scanning
  1. We wait for the full channel scanning.
Waiting for full scanning channels

Configuring Smart TV Connection on Philips TV

  1. Choosing a country.
Choosing a country
  1. Choosing a city.
Choose the city
  1. Click on the menu item "Connect to the network" .
Connect to the network
  1. Select the connection type "Wireless" or "Wired" . We have an example with a connection via Wi-Fi.
Select the connection type
  1. Press "Scan" .
Click Scan
  1. Choose your WiFi network.
Choose your WiFi network
  1. Enter the password from the WiFi network.
Enter the password from the WiFi network
  1. A message about a successful TV connection must appear.
Successful TV connection message
  1. And go to Smart TV.
Go to Smart TV

Configuring SMART TV Connection on Dexp TV

  1. Go to the menu item "Net" .
Go to the network
  1. Select the type of connection to the network.
Select the type of connection to the network
  1. We are connected to the wireless network, choose it.
We have a wireless network connected
  1. Next, it is enough to go to the Smart TV option.
Next, it is enough to go to the Smart TV option

Connecting a smart TV connection on Sony TV

  1. Press the button "HOME »On the remote
Press the HOME button on the remote
  1. Enter the menu "Settings" .
Enter the Installation menu
  1. Go to subparagraph "Net" .
Go to subparagraph network
  1. We enter B. "Network Setup" .
We enter the network settings
  1. Paragraph "Setting up a network connection" .
Setting up a network connection
  1. Select a simple network setting.
Select a simple network setup
  1. If you want to connect WiFi TV to select the desired setting item. When connected across twisted pairs, you do not need to choose a TV to automatically find the Internet.
Select the type of connection
  1. Start scanning WiFi networks.
Start scanning WiFi networks
  1. Enter the password to your Wi-Fi network.
Enter the password to your Wi-Fi network
  1. After connecting the Sony TV to the network, press the button again. "HOME" On the remote
  2. Go to the menu "Settings" .
  3. Submeni "Net" .
  4. Paragraph "Update Internet Content" .
Refresh Internet Content
  1. After updating the contents, click SEN. On the remote
Press the SEN button on the remote
  1. Press "+" or button "All applications" To open a list of available smart TV applications.
Press PlusAll applications

Configuring SMART TV Connection on LG TV

To enable TV SMART on the LG TV, you need to connect the Internet. Installing the Internet connection to WiFi, on the example of the first LG TV setup.

  1. Select the type of connection to the network.
Select a network connection type
  1. Select your WiFi network.
Choose your WiFi network
  1. Enter the password from your WiFi network.
Enter the password from your WiFi network

If you missed this setup item, locate the menu option. "Connection" responsible for setting up the network and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the menu item "Connect to Wi-Fi".
Wi-Fi network connection
  1. And connect to your WiFi network by setting a password.
Connect to your WiFi network

Setting up a smart TV connection on Samsung TV

To configure the channels on smart TV to Samsung, you need to connect the TV to the Internet.

  1. We enter the TV menu, for this you need to press the button. Menu. On the remote
You need to press the MENU button on the remote
  1. Or you can click the button Keypad. And choose item "Menu" On the Samsung display.
You can click the Keypad button and select the menu item on the TV
  1. Next, choose "Net" .
Choose a network
  1. Choose "Network Settings" .
Settings Network
  1. Choose "Wireless" .
Choose a wireless network
  1. We are waiting until the TV is looking for a Wi-Fi network, and choose the desired one.
TV is looking for Wi-Fi network
  1. Enter the password from your network and click "Ready" .
Enter the password from your network
  1. The TV must check the password, after which you need to click OK .
TV must check the password
  1. Applications and Channels Smart TV will be available in the TV menu.

What to do if the TV does not connect to the Wi-Fi network

  1. First of all, carefully make sure that the network access code has been introduced quite right:
  • Check if the slurry and uppercase letters have entered correctly.
  • Make sure that you use the Latin: passwords with Cyrillic characters in the absolute majority of cases are not accepted by the system.
  • Finally, look at the number of characters entered: they usually should be at least eight.
  1. Try to disable the router from the power supply, and then turn on again - and try to repeat.
  2. Try to connect the smartness to any other available network - for example, dried from the phone.
  3. If the previous step brought a positive result, find out from the provider the reason for the non-working state of the Internet channel.
  4. You can perform a complete reset of the settings on the TV, and then try to repeat. If in this case, the instruction, how to connect smart TV, did not bring the desired effect, contact the service center.

Now consider the few most common errors that occur when viewing. All of them to predict and warn it is impossible - but here is a simple step-by-step instruction for troubleshooting:

  1. Go to the submenu "Network Settings" . It is located in the main menu of TV settings, in section "Net" .
Go to the network setup submenu
  1. Select Automatic Correction of Problems. If it does not help, open the following submenu, "Network Status" : Usually it is the second lines in the list.
Select Automatic Problem Fix
  1. Turning to the point "IP Setup" , Try to start getting the address automatically for your smart.
IP Setup
  1. Nothing changed? Choose a parameter in the swolling menu "Manually" And go to the subtle settings!
Manual installation of network parameters

To find out the parameters that the system requests, you can go the simplest way: call the provider and ask. In addition, the necessary data can be found by referring to the window "View network properties" on the computer. You will need four highlighted characteristics. If the IP is distributed to the router, try to register the IPv4 address manually in the network settings, which belongs to your network. For example, it usually may be addresses 192.168.0. * Or 192.168.1. *, Where * is a number from 2 to 254.

View network properties on your computer

It goes without saying, each of these parameters must be entered in the appropriate emart.

Note that the SMART TV setting on models from different manufacturers will differ slightly - at least in the names of items and sections. There is nothing terrible in this - the menu of modern TVs is intuitive, and you definitely do not get lost.

To check whether it turned out to finally return the Internet connection, you can try to run on your TV any application that requires access to the global network, or open online broadcast. Happened? Great, you solved the problem. Not? Try to re-pass the instructions given in this section.

How to Reset Network Settings on TV

In some cases, only a full reset on Smart TV settings can help cope with the trouble. On the example of the Samsung TV, follow the algorithm below:

  1. Turn off the TV without turning it off from the power grid.
  2. Use the combination of keys INFO + MENU + MUTE + POWER (On different models and order, and the names may differ) to start the service menu.
  3. When the menu performed in black tones appears on the screen, select Press Press Option .
Choose by clicking the remote item Option
  1. In the new menu, call the parameter Factory Reset. which, in fact, allows you to make a complete reset.
Factory Reset.
  1. During the subsequent procedure, the connection of smart TV to the power grid should be saved. When the operation is completed, turn off the TV.
  2. Now turn it on again - and check whether it turned out to solve the problem described.

Unfortunately, and such a long way of discharge, sometimes it turns out to be robust. In such a situation, you need to perform a simple SMART TV setting in manual mode. Follow the manual given:

  • For parameter DNS. Specify one of the standard, completely secure values: 8.8.8. and, as a spare, .
  • In some cases, it is important for further settings to disable the parameter in the router settings. DHCP. .
  • Using the built-in option Mute Time. , Install a new period of automatic transition from the channel to the channel. We recommend setting the value less than the default setting: in the range of 100-200 milliseconds.

The setting is traditionally completed by checking: you need to look again, it turned out to restore the connection to the global network.

Solving typical problems when connected

In conclusion, we will analyze several typical problems associated with trying to figure out how to connect the channels on smart TV:

  • Web pages are loaded very long.

If you use the Wi-Fi network to connect, try moving the router closer to the TV.

  • There is no connection completely.

Reload all devices used, including a router, and if it does not help - reset the settings.

  • The system reports incorrect adapter settings.

Redighten the parameters in manual mode. In addition, you can use to connect the SMART TV previously mentioned WPS option, allowing pretty to save time and nerves.

  • Curply display on the screen of video data.

Perhaps the case is in the insufficient bandwidth of the channel. Try to use the wired connection method, reconfigure or replace the router to a new one.

  • The TV or empty conscription will automatically turn off and / or turn on.

Try to correct the main equipment settings. If it does not help, make sure the plug is reliably fixed in the outlet - and if it's not about this, perform flashing TV.

  • On the smart device ends free memory.

The easiest option is to delete the files that have become unnecessary, and then clean the cache data.

Unfortunately, all instructions and tips, how to configure channels on smart TV, may not bring absolutely no fetus. In this case, it remains to contact the service center - and perhaps for the replacement of the TV to the new one. It is quite possible, the cause of the problem lies in the outstanding controller or depth failures of the operating system; It will not be possible to solve this problem at home. We will advise the tested telemaster in Moscow - Telemaster-Pro.Ru. Consults and helps solve the problem with the TV for an acceptable price.

Among other things, recall: on a TV bought from hands or presented to you, it is worth performing a complete reset of settings from the very beginning, after which you connect to the global network using any of the above short guides.

What to do if there is no Smart TV on the tv

If you were lucky enough to become the owner of a Smart TV, which does not have a LAN port for turning on the cable, do not dilute - the methods of wireless communications remain at your service. We highly recommend in advance to evaluate the capabilities of the TV, finding a description of the model on the manufacturer's website or looking at the instruction manual.

It happens completely on the contrary: the port for switching on the cable is present, but you will not find the Wi-Fi module. In this case, you can use a wired connection method - or purchase a special adapter for receiving Wi-Fi.

But the answer to the question is how to configure Smart TV on the old TV, only one: take a special console. It costs it is significantly more expensive than cable or adapter, but other options have not yet been invented.

Will the SMART TV replace the console

Although the prefix allows you to almost completely imitate the functions of the smartness, you will not be able to use some brand options offered by the manufacturer. On the other hand, using embedded functions, you will not be able to establish a television connection with a smartphone or other mobile device, as well as a computer or laptop. And the consoles, most often working on the basis of Android, this opportunity is given. Moreover, it can be used on such smart equipment a single account, thus obtaining on TV access to saved data or subscriptions on video stations.

It is impossible not to note another significant difference - the cost. For obvious reasons, smart televisions with their own large monitor are more expensive and ordinary TV, and such consoles. If you are important for you the opportunity to look at the online broadcast screen, choose a smart attachment - so you will save a decent amount.

Now - a little about the minuses. Prefix, acting on the basis of Android, cannot normally scale the transmitted image on the large screen. So, even learning how to configure Smart TV, you will not be able to get truly decent quality of the video stream. With the built-in functionality there are no such problems.

For those users who have just started familiarizing with the capabilities of a smartness, the acquisition of models from the two known South Korean manufacturers will be optimal: Samsung or LG. It is extremely simple to manage these TVs, and the set of embedded applications includes many interesting solutions - including your own web browser, as well as third-party synchronization tools.

Thanks to the development of technologies today you do not just see several dozen video channels in high resolution and in full color. The smart TV functionality opens almost limitless features - up to video games and viewing online pages. Choose your favorite connection - and proceed to master new useful and exciting options! By the way, you can customize your phone as a remote control by your smart TV. If you have questions about connecting or configuring Smart TV on a specific TV model, ask a question in the comments. We will try to solve the problem.

Will this article help you?

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A feature of "smart" (Smart TV) TVs is the ability to enter the Internet. Connecting to the network resources The TV receives additional features: weather forecast, You Tube, Skype, surfing browser. To activate these functions, TV needs to be configured. Consider how to connect SMART TV to the Internet.

What it is

Smart TV - Combining digital services and Internet resources to integrate them in TV. This is a kind of operating system with a graphic shell. Allows you to view cable or airtal television, access online resources. The built-in browser allows you to enter the sites, watch the TV and movies placed there for free.

And whether it is necessary

Internet access with TV opens such additional features before the user:

  1. View multimedia files in online mode;
  2. Opening internet portals;
  3. Skype communication;
  4. Games;
  5. View sports broadcasts online.

What you need to connect

In addition to the TV connection to the network, you will need:

  • router;
  • Connection cable if the TV does not have a Wi-Fi receiver;
  • User Guide to TV.

Methods of connection

There are two ways to activate the SMART TV connection to the Internet. Via:

Consider them in more detail.

How to connect Smart TV to the Internet via cable

Method Use if there is no wireless module on a TV, or to get the maximum data transfer rate. You need a network cable RJ45. If the router is set for the first time, configure it. Connect to it via PC. In the browser, suck: Connect the TV cable and router: Turn on TV, go to the settings. To do this, use the appropriate button on the remote control. Further: Choose:

Wireless connection

The method is similar to those described above except a few points:

  1. No need to conduct a cable from the router to TV;
  2. Multiple devices are connected simultaneously.

How to connect

Turn on TV. Open it menu, select "Network" - "Wireless Connection". After scanning, the system will show affordable access points. Choose your network. Push the password from the Wi-Fi network. The password is prescribed using the "left" arrows - "right" on the remote control. It is not comfortable. If there is a free USB connector on TV, set a computer mouse there. Enter the password will be more convenient.

How to connect Smart TV to the Internet via USB modem

The modem is a device that transmits information. Works through a network of mobile operator. The SIM card is placed in it. The device is used where there is a cellular network coverage. "Smart" TV contain a USB connector. On TV uses this input to use the device connected to it as a USB flash drive. Therefore, the receipt of the signal from the mobile network when the modem is connected to the TV is not provided. The modem is connected to the router.

Devices from different manufacturers do not always support joint collaboration. Therefore, when buying, specify this moment from the seller.

What to do before setting up

Determine what mode the modem works to properly configure the router. Connect it to the PC. If a program is used to log in to the Internet, this means that the device works in the modem mode. If after connection, the modem site opens through which the configuration and connection occurs, then the device works in the network card mode.


Insert the modem into the port on the router, turn it on. We connect the computer to the router, any of the methods discussed above. If you want to configure the router, then you need a computer. The Internet connection parameters are open in the Web interface in the browser. His address: or Further:

Ate could not go to the router interface, reset the settings to the factory. Use the "Reset" button.

Select the settings for the modem. If it works in a network card mode, select "NDIS LTE AND OTHER", Location, Provider. Further: If the modem works in the modem mode, select such parameters. For devices running with GSM mobile operators: Further:

Tuning TV.

When the Internet appears on the PC, make the wireless network settings on the TV:

  1. Go to the settings;
  2. In the "Network" section, go "Wireless Connection";
  3. Specify the network name;
  4. Push the password.


We looked at how the smart (smart) television is connected to the Internet. Make the settings by connecting the router to the PC. When the connection is stable go to the TV settings. Update the TV firmware. At the time of sale, it can be outdated. Therefore, the functionality and important updates may not work. In the settings, activate the "Auto Update software" item. Update the firmware manually.

Modern TVs with SMART TV feature allow not only access to all world television channels, but also to use most Internet resources (depending on the model). Before purchasing such a TV, you should figure out how to connect and configure SMART TV, as well as determine the method of connecting to the Internet.

Wired LAN Internet Connection

This type of smart-TV connection is the easiest. It saves the budget - no need to purchase additional equipment. The owners of these TVs are positively responding about the wired compound, since it is characterized by signal stability.

So, here is a step-by-step manual for LAN - Connection:

  • It is desirable that the crimper is at hand. This tool will be needed for clamping wire twisted pairs. This can be done by the usual scolder, but more problematic. With the help of twisted pairs, there is a connection with an external modem.
  • Internet - cable connect to splitter. The latter can not be used if you enjoy the Internet only through the TV. In this case, the cable is connected directly to the Internet port on the TV.
  • Next Smart - The system on the TV independently launches the process of setting the network parameters.
Wired SMART TV Connection
Connect the cable to the TV

If an automated setting for some reason has not passed successfully, see the "Manual Setup" section.

SMART - Television Connection via Wi-Fi

Modern smart methods are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi modules. If the TV model does not have such a module, then you need to purchase an adapter for connecting to wireless networks. It connects via USB - the connector on the TV. Most Smart - TV settings are no different, therefore, the algorithm of action is common for popular models in the Russian market. Through Wi-Fi, the setting is carried out as follows:

  • Enable Wi-Fi router and make sure it is in working condition;
  • You do not need to configure it - settings on it are standard for all host devices. You can clarify the functionality of the distributed Internet through a smartphone;
  • Connect the adapter to the TV (if it is built, no action does not need to do);
  • On the TV Remote, click the "Menu" button;
  • Go to the "Network" section;
Connecting Smart- Television via Wi-Fi
Network configuration
  • Click the "Network Settings" option;
  • Check again distribute Wi-Fi, then click "Start";
  • The TV will start automatically searching for networks and show them as a list: select the name of your network and enter the password from Wi-Fi.
Connecting Smart- Television via Wi-Fi
Connection search

It should be remembered here that when you have an erroneous selection of Wi-Fi neighbors Internet - the connection will constantly disappear, so carefully look at the name of the network.

Some difficulties in many novice owners of "smart" TVs arise with the introduction of a password, due to forgetfulness, loss. You can find it either on the back of the router or on the phone or tablet. You need to go on a gadget to the "Connection Properties" section - there is the option "Allow Open Password Window"

Under the instructions for connecting difficulties, it should not occur at this form. If difficulties arose, then you need to further explore the information in the instructions (user manual) TV.

A similar SMART TV connection algorithm through a computer. Here it should be borne in mind that the connection will only be possible through the Wi-Fi network. If you synchronize a PC and Smart TV with a HDMI cable, the latter monitor will simply broadcast the image from the computer.

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SMART TV setup using WPS technologies, plug & access

These types of network connections have certain features that you need to know during the configuration process.

To configure a connection using a WPS system, you need to build this program on the TV and router. Connection is carried out in 3 steps:

  1. Enter the TV settings and find and select the WPS function.
  2. On the router, press the WPS button.
  3. Wait a few seconds to synchronize devices: the display should appear the result of the connected.

To use Plug & Access, you need to make sure that the router and the TV support this feature. Connecting SMART TV thus takes place in 5 steps:

  1. A Wi-Fi router connects any drive.
  2. When the light indicator signal, the cumulative device is retrieved.
  3. Next, it must be connected via the USB port to the TV.
  4. Wait a few seconds - the system will automatically configure.
  5. Extract a drive.

Smart tv prefix. TV connection process

Smart TV Prefix is ​​a compact device on the android operating system. It is a small module with an integrated processor and memory. According to the functionality, it is very similar to the tablet, equipped with the same operating system, the only difference between them is an interface. How to connect and configure SMART TV through the console? For this you need:

  • Naturally, the prefix itself;
  • TV with HDMI - connector (equipped with HDMI consoles - extension cord);
  • If there is no console in the set-top box, then you will need a computer mouse or keyboard for control.

The configuration process itself looks like this:

  • The prefix in HDMI is connected - the connector on the TV. If necessary, you can connect through the extension.
  • Next to the console, the microUSB power cable is connected; The other end is installed in the corresponding connector of the TV. If there is no such input on it, then the connection can be made through the power adapter in the outlet (it goes complete with the prefix).
  • If there is no console in the kit, the mouse adapter is installed in the console to another USB connector (in all 2).
  • On the TV, select the HDMI reception mode, otherwise there will be no pictures. If there are several of them - choose active.
  • Wait a few seconds until the equipment boots.
  • The main screen will appear - a convenient, functional interface.
  • Go to setting, connect to Wi-Fi (if available), set up time, date, time zone for proper operation Wi-Fi.
  • Return to the main screen and select the TV folder - there is accessible to view any multimedia video format.
  • To view TV channels, go with HDMI to the appropriate video output.

Manual SMART-television setup

If the Automated SMART TV setup occurs difficulties, you can try a manual option. This method can be used with incorrect installation of parameters, or if the factory has not changed. This happens if malfunctions occur in the SMART operating system or with the false settings of the provider network. It is not necessary to scare this - the situation is quite corrected, the main thing is to find out the right parameters.

This is the most convenient to perform through the computer if it is connected to the same network. You need to click on the "Connection" icon 2 times and go to the "Details" section.

Manual SMART-television setup
Network information

Below are instructions on the most popular Smart-TV models.

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Connecting SMART TV on LG Models

Perform this action in five steps:

  1. Turn on the TV, go to the main menu and click "HOME".
  2. On the workbar, select the "Network" folder, select the "Network Connection" option.
    Smart TV on LG models
    Network connection LG.
  3. 2 types of connections will appear - select the desired (wireless or wired) and click "Configure Connection".
    Smart TV on LG-2 models
    Selecting LG connection
  4. After the list of available networks appears - select the appropriate.
    SMART TV on LG-3 models
    LG network selection for connecting
  5. There will also be a manual setting button by pressing it, enter the necessary parameters.


There is also nothing complicated here if you follow 5 points:

  1. On the Remote Control in the "Menu" open the "Network" tab.
  2. Next "Network Settings".
    SAMSUNG SMART TV connection
    SAMSUNG SMART TV network setup

    Next "Network Settings"

  3. In the "Network Connection Type" window, select your (wireless or cable).
    SAMSUNG SMART TV connection (2)
    SAMSUNG SMART TV Cable Selection
  4. If the automatic setting is not started, select "IP Settings".
    SAMSUNG SMART TV connection (3)
    IP SAMSUNG SMART TV settings

    If the automatic setting is not started, select "IP Settings"

  5. Remove the checkboxes "Get automatically" and make data manually.

Possible problems with configuration and methods to eliminate

  • Pages are loaded too long.

Move the router closer to the TV.

  • No connection to the Internet.

Run the television or adapter, turn off and reconfigure.

  • Adapter settings erroneous.

This problem is solved by manual Internet configuration. You can use the WPS system - it allows you to connect automatically.

  • Poor, flaring image, interference when playing video content.

The main causes of such a phenomenon are either a low data transfer rate, or a weak processor is installed in the router. The output from the situation will be the replacement of Wi-Fi equipment to a more powerful or increase in the data transfer rate.

  • Self disconnection and enable equipment.

Here it is necessary to check its settings. If the reason is not eliminated, the specialists recommend changing the firmware or firmly fix the outlet.

It happens that the equipment ends the memory - this problem is solved simply: it is necessary to periodically clean the cache and the device will function normally.

But it happens that you have to contact the services of specialists. In case of self-disconnection of functions or, for example, interruptions in sound accompaniment. Often such problems arise because of the failures in software or failure of some kind of technical design.

It is also worth remembering - if a smart TV is purchased from hand, then it sets the settings of the previous owner. It is recommended to reset them to factory, and re-configure not only connecting to your home network, but also standard (brightness, channels, contrast, etc.).

What is better to purchase a smart TV or a console with a smartness function

Both options are designed to make the TV "smart" and multifunctional. But still, between them there are functional differences. The most important difference between smart TV from the console is optimized for the functionality of the TV. This system cannot be used on a smartphone or PC - it is designed specifically for television. And the prefix with the function android TV can be integrated with other devices running on this platform. For example, with android - smartphone, you can integrate your account on the TV, having received something like a large tablet.

Another obvious difference between these devices is the price. Smart - TVs are quite more expensive than ordinary. Therefore, if the issue of saving is important, then you can purchase a regular model of the TV and a separate console with Smart TV capabilities. It is more than a democratic price, so saving in this case on the face.

Android is not perfect adaptation under the big screen. It is also not sharpened for the pultal control and in most cases you need to purchase a mouse and keyboard to the console. And the SMART TV system is optimized for large-resolution screens and consoles.

People who have never enjoyed Smart TV features and are far from the subtleties of the settings of this system it is better to purchase Smart TV LG or Samsung. These models have the most simple management and settings. Turn the usual TV to "smart" - this option is more suitable for experienced Internet surfers who want to squeeze maximum opportunities and synchronize their gadgets with a TV.

Modern technologies open new television features. Let's look back on some 10 years ago and remember what it was. Analog signal with disabilities Reception - residents of small cities watched only those TV channels that told television tower. It was a distinct picture, in most cases, with an unimportant image quality. Now it is in the past: we have the opportunity to watch our favorite channels in perfect quality.

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Most modern TVs are equipped with SMART TV technology. Thanks to her through the TV interface, join the Internet and watch high-quality online movies. And even on this is not the end, because having a camera and a microphone, you can communicate through the Skype application. But that everything happens, it is important to connect the correctly and configure Smart TV.

SMART TV connection

To use all SMART TV features, you need to connect the TV to the Internet. You can carry out 2 ways:

  • Connecting a wireless type using Wi-Fi network;
  • Connecting a TV and a router using an Internet cable.

It is more correct to determine the connection method even before purchasing the TV. However, it is strongly recommended to purchase devices that interact with the Internet via Wi-Fi. This method of connecting to the network is much faster than the Internet cable, it is much easier to connect the scheme, you can avoid extra spending and laying the cable in the apartment.

Setting up Smart TV.

In any case, connect Smart TV technology to the Internet is easy:

  1. Cable connection.

This is the easiest way, although not very practical. An Internet cable is taken and directly connected between the TV, the modem and the Ethernet port. Communication will be recognized instantly, after which it is possible to start using all the amenities of the Smart TV system on the TV: watch video, download them, use Skype (with peripheral equipment).


  • Moving devices is hampered and completely depends on the location of the router and the cable length;
  • The slightest damage to the wire can cause certain instability in the network or completely spoil the Internet connection;
  • Over time, the cable shell may crack, exposing the inside of the cable (the likelihood of shock is increased);
  • In some cases, there is no possibility to pave an additional cable (under the plinth or floor), as a result, it will be slightly lying right on the floor.


  • The simplest connection scheme, which can only be invented (any person can cope, even a full-fledged newcomer);
  • There is no need to understand the settings and some further adjust the TV on the reception signal;
  • 99% of all malfunctions are in the cable - after it is replaced by the Internet again appears;
  • The Internet cable is purchased at a low price, and the entire connection procedure lasts no more than 1 minute.

One end of the LAN cable must be connected to the Ethernet connector on the TV with SMART TV technology, and the second end to the external modem of the Internet network. The modem itself is also connected to an Ethernet port in the wall (if this has not been done earlier). Then there will be short recognition by the new connection device, and access to the Internet will appear. This connection ends.

  1. Wireless connection.

To connect SMART TV via Wi-Fi, you must have a built-in Wi-Fi module on TV. It is he will "catch the Internet from the router. If there is no such, you should purchase a special adapter (small device connected to the TV / computer), which will be connected. This adapter is connected to the USB port on the TV.

First you need to make sure that the Wi-Fi router works properly and is entirely connected to the Internet. Next after installing the adapter (not required with the built-in module) in the TV options, select the appropriate section and start the search process of available Wi-Fi connections.

It is important to pay attention to the name of an Internet network available. If it is a neighbor's router, it can be disabled at any time. Therefore, it should be considered responsible for the selection of available networks to have a permanent and guaranteed link with the Internet.

If there is a security code / password, it will need to enter during the connection process. Once the connection between TV and Wi-Fi router will be configured, the user will receive full access to Internet resources and applications.

Also included with the purchased TV there is always a manual manual with comprehensive information about connecting rules, settings and using Smart TV technology.

How to connect Smart TV to the Internet via LAN cable and via Wi-Fi, see next video:

  1. Connecting through a computer.

Use Smart TV technology can be achieved by computer. You can connect TV in 2 ways:

However, the connection via HDMI will not be able to provide access to the Internet. Thus, you can only view movies on your computer using a TV as a monitor.

But when connecting to a computer, via the Wi-Fi Internet configuration will be available, as if connecting to a regular router (in fact, this is the same).

After all the procedures performed, it remains only to finally configure Smart TV.

Features LG TV settings

There are different settings in different TVs, so it is important for the complete operation of Smart TV to configure the device for the correct connection to the Internet.

For TV models from the LG manufacturer, it is often necessary to register in the SMART TV system. Without it, install and use the applications (as well as the other TV functionality) it will be impossible.

First you need to go to the main menu of the TV. Then in the upper right corner of the menu will be the button to enter the account. There will be necessary to enter a login and password from it, but since the account does not exist yet, it must be created. To do this, you need the "Create Account / Registration" button.

In the form that opens, you should come up with and enter a password, login, and add an email address:


In any of the cases in the registration process, you will need a smartphone or computer to enter an email and confirm the profile registration process on the network.

Further, the data specified during registration must be entered in the reference window in the main menu on the TV. After that, SMART TV will be finally configured and other actions are not required.

Connection features in Sony BRAVIA

Setting up Smart TV technology in Sony BRAVIA TVs is significantly different:

1. First of all on the remote control, click the HOME button:

HOME button:

This will translate the user to the main menu of the TV.

2. Then in the window that opens, select a suitcase icon, after which the Settings menu will appear:

Menu "Installation"

3. In the drop-down list, select the "Network" item:

Menu "Network"

4. As a result, a few more points will appear, from which you should select "Update Internet Content":

Item "update online content"

After these actions, the Internet will restart to restart, and the TV will configure the necessary network. This configuration SMART TV is over.


Along with the TV, an instruction manual is supplied in which the connection procedure is thoroughly explained, but not detailed SMART TV settings. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Samsung is fully sure that there will be no problems during the connection:

1. On the remote control, you must go to the Smart Hub menu:

Menu Smart Hub.

2. To check the SMART TV operation, it is enough to run any of the available applications:


If it starts, the technology is successfully working, and you can start enjoying all the advantages of the service.

What if you failed to connect the Internet?

But what to do when a variety of mistakes occur, it is difficult to say. For each malfunction there are their solutions, so it is impossible to identify actions that will certainly help.

Nevertheless, you can try to correct the error in the most common way. To deepen in the SMART TV settings and change them if you need:

1. The menu item is selected, then "Network" and "Network Settings":


2. There will also be a message that will be offered to automatically try to configure the connection.

It is not necessary to immediately put the cross in this idea, since it is possible that the television fault may be able to solve independently. Therefore, in the window, click on the "Start" to start the automatic setting process.

If the Internet can be configured, a corresponding message will appear. If not, then "pops up" a notification with an error.

3. If it is impossible to establish a connection in this way, you need to go to the "Network Status" menu. It is immediately under the "network settings":

Settings Network

4. In a new window, you need to go to the "IP Setup" item, and then select Automatic Getting IP Address:

IP Setup item

5. If it does not help, then all data will have to enter independently:

Menu "Enter Manual"

You can find the IP address, subnet mask, etc. You can contact the Internet provider through a phone call. Also, if there is a computer and using the same Internet, you can log in in the local connection menu and select "Details". In the window that appears, all data on the Internet network will be shown, but for SMART TV will only be interesting formed:

Network connection information

Enter them in the TV menu in the sections of the same name.

After actions, the Internet connection must be established, and you can start using Smart TV on the Samsung TV.

Identical network setup actions can be carried out on any other models, since the difference is only in the location of the menu and the names of the partitions. But do not worry, because they will be intuitive: "Setting the network" and "network installations" is the same thing.

To check Smart TV, you can run any application or somehow otherwise try to take advantage of TV functions that require internet. If it happened, it means everything is in order, and if not, you need to configure. Everything is very simple, the main thing is to understand the essence of the device's work and carefully read the instructions for the user.

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