Pentovit and Neuromultivitis - comparison

Multivitamins are drugs that are being promoted by pharmaceutical companies and are very popular among consumers. They have few contraindications and side effects, while promising significant positive effects. Neuromultivit and Pentovit belong to such drugs, and what is the difference between them and whether they are really so effective, it is worth understanding in more detail.


Pentovit contains a relatively small amount of several vitamins at once:

  • Vitamin B 1(thiamine) - 10 mg;
  • Vitamin B 6(pyridoxine) - 5 mg;
  • Vitamin PP (nicotinamide) - 20 mg;
  • Vitamin B 9(folic acid) - 0.4 mg;
  • Vitamin B 12 (cyanocobalamin) 0.05 mg

The composition of Neuromultivit contains fewer active ingredients, but in a larger volume:

  • Vitamin B 1(thiamine) - 100 mg;
  • Vitamin B 6(pyridoxine) - 200 mg;
  • Vitamin B 12 (cyanocobalamin) 0.2 mg

Mechanism of action

Vitamins are organic compounds that the human body needs for normal functioning. Their main feature is that they are not produced by the person himself, but must be ingested with food, or produced by the intestinal microflora. Lack of vitamins leads to the development of diseases, vitamin deficiencies. At the same time, the complete absence of each vitamin is clinically manifested in completely different ways. In the modern world, such conditions are practically not found, but almost all people are susceptible to hypovitaminosis - insufficient intake of vitamins into the body. It should be borne in mind that their excess can also manifest itself in various disorders.

Thiamine, pyridoxine and cyanocobalamin play an important role in the formation of blood cells and the normal functioning of the nervous system. Their lack is always accompanied by anemia (violation of the structure or number of erythrocytes, hemoglobin), impaired sensitivity, depression.

Nicotinamide is involved in the formation of collagen and connective tissue, healing processes, and lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Folic acid is essential for the normal formation of DNA in the cells of the body - the main source of information about how the body should be built and function.


Pentovit is used for:

  • Any diseases of the central and / or peripheral nervous system - as part of complex treatment;
  • Severe dysfunction of the body of any origin (after extensive injuries and operations, with long-term chronic diseases, malnutrition, etc.).

Indications for Neuromultivitis:

  • Any diseases of the central and / or peripheral nervous system - as part of complex treatment


Pentovit cannot be used when:

  • Hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Cholelithiasis;
  • Chronic inflammation of the pancreas;
  • Age under 18.

Contraindications for Neuromultivitis:

  • Hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • Severe heart failure;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Age under 18.

Side effects

In general, both drugs are well tolerated, causing allergic reactions in some individuals.

Forms of release and price

Neuromultivit is available in the form of a solution for intramuscular injection in ampoules of 2 ml:

  • 5 amp. - 210 rubles;
  • 10 amp. - 390 p.

Pentovit can be found in the form of tablets, at a price of 115 rubles for 50 pieces.

Pentovit or Neuromultivitis - which is better?

Currently, the effectiveness of multivitamin preparations as a means for general strengthening of the body is disputed. A more progressive point of view is the use of vitamins directly for the treatment of specific diseases. In this regard, Neuromultivitis clearly benefits from the fact that it contains more vitamins necessary for the treatment of anemia or diseases of the nervous system. In comparison with it, Pentovit is practically unable to normalize the formation of hemoglobin, erythrocytes or the function of the nervous system, due to the small amount of active ingredients.

Pentovit or Neuromultivitis - which is better? Testimonials

Here's what people who have taken Pentovit think:

  • Affordable multivitamin, especially in comparison with foreign counterparts;
  • It is indispensable for a woman - the skin, hair, nails become strong and look better after a week of use;
  • It is inconvenient to drink it - for treatment, and not just like that, you need to take as many as 2 tablets 3 times a day.

Reviews about Neuromultivitis:

  • The effect is felt - sciatica bothers less after a few days;
  • The injections are painful enough, but this is a problem for all B vitamins;
  • A fairly inexpensive drug, but if you buy its components separately, you can save even more.

Reviews of doctors

About Pentovite:

  • Pentovit can be prescribed to patients for "general strengthening of the body." As a treatment for anemia, neuralgia, it is absolutely unsuitable;
  • Sometimes people themselves ask to prescribe it - the medicine is inexpensive, does not cause side effects, and patients feel better.

About Neuromultivitis:

  • If anemia develops after removal of the stomach or intestinal area, an irreplaceable drug;
  • It is good to use in people after head injuries, strokes. All the necessary B vitamins at once in one injection.

The use of PENTOVIT by me and my family members began a year and a half, or even two years ago ... one of the three who took the first pack of the drug ended (due to a side effect), and the Petovit tablets were "inherited" - the reserves were divided between the other two host SmileSeveral courses, several people, so a complete opinion about this "analogue of Neuromultivit" has already been formed.

These sweet little white pills in impressive size blisters hit me in a bale SmileA large stack, tied with an elastic band, and on top is a printed instruction, which somewhere mysteriously disappeared almost immediately, when I divided the necessary vitamins between those in need))

** therefore, I will find - I will add a photo review

And, perhaps, I will reconsider my views on these vitamins Pentovit.

I just had to take more on a whim. And guided by instructions from the network.

And the feeling does not leave until the end that the reception scheme on that piece of paper, and the promises were a little different ...

But, okay, while I took it so)) how did it go)

And it is about the effect of such a technique that I will tell you ...

Vitamins Pentovit are B vitamins.

From this follows the scope of their application and the reasons for the appointment and admission.

B vitamins are our nerves.

B vitamins are our hair.

B vitamins are our nails.

Basically what girls care about first. .nails and hair Smile А nerves - this is already so, in addition, because this item is more often attributed to eccentricity ala - "accept me as I am".

My goal of admission was just to "strengthen" the central nervous system.

To heal my nerves - it sounds very rude, but my behavior clearly indicated that something was missing in my body - too excited, hot-tempered, lit up like a match. And at such moments I always resorted to group B and magnesium, if it is not worked, then I was already looking for other reasons ... as they say - the group of B vitamins will never hurt WinkAt least hair or nails will look prettier)

For many, the relationship between B vitamins and the beauty of hair-skin-nails is not only known, but simply already in the category of formulas "twice two is four", this is a common truth.

Therefore, it may seem strange that a man not that he didn’t know it and purposefully ignored it, but simply didn’t fully realize it ...

That was me.

Until a certain youthful age, I did not eat bread at all.

Cereals were also far from the section of my food favorites, and I ate them very, very rarely. Potato shower ...))

And bread, cereals, etc., these are the main sources of vitamins of group B. That is, I practically had nothing to get them from.

And now I see a clear relationship between appearance, condition of hair, nails, skin, etc., and the presence of cereals in food.

I'll run ahead - the braid hasn't grown to the waist SmileBut my hair really became better, I can track by my feathers)

It does not significantly affect the nails.

But what is still growing is the butt Smile

Vitamins B have such a "side effect" Smile

Vitamins PENTOVIT photo

Why not just eat more cereals, whole grains in the form of bread, etc.?

And also to load the body with pills?

First, you need a wide variety of cereals to get ALL B vitamins into the body.

And secondly - I am not a "cash-eater", yes, now I eat bread more often, I even fell in love to some extent, but still.

And here is one pill - and it contains vitamin B1, and B6, and B12, and Folic, and Nicotinka ...

Pentovit composition:

One tablet contains:

thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1) - 10 mg

pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6) - 5 mg

nicotinamide - 20 mg

folic acid - 0.4 mg

cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) - 0.05 mg

Vitamins PENTOVIT photo

Moreover, the tablets are small, sweetish, small in size.

Unlike these horses, it is pleasant to swallow.

The shell is white, that is, there are a minimum of dyes.

Somehow, we didn't get our hands on opening and seeing what's interesting inside the shell SmileAnd hard to see through - hard.

But if you hold it in your mouth, the shell melts, and a specific taste appears ... like, Undevita ( such yellow, round, well-known vitamins ).

There is no smell like this, while in the shell, it appears only when it melts.

Vitamins PENTOVIT photo

But how realistic is it to get from them some kind of visible benefit ?

The biggest nuance of this complex of vitamins is their AMOUNT in the composition ( in mg. ).

There are far from shock doses, there are frankly few active substances in the composition of active substances.

Therefore, it is necessary to take not 1 piece, and not 2 pieces. Pentovita per day.

Therefore, such huge blisters ...

** in one blister of Pentavit vitamins - 50 pcs. tablets.

Ka As I said, the most important thing for which I needed B vitamins is to come into harmony with myself, so to speak, to balance the psycho-emotional state.

After all, the main direction of the action of Pentovit vitamins is just:

Complex therapy of asthenic conditions of various genesis.

Asthenia is a tricky word ... but it means nothing more than fatigue against the background of general irritability.

Asthenia , asthenic condition , asthenic syndrome , asthenic reaction ,neuropsychic weakness , chronic fatigue syndrome - a painful condition manifested by increased fatigue and exhaustion with extreme instability of mood, weakening of self-control, impatience, restlessness, sleep disturbance, loss of the ability to prolonged mental and physical stress, intolerance to loud sounds, bright light, pungent odors. Patients also have irritable weakness, expressed by increased excitability and quickly followed by exhaustion, affective lability with a predominance of low mood with features of moodiness and displeasure, as well as tearfulness.

So in my case the B vitamins are "what the doctor attributed."

And they, doctors, just ascribe to Vit. B, as aid .

... that is, if there are serious problems, then with Pentovit alone you will not get a solution to the problem.

Only in the complex.

With diseases of the nervous system, such as neuritis, sciatica and neuralgia.

In all these cases, vitamins include an integrated therapy.

What kind of miracle vitamins are included in Pentovit?

Vitamin B1 It actively influences neuromuscular regulation, influences the conduction of nervous excitation in cholinergic synapses, it is necessary for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

Vitamin B6 It is necessary for the normal functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system. Participates in carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism, participates in the synthesis of neurotransmitters (dopamine, norepinephrine, adrenaline, histamine).

Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) It has a beneficial effect on the functions of the nervous system and liver, is a growth factor and stimulator of hematopoiesis, activates blood coagulation processes, the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids, and participates in the synthesis of various amino acids.

Folic acid It is necessary for the synthesis of nucleic acids, amino acids, is a stimulant of erythropoiesis.

Nicotinamide (vitamin PP) Participates in the processes of tissue nutrition, fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

I took folic acid during pregnancy both the first and the second time. It can be bought both in pure form and in combination with iodine - the same Folio, Iodofol, etc.

But nicotine - I use it more externally, for hair growth. By the way, it fights loss well.

True, now I have moved away from the use of these ampoules against hair loss, because I have a miracle device that fights against pimples and helps against hair loss SmileBut you can in fact combine ( as i did ) - externally apply the device, and inside it is already nicotine in the form of Pentovit) Double blow.

And, also, there are also auxiliary substances in the composition of Petovit:

Excipients: sucrose (sugar), talc, calcium stearate, potato starch; shell: sucrose (sugar), wax, talc, magnesium hydroxycarbonate, wheat flour, povidone (Kollidon 25), gelatin, titanium dioxide, polysorbate (tween 80).

Vitamins PENTOVIT photo

How long to take Pentovit, and how much?

Pentovit is taken orally after meals, 2-4 tablets 3 times a day (after meals) for 3-4 weeks.

With this application ( up to 12 tablets of Pentovit per day ) just get a good dose of vitamins of group B. But the consumption of tablets will not be small ...

Therefore, the main thing here is not to buy into the low price of Pentovit - it is more than "compensated" by the expense.

Pentovit price - about 150 rubles. for a blister.

By the way, more than 12 tablets and longer than a month you cannot take Pentovit, because then the benefits of taking it will turn into harm:

Overdose vitamin B1 threatens with disruption of the kidneys, liver, a person can feel fever, spasms, his blood pressure may drop.

Oversupply vitamin B6 circulatory problems in the legs and arms may appear.

Vitamin B9 in large quantities can cause digestive disorders, poor sleep, increased excitability.

Overdose vitamin B12 thrombosis, pulmonary edema, heart failure may develop.

Excess dosage vitamin PP causes hyperglycemia, increased frequency of angina attacks.

Moreover, if you take 12 tablets a day, you will receive shock doses of vitamin B1.

I was not very worried about this, because, firstly, I saw the effect, and I liked it ... I did not want to lose it, even against the background of a threatening overdose.

And, secondly, I drink a lot of tea and coffee, legumes and mushrooms are also in the diet, and they interfere with the absorption of this vitamin.

Side effects from taking Petovit:

I had no itching or hives, although antiallergic was on hand Smile

There was no nausea, or, moreover, vomiting either ...

But Pentovit, like all B vitamins, has an unpleasant moment - they can stimulate weight gain!

Those who want to lose weight on the contrary will obviously not like it ....

My weight changed insignificantly, but another "patient" quit taking Pentovit because of a sharp weight gain. Which, moreover, was accompanied by nausea ...

Fortunately, neither I nor the "third patient" experienced this.

Although, I expected to gain a couple of kg.

Simply, I already had the experience of taking the famous vitamins for hair (Pantovigar), but there was no effect, the priest also grew, and the barrels floated ... Smile

True, there is a composition with a clear greater predisposition to recover.

Vitamins PENTOVIT photo

In principle, Pentovit is designed to regulate the metabolism, but I did not feel it ... due to the absence of problems now, as such.

But whoever has problems with the gastrointestinal tract, just gave weight gain.

What can be combined with taking Pentovit vitamins:

Alcohol is not allowed, as with any vitamins containing vitamin B1.

I often take this kind of solo vitamins, but now I will try the course with calcium.

You can also add AEvit or vitamin E in capsules to individual receptions.

Vitamins PENTOVIT photo

Application of Pentovit during pregnancy:

There is no data on the use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation.

... but synthetic vitamins, any ( even intended for pregnant women ) can give an allergic reaction.

Vitamins PENTOVIT photo

Why are controversies sharpening around the vitamin complex Pentovit?

Because the manufacturer has stuffed a lot of incompatible vitamins inside ... but somehow they manage to give an effect)))

I will not argue here ... and take sides.

Is Pentovit an analogue of Neuromultivit?

Not quite an analogue, because the composition of Neuromultivit, in comparison with Pentovit, is surprisingly poorer.

Composition of Neuromultivitis:

Thiamine hydrochloride (Vit B1), Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vit. B6), Cyanocobolamine (Vit. B12).

Neuromultivitis contains vit B1 - 100 mg, B6 - 200 mg, B12 - 200 μg, while in Pentovit these indicators are 5 mg, 10 mg and 50 μg.

... that is, there is neither folic nor nicotine in the composition.

Where does this inflated price come from?

First, the dosage - Neuromultivitis does not need to take 12 tablets to get the result, just 1-2 is enough.

Secondly, an imported drug, a foreign manufacturer.


It is quite possible to get B vitamins from food:

Foods that contain vitamin B1 include liver, pork, oysters, bread, dry yeast, peas, cheese, walnuts nuts , peanut , egg yolk, milk, bran , potatoes, cereals , legumes, green vegetables, and brown rice.

The rest of the vitamins from the composition are obtained from approximately the same sources, well, +/-.

Even baby cereals are rich in these vitamins.

Even not very healthy "breakfast cereals" contain quite a few B vitamins.

Or you can bake bread with goji berries and flax seeds.

** photo at the end of the review

Vitamins PENTOVIT photo Vitamins PENTOVIT photo Vitamins PENTOVIT photo Vitamins PENTOVIT photo Vitamins PENTOVIT photo Vitamins PENTOVIT photo

Pentovit is a group of vitamins for hair growth, nails and inner peace. What do you actually get from the promise?


I already received the undercoat from the miracle device, but I wanted to strengthen it.

So I took Pentovit, and was engaged in external stimulation of the hair follicles, but in a slightly different way. And the result was not long in coming - the undercoat has strengthened and has grown considerably.

And I attribute the growth of hair more to external stimulation.

** ON THE PHOTO - the condition of the hair before highlighting, 3 months have passed. Taking Pentovit - only a month!

Vitamins PENTOVIT photo Vitamins PENTOVIT photo

In terms of length, of course, Pentovit will not affect the condition of the hair. This is already dead matter, so there is no point in showing the entire hair length here. Better roots, how the condition of the hair changes in the regrown area per month of admission .

One moment ... we have hair not only on the head, but also on the body Smile

And, alas, they are strengthening there too. Where we are trying to remove them by all means)))) I will say this - with the use of Pentovit, it became more difficult and painful to do shugaring at home ...

Vitamins PENTOVIT photo


Here the "correct" forms of calcium give a greater effect, if you expect strengthening.

But, nevertheless, it will not hurt for the general condition of the nails Smile

They are very thin, weak, translucent and bend in all directions, and do not grow back at all without internal and external recharge.

Less exfoliation - yes, but I don't notice much strengthening only from taking pentovit. Yes, varnishes for strengthening, calcium, and Pentovit in the load - there will be an effect in the complex, but not alone.

Now there are reasons why I have short nails Smile

So I was not upset))

Vitamins PENTOVIT photo


I did not become a boa constrictor, but in case of minor malfunctions in the work of the central nervous system, it is a very good assistant.

Somehow, everything is easier to bear ... but with strong shocks or psycho-emotional stress, of course, you will not be saved by Pentovit alone.

When, as I call it, the organism "scales", panic attacks begin, the VSD is aggravated, I start taking group B. If the case is not started ( there is no reason to panic, but there is panic ), then Pentovit will help.

If, as now, I have very serious reasons to be nervous ( alas, until these problems can be solved ... here just wait, and make this time as "comfortable" as possible for yourself, until the problem is solved ), then only Pentovit will not help.

Now I have started another course, because I feel that the lump has already reached the scale, when it will roll down the mountain and sweep away everything in its path ... it is a little easier after 20 tablets. But, at the same time, I feel that there is a 90% chance that you will have to move on to something more serious .... alas.


Indeed, the dream with the reception of Pentovit became deeper and calmer. But I still fall asleep a little with difficulty, even after strong physical exertion throughout the day, although, due to exhaustion, I should have passed out instantly.

So far, only candles have acted on me as an "instant sleeping pill" ... and then, they have a completely different focus SmileThis is already a side effect.


... and similar problems.

There is no arthritis, but there are back problems.

Trauma resulting in spine problems, leg cramps, pinched nerve, etc.

Here I felt the power of pentovit - for a month of taking it really is easier for me, and when I take a break and do nothing at all, problems return with time.

Vitamins and dietary supplements that I took:

Vitamins PENTOVIT photo

...................... FOR VITAMINS 4000 RUB.? AND REPLACE - MINIMUM HAIR GROWTH AND + A PAIR OF KG. .....

Pentovit I certainly recommend.

If your requirements for vitamins are not on the verge of fantasy, then you will like them Smile



Lack of B vitamins can provoke disturbances in the human body. To avoid this condition, you should take a multivitamin complex. To understand which is more effective - Pentovit or Neuromultivit, a comparative characteristic of drugs is needed.

How Pentovit works

Pentovit is a complex vitamin compound, the action of which is due to the presence of B vitamins:

  1. B1 (thiamine). Stimulates the transmission of nerve impulses.
  2. B6 (pyridoxine). Normalizes the functioning of the nervous system, participates in the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.
  3. B9 (folic acid). Participates in the formation of amino acids, nucleic acids, as well as platelets, leukocytes, erythrocytes. It has a positive effect on the immune and reproductive systems.
  4. B12 (cyanocobalamin). Essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Responsible for blood clotting.
  5. PP (nicotinamide). Participates in many recovery processes, the formation of enzymes, in the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids.

Thanks to the complex effect of all components on the nervous system of the body, the metabolic process is corrected, the work of the immune system is restored.

Properties of Neuromultivitis

Thiamine, pyridoxine and cyanocobalamin are the active ingredients of Neuromultivit. The therapeutic effect is achieved through the specific action of each of the components.

The vitamins in the composition stimulate the metabolism of the central nervous system and regenerate nervous tissue. They take an active part in various reactions inside the body, synthesis and metabolism. And also ensure the presence of the right amount of coenzymes.

The vitamins that make up Neuromultivit stimulate the metabolism of the central nervous system and regenerate nervous tissue

The vitamins that make up Neuromultivit stimulate the metabolism of the central nervous system and regenerate nervous tissue.

The drug is used to treat many neurological diseases. All active components of Neuromultivit are low-toxic substances, so it is safe to take the drug.

Comparison of drugs

A comparative analysis can be carried out taking into account the composition, properties, indications, contraindications and side effects of each drug.


The active components in the composition of the preparations are represented by vitamins of group B. But in Pentovit there are vitamin B12, nicotinamide and folic acid, while in Neuromultivit they are not.

The mechanism of action is also the same. They compensate for the deficiency of B-group vitamins in the body and effectively treat neurological pathologies. Indications for the use of these medicinal medicines:

  • diseases of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system;
  • inflammation of the peripheral nerves;
  • to restore the process of hematopoiesis.

Both Pentovit and Neuromultivitis are often prescribed for the main treatment of joints, asthenia, epilepsy, and neuralgia. Used for the treatment of sciatica, neuritis, diabetes, sciatica, vertebral hernias, paresis of the facial nerve, osteochondrosis and other pathologies.

The form of release of medicines is pills, but Neuromultivit is also produced in the form of injections for injections.

What is the difference

The amount of vitamins and their dosage in both preparations differ significantly. Pentovit contains 5 active ingredients, while Neuromultivit contains only 3.

Despite the fact that only B1, B6 and B12 are present in Neuromultivit, their concentration is several times higher than in Pentovit. Such a therapeutic dosage allows the drug to be used in case of severe deficiency of B vitamins and serious diseases.

Despite the fact that only B1, B6 and B12 are present in Neuromultivit, their concentration is several times higher than in Pentovit

Despite the fact that only B1, B6 and B12 are present in Neuromultivit, their concentration is several times higher than in Pentovit.

Pentovit can be attributed to biologically active additives, because the concentration of active substances, although it exceeds the daily rate, is not considered therapeutic. To get at least some effect from the medicine, you need to consume 6 to 12 tablets per day.

Another difference is the country of origin. Thus, Neuromultivit is produced by an Austrian company, and Pentovit is produced by the Russian pharmaceutical company Altayvitamins.

The presence of a solution for injection is a plus of Neuromultivitis, since in medical practice for the treatment of serious diseases, the injection method of administration of the drug is used.

Due to the high concentration of active ingredients while taking Neuromultivit, side effects are more common. It is not recommended to use it for gastrointestinal diseases, for pregnant women and children. From taking Pentovit, it is extremely rare that nausea and allergic reactions may appear.

From taking Pentovit, it is extremely rare that nausea and allergic reactions may appear.

From taking Pentovit, it is extremely rare that nausea and allergic reactions may appear.

Which is cheaper

The price of drugs is different:

  1. Neuromultivitis can be bought in pharmacies for 200-350 rubles (20 tablets in a package). The same price is for ampoules with medicinal solution.
  2. The cost of Pentovit is 100-170 rubles for 50 tablets.

The high price of Neuromultivit is due to the fact that the vitamin complex is produced in Austria and the preparation contains a high concentration of nutrients.

What is better Pentovit or Neuromultivit

It is difficult to say which is better - Neuromultivit or Pentovit. Each clinical case requires an individual approach. Therefore, the doctor should select the drugs, taking into account the course of the disease and the characteristics of the human body.

Neuromultivitis is considered a more effective drug, therefore it is often used in the complex therapy of neurological diseases. Pentovit is indicated for the treatment and prevention of deficiency of B vitamins (to improve the condition of hair, nails, skin).

Neuromultivitis is considered a more effective drug, therefore it is often used in the complex therapy of neurological diseases

Neuromultivitis is considered a more effective drug, therefore it is often used in the complex therapy of neurological diseases.

Despite the high price, consumers prefer to buy Neuromultivit. This is due to the fact that the medicine is produced by a foreign company. It is never counterfeited and is produced strictly according to European standards.

Is it possible to replace Neuromultivit with Pentovit

Medicines are not analogs, because they contain different amounts of vitamins and different dosages. But it is possible to take Neuromultivit instead of Pentovit, but it is extremely inconvenient. After all, you need to drink several pills at one time. It is advisable to replace Pentovit with Neuromultivit.

Do not forget that only a specialist should select and replace a drug with an analogue.

Patient Testimonials

Nadezhda, 47 years old, Voronezh

I think Neuromultivitis is more effective. The doctor prescribed a drug to recover from severe stress. I felt improvements quickly. Insomnia has passed and I began to react more calmly to various situations. Now I drink in courses - in autumn and spring.

Anastasia, 34 years old, Kaliningrad

I drink Pentovit with cervical osteochondrosis. I noticed that after it my head became clear and it hurts less often. But it’s not that cheap. I drink 2-3 pills 3 times a day for 2-3 weeks. Although I have already adapted and do not want to replace it with another drug.

Galina, 49 years old, Chelyabinsk

My son was worried before the exam, the doctor recommended drinking B vitamins, Pentovit was advised at the pharmacy. But after 2 days he started having stomach problems and acne. At the next appointment, the doctor scolded us and said that Neuromultivitis is more effective and cleaner. They made my son feel better. Nervousness and daytime sleepiness were gone, and he fell asleep easier. I recommend!

It is possible to take Neuromultivit instead of Pentovit, but it is extremely inconvenient. Indeed, at one time you need to drink several pills.

It is possible to take Neuromultivit instead of Pentovit, but it is extremely inconvenient. After all, you need to drink several pills at one time.

Reviews of doctors about Pentovit and Neuromultivitis

Elena Vladimirovna, 49 years old, Liski

In my practice I use only Neuromultivit. It not only saturates the body with B vitamins, but also regenerates tissues, has a slight analgesic effect. Patients never complain of side effects from the drug.

Anton Ivanovich, 36 years old, Moscow

Neuromultivitis is a high quality vitamin complex. I prescribe for both prevention and treatment of diseases. I think that Pentovit is weaker in action. It doesn't heal. I can only recommend it for cosmetic use.

Sergey Nikolaevich, 45 years old, Astrakhan

I use both drugs in my practice. I prescribe them only taking into account the disease. For longer treatment, I choose Neuromultivitis, and for mild conditions, Pentovit is also suitable. I have no doubts about the effectiveness of the drugs.


Group B multivitamin complexes are used to treat the following conditions:

  • Damage to the nervous system of an inflammatory-dystrophic nature (radiculitis, neuritis);
  • functional CNS lesions - neuralgia;
  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis);
  • a state of overstrain, depletion of the nervous system;
  • neuro-allergic dermatitis in the complex of treatment: atopic, eczematous, lichen planus, exudative erythema multiforme.

Active substance

The effects of Neuromultivit and Pentovit are due to the biological action of the vitamins included in the composition:

  • Vit. IN 1(thiamine) - improves the conduction of nerve impulses and neuromuscular transmission by establishing synaptic interactions. Participates in the role of a coenzyme in carbohydrate metabolism of neurons;
  • Vit. IN 6(pyridoxine) - affects the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates, takes part in the stabilization of neuromuscular transmission of impulses, affects the exchange of purine nucleotides and the metabolism of tryptophan to niacin. Reduces convulsive activity of skeletal muscles;
  • Vit. IN 12 (cyanocobalamin) - well soluble in water; contains cobalt and other essential trace elements. Participates in the synthesis of myelin (the sheath that covers the peripheral nerve structures and increases the speed of nerve impulse conduction). Stimulates erythropoiesis and prevents the development of anemia. Improves concentration and memory.

These substances are part of Neuromultivit. You can replace Neuromultivit with the drug Milgamma, Vitaxon, Neuromax, Neurobeks.

Pentovit also contains two more vitamins:

  • Vitamin PP, B 3(nicotinamide) - participates in the formation of the coenzyme NAD (Q10) - the main carrier of electrons on mitochondrial membranes during oxygen breakdown of glucose in the respiratory chain. Regulates the metabolism of nucleotides, fats and amino acids;
  • Vitamin B 9 (folic acid) - potentiates the effect of vitamin B 12 ... Participates in the formation of leukocytes, platelets and erythrocytes, regulates the enzymatic processes of digestion, participates in the synthesis of mRNA, amino acids; production of serotonin, promotes hair growth. Together with vitamin C, it increases the body's resistance, promotes the regeneration of the skin and collagen fibers of the dermis, and the regulation of keratinization of the epithelium.

Pentovit is a Russian drug that costs about 125 rubles for 50 tablets. The domestic analogue of Pentovit can be considered Bio-Max, Complivit and Kombilipen; among imported drugs, Multi-Tabs Kids, Duovit for men and for women have a similar composition.


Pentovit and Neuromultivit contain B vitamins, but if you compare Pentovit and Neuromultivit, you can immediately see their qualitative difference: Neuromultivit contains 3 vitamins, and Pentovit - 5.


Available in the form of tablets and ampoules for intramuscular injection. In the form for injections, it contains the same substances and doses as Milgamma (full analogue).

Tablets: 20 pieces in a blister, each contains:

  • 0.1 g (100 mg) thiamine (vit. B 1);
  • 0.2 g (200 mg) vitamin B 6(pyridoxine hydrochloride);
  • 0.02 g (200 mcg) vitamin B 12 (cyanocobalamin).

Ampoules: 2 ml of parenteral solution contain:

  • 0.1 g (100 mg) thiamine (vit. B1);
  • 0.1 g (100 mg) pyridoxine (vit. B 6);
  • 1.0 g (1000 mg) cyanocobalamin (vit. B 12 ).


The tool is produced in tablets of 50 pieces. Each of them contains:

  • Thiamine (vit. B 1) - 0.01 g (10 mg);
  • pyridoxine hydrochloride (vit. B 6) - 0.005 g (5 mg);
  • vit. PP (B 3nicotinamide) - 0.02 g (20 mg);
  • folic acid (vit. B 9) - 0.00004 g (0.4 mg);
  • vit. IN 12 (cyanocobalamin) - 0.000005 g (0.05 mg).

Comparison of Pentovit and Neuromultivit in terms of the quantitative ratio of vitamins indicates higher doses of thiamine, cyanocobalamin and pyridoxine in Neuromultivitis. Based on this:

  • In the exacerbation phase, when high doses of vitamins are needed, it is more convenient and advisable to drink Neuromultivitis;
  • Pentovit is optimal for maintenance therapy at the stage of remission;
  • also Pentovit is suitable for administration with minor hypovitaminosis B;
  • a large amount of vitamins in Pentovit and a low dose of cyanocobalamin allows prescribing it for long courses of administration.

It cannot be said that Pentovit is an analogue of Neuromultivit - medicines differ both in the amount of incoming vitamins and in the dose of active substances in them. Instead of Neuromultivit, you can take Pentovit, but it is inconvenient due to the need to drink many pills at a time. It is advisable to replace Neuromultivit with Pentovit if the course of treatment needs to be extended for more than 6 months - therapeutic doses of cyanocobalamin, when taken for a long time, can suppress nerve conduction.

For prophylactic purposes (to improve the condition of the skin, hair, etc.) and with mild hypovitaminosis, it is advisable to drink Pentovit, since the nicotinamide and folic acid contained in it have a beneficial effect on the restoration of skin collagen, hair nutrition (together with vitamin C).

Method and dose of administration

The recommended course of therapy for both Neuromultivitis and Pentovit is no more than 3-4 weeks. After that, it is advisable to take a break in treatment for up to 2-3 months.


In injections, 1 ampoule is prescribed per knocking in the first 2 weeks of exacerbation, subsequently transferring the patient to 2 injections per week. The parenteral course of treatment, if indicated, can be extended up to 2-3 months (for severe trophic disorders of the nervous system).

In tablets - appoint from 1 to 3 pieces per day, no more than 1 tablet at a time. The therapeutic course lasts 4 weeks; in the first 2 weeks, 2-3 tablets are prescribed per day, reducing the dose to 1 tablet per day with an improvement in clinical manifestations.


Assign 2-4 tablets at a time three times during the day. You need to take a vitamin preparation for 3-4 weeks.

Drug interactions

  • During treatment with Neuromultivitis and Pentovit, you should not drink alcohol, since it impairs the absorption of B 1;
  • В6, which is part of Pentovit and Neuromultivit, reduces the effect of antiparkinsonian drugs (levodopa);
  • Biguanides and colchicine reduce B absorption 12 ... If we compare the two drugs, then together with them it is more advisable to drink Neuromultivit, where the dose of cyanocobalamin is higher;
  • Long-term use of drugs for epilepsy (carbmazepine, phentoin and phenobbital) sometimes provokes a deficiency of thiamine, which is part of Neuromultivit and Pentovit;
  • Vitamin B 6 worse absorbed during treatment with penicillin, taking isoniazid and using oral contraceptives;
  • It is undesirable to take Neuromultivit together with Pentovit or other B vitamins.

Application features

Neuromultivit and Pentovit are not prescribed during pregnancy, since exceeding the recommended doses of folic acid can provoke in the fetus a tendency to allergies, excessive weight gain and a tendency to develop diabetes. During pregnancy, it is permissible to take only special multivitamin complexes.

Sometimes Neuromultivitis or Pentovit is prescribed during lactation only when the potential harm to the baby is less than the expected benefit to the woman.


Vidal : https://www.vidal.ru/drugs/neuromultivit GRLS : https://grls.rosminzdrav.ru/Grls_View_v2.aspx?routingGuid=b918101d-1521-4905-8ca2-0babc0cb8bc2&t=

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The drug Neuromultivit is a complex of synthetic vitamins of group B. This group of vitamins is water-soluble; they contain the nitrogen component necessary for a person. The drug is prescribed mainly in the fight against such phenomena as hypovitaminosis and vitamin deficiency. B vitamins play an important role in the metabolism and keep our body in good shape: they normalize the functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular systems, affect the health of the skin and intestinal function, and increase the resistance of cells to foreign microorganisms.


Release form and composition

Tablets are white, biconvex, rounded, film-coated. Pharmacies receive the drug packed in a cardboard box with a blister inside. It contains 20 tablets. The active substances of the drug: thiamine hydrochloride - 100 mg, pyridoxine hydrochloride - 200 mg, cyanocobalamin - 200 μg. All these B vitamins are an irreplaceable source for the functioning of protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism in our body, as well as the regulation of the activity of the central and peripheral nervous system. As auxiliary substances were used: microcrystalline cellulose - 80 mg, magnesium stearate - 4.8 mg, povidone - 15 mg.

Available in ampoules of 2 ml each. The ampoule is made of light-shielding glass with a light blue break ring. The complex of vitamins is packed in blisters with cells. Each blister contains 5 ampoules. The manufacturer produces ampoules for intramuscular administration in sealed cardboard boxes with 1, 2 or 5 blisters inside. The active ingredients of the drug: pyridoxine hydrochloride - 100 mg, thiamine hydrochloride - 100 mg, cyanocobalamin - 1 mg. An additional substance in the composition is diethanolamine 5 mg and water for injection up to 2 ml.

The attending physician prescribes a specific form of release to the patient, depending on the current clinical situation.

pharmachologic effect

B vitamins play an important role in the human body: in addition to fighting hypovitaminosis and vitamin deficiency, their function is to influence the regulation of metabolism in the central nervous system. The active ingredients of the drug also allow achieving an analgesic effect, which is effective in the fight against neuralgia and pain. After reading the manufacturer's instructions, you can find out that the vitamin complex copes with metabolic disorders.

Many vitamins are not able to form in the body spontaneously, so a person needs to replenish their supply in more accessible ways, taking a complex of vitamins in the form of tablets or suspensions.

In case of disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system, doctors also prescribe a course of a complex of vitamins of group B. This is due to the fact that the components that make up the drug give direct stimulation to start the natural restoration of areas of nervous tissue. Thanks to active neurotropic substances, which, in turn, play the role of coenzymes in the processes of the central and peripheral nervous system, an active course of intermediate metabolism is triggered.

In addition, the drug is non-toxic, which means that it will not harm human health. The course is prescribed for both children and adults at the prescribed dosage.


The leading properties for stimulating the pharmacological action are possessed by the components that make up the drug. The drug contains substances such as thiamine, pyridoxine and cyanocobalamin, vitamins B1, B6, B12, respectively. Lack of these components in the human body can lead to neurological disorders, in particular, in the peripheral nervous system.

B vitamins have anti-inflammatory degenerative properties, which have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. In addition to these functions, Neuromultivit actively regulates blood flow, and its components are involved in the most important biochemical reactions of the body and are an irreplaceable catalyst.

Neuromultivitis plays an important role in the regulation of protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Also, vitamin B1 is a source for conducting nerve impulses in synapses. A complex of vitamins is used in the treatment of neuralgia, radiculitis, peripheral paresis and paralysis. The content of thiamine in large quantities is observed in striated muscles, in particular, in the myocardium.


After intramuscular administration, thiamine is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The distribution in the body is uneven, however, the vitamin is found in erythrocytes in large quantities, equal to 75 percent. It is excreted by the kidneys immediately after 20 minutes. The final metabolites are pyramine, thiamincarboxylic acid and others. Thiamin is considered a vitamin that is stored in the body in the lowest concentrations.

Pyridoxine. After the vitamin is injected intramuscularly, it enters the bloodstream and is evenly distributed throughout the body. Most of the vitamin binds to blood plasma proteins. Pyridoxine is evenly distributed throughout the body. It is excreted in the urine after 2–2.5 hours.

Cyanocobalamin. With parenteral administration of the drug, the cyanocobalamin component forms a bond with the transport protein. Absorbed by the liver and bone marrow. Able to penetrate the placental barrier.

Indications for use

The drug is actively used in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system. Experts prescribe it in combination with other drugs used to treat the following diseases:

  • trigeminal neuralgia;
  • polyneuritis of various forms: for example, diabetic polyneuropathy;
  • intercostal neuralgia;
  • lumbago, lumboishalgia: accompanied by sharp pain attacks in the lumbar region;
  • plexitis: lumbar, sacral;
  • neuritis of the facial nerve;
  • trigeminal neuralgia;
  • radiculopathy.

Neuromultivitis is often prescribed to individuals who have various inflammatory diseases of the peripheral nervous system. The drug works well in combination therapy.

Neuromultivitis during pregnancy

It is contraindicated to take a complex of vitamins during pregnancy. This can lead to irreversible consequences for the mother and fetus. To take the drug during lactation, you should stop breastfeeding.

Neuromultivitis with vegetative-vascular dystonia

Vegetovascular dystonia has a number of symptoms that exclude a normal lifestyle: lethargy, drowsiness, lack of energy in the early morning. According to the research results, it turned out that the result of taking the drug is noticeable immediately after the first week. The complex of vitamins not only affects the general well-being of the patient, but also eliminates the consequences of diseases of the nervous system. The condition of the hair improves, hair loss is prevented, and the condition of the skin normalizes. The daily routine returns to normal, appetite appears and normal sleep returns. Adverse reactions are minimized, with a deviation from the dosage, symptoms of hypervitaminosis may appear.

Neuromultivitis with osteochondrosis

The drug contains components that selectively affect physiology at the molecular level. In osteochondrosis, the complex of B vitamins has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, the components play an important role in protein and carbohydrate metabolic processes. The drug is indispensable in complex therapy, it copes well with pain syndromes in the disease.

Neuromultivitis with neuroses

With neuroses, the appointment of a complex of B vitamins is very important. If the dosage is not exceeded, then the drug is effective in the fight against various diseases of the nervous system, in particular, with neuroses. The drug affects the nervous processes at the molecular level, and the condition improves immediately after several applications.

Neuromultivitis for depression and stress

The drug is a valuable source of essential vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole. During stress, the hormone cortisol is released, this action is dangerous and traumatic for the immune system, which negatively affects the nerve cells. B vitamins prevent the production of free radicals and cortisol, which leads to improved mood and promotes the production of good mood hormones.

Neuromultivitis in oncology

Today, oncology is often fatal. The disease affects not only various organs and systems, but also negatively affects the nervous system. Many patients take the news of the disease too hard, which becomes the reason for the development of many diseases, including those related to immunity. B vitamins are involved in metabolic and recovery processes.

Neuromultivitis while breastfeeding

Neuromultivitis is a relative contraindication for breastfeeding. The components of the drug easily penetrate the transplacental barrier and are able to enter the mother's milk. Therefore, you should exclude the use of the drug during the nursing period. If the appointment is necessary, it is strongly recommended to stop breastfeeding.

Neuromultivitis for epilepsy

Vascular neurologists are actively prescribing the drug in complex therapy for the treatment of epilepsy. It is used after injuries of various origins, as a source of recovery processes in the body. Neuromultivitis regulates blood pressure, fights attacks of pain syndrome and has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.


Neuromultivitis has a number of contraindications that should be considered before prescribing and taking:

  1. Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. This contraindication applies to vitamin B1.
  2. Peptic ulcer and intestinal disorders in history. This rule applies to vitamin B6. It can provoke an increase in stomach acidity.
  3. Vakez's disease, erythrocytosis, embolism: the formation of a blood clot in the bloodstream of the vessel.
  4. Acute and chronic heart failure.
  5. Childhood.
  6. Pregnancy.


The complex of vitamins B1, B6, B12 is available in two forms: tablets and injection.

Neuromultivit tablets are prescribed for adults in a daily dose of 1 tablet 1-3 times a day. The frequency of admission depends on the clinical picture of the disease and individual tolerance. Tablets are recommended to be taken preferably after meals, without chewing, drinking plenty of water. The course of treatment also depends on the disease, usually the duration ranges from 5 to 30 days.

The solution for injection is intended for intramuscular administration, it is strongly not recommended to inject the solution intravenously. The drug in a dosage of 2 ml per day is administered for 5-10 days, then the dosage is reduced and injections are carried out for three weeks. All procedures are carried out under the supervision of the attending physician.

Experts recommend switching from injections to pills as soon as possible.

Side effects

The complex of B vitamins is important in many biochemical and metabolic processes in the body, therefore, no significant side effects (subject to dosage) have been identified after using the drug.

However, some people develop hypersensitivity to certain components, which leads to various allergic reactions in the form of rashes on the body, itching and hyperemia.

On the part of the gastrointestinal tract, a number of side effects have been observed in the form of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In the work of the cardiovascular system, deterioration in the form of tachycardia was also recorded. On the part of the general state of health, the following were revealed: headache, dizziness, confusion.

When administered intramuscularly, it has been noticed that pain syndrome is often observed in persons with a low pain threshold. It should be borne in mind that most vitamins in ampoules for injection should be administered slowly. This will reduce the sensation of pain and not cause discomfort to the patient.

special instructions

In no case should the drug be administered in the form of a solution for intramuscular injection into the vascular bed intravenously. This may entail the risk of side reactions of the body: deterioration in general or allergic reactions in the form of anaphylactic shock. If you violate the instructions, you should contact a specialist.

The time of absorption of thiamine increases when a complex of vitamins is consumed simultaneously with alcohol or strong tea.

Neuromultivitis is a preparation containing a component of vitamin B6. For persons with a history of ulcerative disease or intestinal disorders, the dosage is reduced or the drug is replaced. In case of unsatisfactory work of the renal system and liver, you should also be careful when using this drug.

The course of treatment is 4 weeks. When using a complex of vitamins for a longer period, dysfunctions from the nervous system may occur: the appearance of symptoms of neuralgia.

For persons whose profession is related to transport management and work with complex mechanisms, there are no special instructions and prohibitions. There are strictly individual cases when the situation requires specialist advice.

Neuromultivitis is also used in complex therapy in the treatment of heart failure and vascular disease.

Application during pregnancy and lactation

It is highly discouraged to take the drug during pregnancy, as well as during lactation and breastfeeding. There are no reliable data on clinical cases, therefore, you should replace the drug or consult a doctor to select a more suitable option. If the drug is used during early pregnancy, you should immediately contact a specialist for examination and preservation of the fetus.

Neuromultivitis for children

To date, the safety of the drug for children under 12 years of age has not been clinically proven. There is an opinion that when this drug is prescribed to young patients, they develop hypervitaminosis, which is extremely important to prevent the child. Hypervitaminosis develops due to the fact that the drug contains B vitamins, the daily dose of which is intended only for adults. However, there are cases when pediatricians still prescribe analog drugs to children over 3 years old. The pediatrician tries to take into account all the individual characteristics of the child and the clinical case.

After a thorough examination of the child and collecting a detailed reliable history, the doctor decides on the advisability of prescribing the drug.


The risk of developing side effects increases significantly with the avoidance of dosing indicated on the packaging by the manufacturer. You should carefully study the instructions and follow the rules for taking the drug.

When the first symptoms of an overdose appear, immediate discontinuation of the drug is recommended. Further, symptomatic and strengthening therapy is prescribed under the strict supervision of the attending physician.

Drug interactions

It is not recommended to take the drug at the same time as antiparkinsonian drugs. One of them is levodopa. This reduces the effectiveness and work of antiparkinsonian drugs and reduces the effectiveness of its use to zero. In case of unintentional violation of the instructions, you should postpone the intake of a complex of vitamins.

The drug Neuromultivit should not be prescribed with other vitamin complexes containing B vitamins, as this can lead to an overdose.

Preparations containing ethanol can also reduce the absorption efficiency of the vitamin complex. The benefit of taking drugs of this nature at a time is minimal.


There are several types of analogues of this drug. Some of these are structural analogs: Angiovit and Multitabs B-complex. They are good substitutes for the drug and are actively prescribed in complex therapy. There are various drugs in the price category.

Neuromultivitis or Milgamma?

There are a number of analogues of Neuromultivit, which are quite ways to replace the drug in certain clinical cases. For example, if we consider the drug Neuromultivit in comparison with Malgamma, then we can identify several advantages of each vitamin complex. So, both drugs are included in the group of neurotropic vitamins. The active substances that make up the preparations are similar. However, Milgamma also contains lidocaine hydrochloride. This means that as part of a complex therapy, both drugs will function in the same way, but Milgamma will also give a more pronounced analgesic effect in pain syndromes.

Neuromultivitis or Combilipen?

Neuromultivitis and Kombilipen belong to the group of neutrotropic vitamins and have the same composition and contraindications. However, Kombilipen also contains the substance lidocaine, which is a powerful analgesic. Vitamin complexes have different manufacturers: Combilipen is produced by a domestic pharmaceutical company. In addition, the drug has a wider list of side effects. The price category of drugs is also different. The doctor prescribes a particular complex to the patient strictly according to individual indications.

Neuromultivitis or Neurobion?

Neuromultivitis and Neurobion have a similar composition and work in the same way. However, they also have slight differences in composition: cyanocobalamin in Neurobion contains 0.04 mg more than in Neuromultivitis. This allows prescribing Neurobion to patients who have a history of diseases of the circulatory system. The specialist prescribes a particular drug based on the indicators that are revealed during the collection of a detailed history: concomitant diseases, age, individual tolerance of each component, the patient's well-being for a given period.

Neuromultivitis or Pentovit?

Both drugs have a similar composition of vitamins, however, in addition to vitamins B1, B6 and B12, Pentovit also contains nicotinamide and folic acid in small doses. The drugs prevent hypovitaminosis and replenish the supply of vitamins in our body. Pentovit is prescribed in much higher dosages than Neuromultivit, since the latter contains components of vitamins with a higher concentration. Neuromultivit has a foreign manufacturer, therefore its price is much higher than that of Pentovit.

Neuromultivitis or Berocca?

The drugs Neuromultivit and Berocca are complexes of B vitamins and have a similar composition. However, the Berocca drug contains trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, as well as nicotinamide, pantothenic acid and biotin. There are more indications for taking Berocca. Neuromultivitis is prescribed for more serious diseases, since its action is based solely on the vitamin complex of group B. Experts prescribe both drugs, however, each patient is selected a drug strictly individually.

Alcohol compatibility

The preparation of the complex of B vitamins is not recommended to be taken at the same time with alcoholic beverages. This adversely affects the absorption of components, in particular thiamine. In case of unsatisfactory absorption, the effectiveness and efficiency of treatment are minimal, therefore, you should refuse to take strong drinks during treatment with Neuromultivitis.

Terms of sale

The drug is dispensed strictly according to the prescription of the attending physician.

Storage conditions

Store in a dark place, out of the reach of children and persons with mental disorders, at a temperature not higher than +25 degrees. Shelf life - 3 years from the date of release of the drug indicated on the package.


The drug is produced by the pharmaceutical company Gl.Pharma GmbH Schlossplatz 1, 8502 Lannach, Austria. For all questions, contact Valeant LLC, Moscow, Shabolovka street, 31, building 5. Telephone number: 495-510-28-79.

Pentovit: how to take vitamins correctly

Pentavit - useful vitamins that have a complex effect.


Release form

Vitamins are produced in pill form and are sold in packs of 10, 50 and 100.

What elements are included

The constituent components are: vitamin PP, vitamins of class B. Auxiliary ingredients: thiamine hydrochloride, folic acid, nicotinamide.


The complex effect of the drug is explained by the elements present in the composition:

  • vitamin B1. Actively affects the neuromuscular regulation, takes part in the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine;

  • vitamin B6. Stabilizes the functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system. It is involved in the process of metabolism and the production of neurotransmitters;

  • vitamin B12. It has a positive effect on the functioning of the liver, central nervous system, improves blood clotting, takes part in the production of amino acids and the metabolic process;

  • nicotinamide. It is involved in carbohydrate and fat metabolism;

  • folic acid. Takes part in the production of amino acids.


  • Vitamin B1. Absorption occurs in the small intestine and duodenum. The vitamin is evenly distributed throughout the tissues. Approximately 1 mg of thiamine is produced every day. It is excreted by the kidneys.

  • Vitamin B6. It is absorbed from the stomach, after which it is processed by the liver into pyridoxal phosphate, i.e. takes an active form. It is excreted by the kidneys.

  • Vitamin B12. When the vitamin content is large, absorption occurs through diffusion. The metabolic process is slow. Comes out with bile.

  • Vitamin PP. In a short time it is absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract. It is evenly distributed throughout the body.

  • Folic acid. A small amount is absorbed through absorption, and a significant amount through diffusion. Distributed throughout the body. There is no information yet about the metabolism of folic acid.

In what cases is prescribed

It is advisable to take vitamins in such cases:

  • for preventive and therapeutic purposes with a lack of vitamins in the body;

  • the body needs a large amount of B vitamins;

  • during the recovery period after infectious diseases;

  • dermatitis;

  • neuralgia.

Indications for use can only be established by a doctor who monitors the specifics of the course of the disease.

Instructions for use

With the available indications for admission, you must strictly adhere to the instructions. Children from 12 years old and adults take vitamins according to the following scheme: drink 3 tablets 3 times a day every day. The medicine is taken with food.

If a person has any disease, then the treatment regimen is determined by a specialist. You cannot self-medicate. The minimum duration of taking the vitamin complex is 20-28 days.


Vitamins Pentovit have a minimum number of contraindications. These include:

Adverse reactions and overdose

As a result of the use of the drug, the following undesirable reactions may appear:

Cases of overdose are possible. If you exceed the established dose and do not follow the prescribed scheme, then hypervitaminosis may occur, the body will contain an excessive amount of vitamins of group B. To all this, side reactions in a more pronounced form may appear.

special instructions

If the choice is made in favor of the Pentovit vitamins, then you cannot take other vitamin preparations in parallel in order to exclude possible cases of overdose.

Do not exceed the dose indicated in the instructions.

There is sugar in the tablet shell, so people with high blood sugar should be extremely careful and consult a doctor in advance.

Taking vitamins in no way affects the ability to drive a vehicle and other mechanisms that require increased attention.

Vitamins can be purchased at any pharmacy, dispensed without a medical prescription. You can store it for 36 months from the date of production. You need to keep in a dry place where the sun's rays do not fall.

Do not take Pentovit in parallel with alcoholic beverages. Otherwise, the absorption of the constituent components will be significantly reduced.

With the simultaneous intake of a vitamin complex and biguanides, a decrease in the absorption of cyanocobalamin may be noted. Do not use together drugs that increase blood clotting. With a long course of treatment with anticonvulsant drugs and concurrent administration with vitamins, there is a lack of thiamine.

Can I take Pentovit during pregnancy

If necessary, the remedy is allowed to be taken by women during the period of bearing a child.

Is it possible to give Pentovit to children

The drug can be given to children over 12 years of age. Children under 12 years of age can only be given Pentovit as directed by and under the supervision of a pediatrician. Most often, vitamins are prescribed for the complex treatment of other diseases.

Analogues, price

Analogues of Pentovit also represent vitamin complexes. There are a lot of them. The most popular are: Benfolipen, Pikovit and Neuromultivit. The latter drug, unlike Pentavit, does not contain some B vitamins.

A pack of 50 tablets costs about 150 rubles.

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