How to control the aircraft in GTA "San Andreas"? How to manage the fighter in GTA San Andreas

Driving a car in GTA series games is an integral attribute, because you will spend a lot of time driving. In these games, there has always been a huge variety of cars that you could try. They have different handling, can accelerate to different speeds and so on. Therefore, every gamer could receive a sea of ​​pleasure over long time intervals. However, it is worth noting that the aircraft and other aircraft did not appear for a very long time. But everything has changed in GTA "San Andreas", and the users have become available for various means for moving through the air. However, it is worth noting that almost everyone has difficulty management, because this process was done more realistic, and you will have to make amendments to various factors. Therefore, special attention should be paid to how to manage the aircraft in GTA "San Andreas". It is at this moment that most gamers have serious questions.

Airplanes in GTA "San Andreas"

how to manage aircraft in gta san andreas

Before detailing to consider the question of how to manage the aircraft in GTA "San Andreas", it is necessary to deal with the appearance of these vehicles in the game. They are more than ten, and all of them have different characteristics. First of all, it is worth noting that they are divided into jet and screw, each of the species have their advantages and disadvantages, and most importantly - the features of management. To start driving the aircraft, it first needs to get it, and this can be done only in certain places. You can wait for the moment when you fall a chance to fly in the air in the air, and you can hurry the events and find the place where the planes are located. So, let's say that you have already found air transport. What do you do next? How to control the aircraft in GTA "San Andreas"?

Office aircraft

Missions in Gta San Andreas

Do not think that this action in the game represents something unimaginable. The fact is that you have to use almost all the same keys as when driving a car, but you will need much more zeal and attentiveness, as well as smoothness in movements. Nevertheless, how to control the aircraft in GTA "San Andreas"? First of all, you should understand that you will need all the same movement buttons. The A and D keys are responsible for the rotation to the left and right, respectively, but for more smooth turn it is better to try the Q keys and E. The W button is responsible for acceleration, that is, you can add in speed when you hold it down and slow down when you release it. Do not forget about the fact that the plane can also rise above and go down below. For this, the arrows up and down arrows, but only pay attention to the fact that the down arrow allows you to go up above, and the up arrow is descended below, and not vice versa. That's all the foundations of the aircraft, the rest is a matter of practice. Missions in GTA "San Andreas", in which you need to use the aircraft, fly on your own, and over time you will be able to pilot any means without any problems.

Alternative governance

GTA San Andreas Codes Airplanes

However, this is not the only way to control the aircraft, there is also an alternative. It is not recommended to use it when you need to fulfill important missions in GTA "San Andreas". The fact is that here you need to very thinly own a computer mouse, as the control is carried out exclusively with its help. With the right key, you can look around, otherwise you will manage the aircraft. It is not very convenient, but if you can't play at all on the keyboard, you can try this way - suddenly it will give you easier. You can also help in this case in the game GTA "San Andreas" codes. You can receive aircraft by introducing a combination of symbols, and not exploring the city in search of the right tool. However, pay attention to the fact that codes will not teach you to fly, so you will have to cope with it yourself.


Airplanes for GTA San Andreas

The implementation of the takeoff is one of the most important points of flight. Naturally, if you can't fly, then you do not have to learn to drive the aircraft, so first of all, we will deal with this process. Here you have two additional keys to learn. Num 2 allows you to remove the chassis, and Num 8 - to carry out the immediate takeoff. So, if you want to take off horizontally, you will need to accelerate to a certain speed, which varies from the aircraft to the aircraft, and then press these two keys to break away from the ground and remove the chassis. It may seem that Num 2 is not a particularly important key, as you can fly with it, but it is not. You will be much more difficult to manage the aircraft if you do not remove the chassis. Still note that this key allows you to make a vertical takeoff if you have a jet fighter that supports this function. In this case, also do not forget to disable this mode so as not to experience difficulties with the control. Airplanes for GTA "San Andreas" is a real find, since the fans like this innovation incredibly liked. But the Office raises a lot of questions, however, if you learn this instruction, you can soar as a bird without any problems.


GTA San Andreas Fashion Aircraft

But the landing is the stage with which users have serious difficulties. And it is very difficult for something to advise something, because in this case everything solves the practice. Do not forget to produce a chassis, sit down only for long-term flat areas without any obstacles, go to the landing smoothly by tangent - that's all the advice. Here you have to practice and, perhaps, even smash a couple of aircraft, but over time you will develop the necessary skill.

A variety of aircraft and codes on them

What pleases many in this game is a variety of different aircraft. By the way, there is a way that allows you to add even more aircraft in GTA "San Andreas", fashion. Airplanes are added without any problems, but even those that are in the game will deliver you an incredible pleasure when you learn them to manage. If you are reluctant to look for aircraft throughout the city, you can use codes. For example, Jumpjet gives you the coolest fighter, and urkqsrk is a simple screw aircraft.

Console control GTA SA is just hell, and to drive the fighter to get used to! There is nothing complicated.

How to manage the fighter in GTA San Andreas

To pass some missions, the successful completion of a flying school and for the sake of rapid movement between the cities, the player needs to be understood how to manage the fighter in GTA San Andreas to avoid falling.

For the successful completion of a flying school, the passage of some missions and rapid movements between cities you need to understand how to manage the fighter in Gta San Andreas.

Where to find a fighter in gta

Hydra is the only fighter in the game. It is possible to find it in the following locations:

  • On the aircraft carrier in the port of San Fierro.
  • On the secret military base "Zone 69" in Las Venturas.
  • In the Bowne district (north of Las Venandas) on the "plane cemetery."

Also CJ will receive a fighter "Hydra" after passing the mission No. 93 "Vertical Bird". The stolen fighter will be parked at the "Verdant Meadows" airfield - on an abandoned strip.

The plane can be obtained using the cheat code to the fighter " Jumpjet. »

Fighter Management

To get behind the steering wheel of the aircraft, click ENTER or F.

Subsequently, use the keys:

  • "eight" (Digital keyboard block) - Enable horizontal flight mode.
  • "2" (digital keyboard block) - turn on the vertical flight mode or breathing in the air.
  • "+" or "2" - Hiding and exit the chassis.
  • "W" (Hold) - a set of speed.
  • «S» (Hold) - braking.
  • «Q» - left turn.
  • "E" - right turn.
  • "A" - Roll left.
  • "D" - Roll to the right.
  • «↑» - Tilt of the nose of the aircraft up.
  • «↓» - Tilt of the nose of the aircraft down.

How to shoot on a fighter in GTA:

  • Space - Capture goals.
  • Alt. (left) - shot from the machine gun.
  • Ctrl (left) - Release of rocket.

Recommendations and secrets

Do not fly over the "zone 69" in Las Venturas and the Naval Base in San Fierro - there are anti-aircraft missile systems in these areas, otherwise you will shoot. However, sharp turns and false thermal targets that can shoot down from the course released in the side of the rocket fighter.

Hydra can repair itself. The only thing that is not remined is the wings.

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Console control of GTA Ca is a day hell, because of which it is simply impossible to manage the fighter! But there is nowhere to go, you need to get used to it.

How to manage the fighter in GTA San Andreas?

The fighter management in San Andreas is rather strange. Two hands are used to manage the fighter, W, A, S and D is used for movement, as well as SHIFT with NUM8. Especially often people forget about the last button. Num8 is "8" on the additional layout of the keyboard, to the right of the arrows.

When you take off or fly, keep Num8 so that the plane flew straight, and otherwise it will constantly "fall". And for fighter shooting, two more buttons are answered, more common - Ctrl and space.

The game "GTA: San Andreas" is, perhaps, the most popular game from the series, it was published in October 2004, and immediately gained popularity. Open world, a lot of activities, fascinating gameplay and much more games at that time could not provide, but "GTA: San Andreas" could.

Among the abundance of entertainment types in the game, players can sit behind the steering wheel of various aircraft. However, it is easy to guess, they have a different control of what is present in the car. Because of this, many players first lost and crashed their aircraft repeatedly. In the article, we will talk about how to manage the aircraft in "GTA: San Andreas". This instruction will help each easily master the oscillation of the management of all aircraft in the game.

Where to find the plane

But before the story about how to manage the aircraft in "GTA: San Andreas", it is worth talking where you can find and how to get the same plane.

In order not to raise for a long time, it is worth going to the essence right away. Airplane you can detect at the airports of the city. But the snag is that many may not know where these airports are located. Not trouble, in this case, you can use a small cunning - cheat codes. Perhaps this is the easiest way to find the plane in the game. More precisely, you will not even look for it, he himself will appear in front of you.

So, to get a plane, you need to register one of the following cheat codes: Jumpjet or urkqsrk. The first code materializes the military fighter in front of you, on board which places rocket attitudes and special traps for removing enemy rockets. The second code will provide you with a small airplane - Biplane on a piston engine. He has no weapons, but he is more turning.

how to manage aircraft in gta san andreas

Unfortunately, cheat codes will not allow you to get the biggest plane in "GTA: San Andreas", this "bird" will need to be found. And it is located at the airport in Las Venturas.

Methods of control of the aircraft

After we figured out where you can find aircraft in the game, you can talk about how to manage the aircraft in "GTA: San Andreas".

Fortunately, almost all devices are managed equally, with the exception of just one - military fighter. But after him a little later. Now let's look at the passenger plane in "GTA: San Andreas", which can be found at Los Santos International Airport, it is located at the very bottom of the card.

Passenger plane in GTA San Andreas

So, climbing the plane, you need it to initially drive out on the runway to carry out overclocking. To do this, use the W and S. buttons using W you will move towards forward, and clap s, you can go back. Also, to adjust your direction, use the Q and E keys, turning the left of the aircraft left and right, respectively.

So, you are standing on the runway and ready to climb the sky - there is nothing easier. To do this, clamp the W key and gradually gain the speed as soon as you turn up to the limit, clamp the button with the down arrow (↓) and the aircraft will start typing the height. Now you can control the height steering, pressing down (↓) or up (↑). To turn left or right, you can use all the same Q and E, but in order to make a quick turn, turn the wings to the vertical position using the A or D keys, depending on where they are gathered to turn, and clamp down (↓). At first it will be uncomfortable, and perhaps you break the device a couple of times, but over time you will learn everything.

How to manage a military fighter

So you learned how to manage the aircraft in "GTA: San Andreas", but we disassembled an ordinary passenger aircraft, now let's talk about the military fighter, since its control is slightly different.

The biggest plane in Gta San Andreas

The difference is insignificant: the fact is that the takeoff is carried out vertically, for this, reactive turbines are used. That is, sowing to the device and climbing w, you will not gain speed, you just take off up. To go, so to speak, in the usual flight mode, you need to level the turbines horizontally.

To do this, initially type the desired height, and then clamp and hold about three seconds the 8 key on the Num-PUD. Everything, now the plane is controlled in the same way as the passenger. By the way, you can carry out the landing in the same way or, translating the turbine to the vertical position and dropping the craving - to solve only you.

Now you finally learned how to control the aircraft in "GTA: San Andreas".

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