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Action Ceftriaxone

The drug is packaged in bottles of 0.5, 1 and 2 g of powder. Its solution is used for parenteral (intramuscular or intravenous) injection into the body with various bacterial infections:

  • skin and soft tissues, including wound surface contamination;
  • upper and lower respiratory tract;
  • urogenital system (including syphilis and gonoraly);
  • abdominal cavity, including some acute intestinal infections;
  • bone-articular system.

Ceftriaxone is used for intramuscular or intravenous administration

Ceftriaxone is used for intramuscular or intravenous administration.

The use of the drug is due to:

  • a wide range of bactericidal action;
  • resistance to penicillinase;
  • high concentration in biological fluids such as blood, synovial, spinal, peritoneal, etc.

The effect of ceftriaxone on the body

The medicine is produced as a powder. The prepared solution is introduced into the muscle or vein.

  • infectious diseases of the respiratory tract;
  • skin pathology;
  • urinary tract diseases;
  • venereal diseases;
  • peritonitis;
  • Gynecological diseases.

After the start of treatment, for 2-3 days, the patient decreases the severity of symptoms. Since the preparation is made in the form of a powder, it must be dissolved by saline or painkillers - lidocaine or novocaine.

Indications for simultaneous use

Instructions for Novocaine does not contain indications for use of the drug as a solvent to antibiotics. Despite this, it is often used as auxiliary remedy for intramuscular injections of ceftriaxone in adults, since the introduction of an aqueous antibiotic solution causes local soreness.

Novocaine is used as an aid with intramuscular injections of ceftriaxone

Novocaine is used as an aid with intramuscular injections of ceftriaxone.


Reviews of doctors and people who used these medicines are good.


Stepan, 49 years old, therapist, Nizhny Novgorod

I appoint antibacterial agents with an anesthetic to your patients with different kind of infections for V / m injections. If you properly breed medicines and take them according to the instructions of the doctor, the effect comes quickly.

Konstantin, 44 years old, dermatologist, Omsk

With skin and bone infections, the antibiotic ceftriaxone has proven itself. But since intramuscular introduction Its painfully, I advise you to mix it with lidocaine. He does not affect the effect of medication, but only plays a short-scale painkillers.

Methods for applying ceftriaxone and novocaine

Ceftriaxone and Novocaine are shared only for intramuscular injections. Preparations are desirable to mix immediately before injection, since its activity is retained by no more than 6 hours at room temperature and no more than 24 hours under refrigerator conditions.

How to breed

For dilution of 1 g or 500 mg of antibacterial powder use proportions:

  • 4-5 ml of novocaine with an active substance content of 5 mg / ml;
  • 2 ml of anesthetic with a content of 10 mg / ml and 2 ml of water for injection.

In the syringe volume of 5 ml, anesthetic is gaining and injected into a bottle with an antibiotic. The syringe is disconnected by leaving the needle in the bottle. After the intensive shake of the bottle, the powder must completely dissolve. The resulting liquid is gained in a new syringe. For injection use another sterile needle.

If 500 mg of the drug is needed, and there are only vials from 1 g, then the dilution is used 2 times the larger volume of novocaine. But after dilution, 5 ml of solution is gaining in the syringe, which are injected intramuscularly.

How to prick

Pricks put more often in the upper-outer quadrant of the jagon area. The needle is introduced deep into the muscle.

How to breed ceftriaxone, with which you can prick an antibiotic?

The use of antibacterial drugs make up the basis of treatment with various kinds of bacterial infections.

They act directly on the causative agent, slowing its growth, development, causing the destruction of cell walls and death. Among famous antibiotics - ceftriaxone, which is produced in the form of powder.

The question arises before applying the drug: how to breed ceftriaxone and how to achieve maximum effect.

What is ceftriaxone?

The antibiotic in the ceftriaxone powder is a drug belonging to the group of cephalosporins III of generation. The drug has a wide range of action, used for parenteral administration (in vein or muscle).

Its bactericidal activity is due to the ability to suppress the synthesis of the cell wall in bacteria. The remedy has high efficiency in respect of a large amount of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, anaerobes.

This explains the wide scope of antibiotic applying: the drug is used in various fields of medicine.

What does ceftriaxone help?

Not knowing exactly your diagnosis, the name of the disease, patients when appointing medication often ask a question regarding what Ceftriaxone injections help.

The list of microorganisms in respect of which the drug is effective, therefore, we will highlight the main types of diseases under which Ceftriaxone is used:

  • Infectious diseases of the abdominal organs: inflammation of the gastrointestinal organs, peritonitis, the pathology of biliary tract, cholangitis;
  • Diseases of respiratory organs: abscess, pneumonia, Empiama Plevra;
  • infections of the musculoskeletal system: the defeat of the joints, bones;
  • diseases of the urogenital tract - both non-specific and specific (gonorrhea);
  • bacterial meningitis;
  • endocarditis;
  • sepsis;
  • borreliosis;
  • typhoid fever.

Do I need to breed ceftriaxone?

Ceftriaxone treatment implies preliminary preparation of the injection solution. The drug is produced as a white powder in bottles.

Before breeding ceftriaxone to the necessary concentration, it is necessary to take into account the dosage of the drug installed by the doctor. Only after this medicine can be used for intravenous or intramuscular administration.

How to properly breed ceftriaxone in a particular case of a nurse determines given the place of administration of the drug.

What is breeding ceftriaxone?

Even before the start of the outpatient treatment, the drug often arises the question than to dilute ceftriaxone.

To obtain a solution, doctors use various sterile liquids and even drugs:

  • water for injection;
  • Novocaine;
  • Lidocaine.

Recent drugs belong to anesthetic. Their use reduces the painful sensations that the patient is experiencing during the introduction of the antibiotic and after the injection. It is worth noting that the choice of a solution for the preparation of the solution is caused by the place of administration of the prepared drug (intramuscularly or intravenously).

When introducing into the muscle, the maximum concentration of the active component in the blood is observed after 1.5-2 hours, and when the vein is inserted, immediately after the end of the procedure.

Having understood with what solutions can be used to prepare a medicine, it is necessary to find out how to breed ceftriaxone.

Doctors even before telling how the ceftriaxone injections are diverged directly with intramuscular administration, pay attention to the maximum dosage.

With this type of administration, it is allowed to use no more than 1 g of a dissolved preparation. To dissolve powder and prepare a solution, use water for injection and an anesthetic drug.

Each type of cooked solution has a number of features:

  1. Ceftriaxone, prepared on water for injection, is unable to cause allergic reactions. However, this solution causes severe pain when administered: injection is introduced very slowly, within 2-3 minutes.
  2. To save the patient from suffering, Lidocaine, Novocaine is used as a solvent. However, these drugs often provoke anaphylactic shock, so they use them only in hospitals, where there is an opportunity to provide emergency care.

How to breed ceftriaxone for intravenous administration?

When prescribing the drug Ceftriaxone, the use of medication, the features of elimination, the dosage of doctors is established individually. If the patient is treated in the hospital, then preference is given to intravenous, drip administration. In this form, the drug not only affects the pathogen itself, but also helps to save the body from intoxication.

For the preparation of the solution and setting the dropper use water for injections. To the question of patients regarding whether the ceftriaxon can be breeding in advance doctors respond negatively.

The prepared solution is added to the system, fastened with a solution of glucose or saline. Nurses know how to breed ceftriaxone in this case, in addition, the information is duplicated in the list of prescriptions of the doctor.

Lidocaine for breeding an antibiotic cannot be used.

Is it possible to breed ceftriaxone with saline?

In search of a solution for the preparation of a solution Patients are often interested in a doctor if Ceftriaxon sodium chloride can be breeded.

This substance on the concentration is isotonic with respect to the blood plasma, so it is often used for intravenous injections. It is allowed to use it for breeding if the antibiotic is injected drip.

If the drug is appointed intravenously insertion (administered using a syringe), the ceftriaxone powder is necessary for injection water.

Doubting the admissibility of the use of anesthetics to prepare an antibiotic solution, patients are often wondering if Ceftriaxone can be diluted with Novocaine.

Doctors do not recommend using this preparation as a solvent in a particular case. It has been established that novocaine is able to reduce the therapeutic effectiveness of the antibiotic.

In addition, cases of anaphylaxis with fatal outcome are known when an antibiotic is introduced with this drug.

Alternatives use lidocaine. It is several times better relieves soreness, in addition, allergic reactions when using this drug rarely occur. For the preparation of the solution, 1% lidocaine solution is used. How to breed Ceftriaxone with this anesthetic discussed below.

Wanting to know about all types of solvents for an antibiotic, patients are interested in a doctor if Ceftriaxon can breed analgin. At the same time, they pursue the goal of reducing painful sensations during the injection.

Doctors do not use analgin for the preparation of solutions for parenteral administration. This drug has insufficient painkillers, so it is impractical to apply it.

Lidocaine is used as a solvent with a pronounced analgesic effect.

How to breed antibiotic ceftriaxone?

Before pricking Ceftriaxone intramuscularly (intravenous), it is necessary to properly dilute the drug. To do this, contact the sheet of medical purposes, where the dosage and multiplicity of drug administration is specified in detail. The drug is produced in bottles clogged with a rubber lid and sealed with a metal ring.

The algorithm of breeding itself is as follows:

  1. Mixed in the antiseptics with a cotton ball nurse processes a bottle tube.
  2. A sterile syringe with a scaled solvent (water, lidocaine) introduces a solution into a bottle.
  3. Thoroughly mixes, whirls the bottle to completely dissolve the powder and obtaining a homogeneous solution.
  4. Picks out a solution from the bottle to another sterile syringe and introduces it into the muscle (the upper outer quadrant of the buttocks) or intravenously, according to the appointment of the doctor.

To make the medicine correctly and quickly, it is necessary to know exactly how to breed ceftriaxone with lidocaine. For the preparation of the finished solution, 1% anesthetic solution is used. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the dosage installed by the doctor and the drug used. Ceftriaxone is produced at 500 and 1000 mg, so when breeding the antibiotic should be as focused as possible.

To prepare the necessary concentration of the active ingredient, you must follow the following schemes:

  1. To obtain a solution with 0.5 g of ceftriaxone, the bottle with dosage 500 is bred 2 ml of 1% lidocaine (1 ampoule).
  2. To obtain a solution of 0.5 g of an antibiotic using a drug with a dosage of 1000 mg - 4 ml of anesthetic is separated and 2 ml of the resulting solution is taken to infection.

How to breed ceftriaxone lidocaine and water?

Separately, talking about how to breed ceftriaxone water for injections, no sense - the principle of the same as with the above lidocaine. However, in some cases, physicians have to simultaneously use anesthetic and injection water. This happens if there is only a 2% lidocaine solution at hand.

In such cases, act as follows:

  1. In the syringe, 2 ml of water for injection and as much lidocaine are gaining.
  2. From the resulting volume of the solution, 2 ml is used for dilution of ceftriaxone.

How to prick ceftriaxone?

To get a quick effect of receiving the drug Ceftriaxone, the injection should be carried out correctly. The place of administration of the antibiotic and the method is determined by the doctor. The preference of the doctors is given to an intravenous method as the highest Speaking. As a place of injection, the elbow fold is selected.

With a light infection, without complications and other concomitant pathologies, doctors can carry out outpatient treatment. In such cases, how to properly breed ceftriaxone and introduce intramuscularly nurse explains the patient in advance.

The injection algorithm is as follows:

  1. The drug is bred, according to a diagram installed by the doctor.
  2. The injection site, the buttock muscle is treated with antiseptic solution.
  3. Visually dividing the buttock into 4 parts, the needle is introduced into the upper outer quadrant.
  4. The solution is introduced slowly, remove the needle and put a cotton ball into the place of injection.

Regardless of how ceftriaxone, intramuscularly or intravenously entered, to avoid reaction to the use of anesthetic (lidocaine), a sample is carried out. Make it immediately before the instrument in the procedural office.

The small volume of the drug is administered subcutaneously and observed the response of the body:

  1. If the injection site is not blushing, burning and itching is missing - the drug is well tolerated by the body.
  2. If the reaction appeared, the drug is canceled and an alternative drug is selected.

Ceftriaxone - Dosage

Using ceftriaxone with lidocaine as the main treatment, dosage and multiplicity of medication, doctors are installed on the basis of the collected data (the severity of the disease, the presence of related pathologies). At the same time, the type of disease is determined.

In general, doctors adhere to the following dosages:

  • Newborn (up to 2 weeks) - 20-50 mg per 1 kg of weight per day;
  • Breast kids and guys up to 12 years old - 20-80 mg / kg per day, depending on the severity of the disease;
  • Adults and children over 12 years old - 1-2 g once a day or 0.5-1 g twice after 12 hours (daily dose - no more than 4 g).

How much to prick ceftriaxone?

The main question that is asked by patients taking ceftriaxone: how many days by antibiotic is long. Each case is individual, so only the doctor can correctly determine the necessary duration of therapy.

Doctors recommend applying medicine for two days from the date of the disappearance of symptoms and relief of well-being. The entire course of treatment with an antibiotic can last from 4 to 14 days. On average, 10 days passes from the start of treatment before recovery.

Wobenzym - Instructions for use in gynecology and important features The drug Vobenzym, instructions for use in the gynecology of which is determined by the type of disease, is a universal medicine. It has several actions at the same time, so it can be used to treat and prevent diseases. Nimille powder - how to make medicine without harm to health? Nimesil powder has a pronounced painkiller effect, but it is not recommended to apply it for a long period. The drug is hepatotoxic and can lead to the development of a variety of liver work disorders.
Aeral Powder - Indications and Proper Use Airtal Powder - Nonteroid Anti-Inflammatory Means used to relieve pain, reduce edema at the place of destruction of the joint. We will figure out how to breed and drink medicine, which doses will be optimal in certain cases. The Tablets of Arkoxy - the composition and rules for the use of the Tablet of Arkoxy are an anti-inflammatory anesthetic appointed during arthritis, gout, after dental operations. The dosage appoints the doctor, it also determines the duration of therapy.


Side effects

Both drugs are able to cause an allergic reaction: from skin manifestations to bronchospasm and anaphylaxis. Moreover, the probability of their occurrence increases with the joint use of drugs. Therefore, before appointing antibiotics and local anesthetics, find out any symptoms of intolerance in history and conduct allerger.

Among other side effects, local reactions are most often found: redness and infiltration - seal or "bump" at the injection site. Despite the use of anesthetic, there may be pain during the injection. Less often there are other side manifestations:

  • nausea, vomiting and dyspepsia;
  • reduced blood coagulation;
  • violation of cardiac activity;
  • arterial pressure instability;
  • Headache, motor or sensitive disorders, etc.

Treatment scheme

Usually, the powder is stirred with anesthetic right before entering. Finished suspension can be stored until 6 o'clock. Crims are put in veins or muscular fabric.

Day dose for those older than 12 years old or, if a child weighs over 50 kg, - 1-2 g. With complicated states, it is given to 5 g. The composition is introduced once. You can give and twice a day with a 12-year break, but then the required volume is divided by half. Prior to operational interventions for prevention in 0.5-1.5 hours before the opening, 1-2 g of antibiotic is introduced.

Children at the age of less than 14 days the medication is given 1 time per day. The dose is calculated as 20-50 mg per 1 kg. By the age of 12, the guys prescribe a dosage by age, taking into account the mass, but consider based on 20-75 mg per kilogram.

If the volume is discharged more than 50 mg per kg, then the tool is submitted to Vienna for 30-40 minutes.

The duration of the course is caused by the disease, as well as the characteristics of the clinical picture. Someone for the treatment is enough 4 days, someone needs 2 weeks.

Opinion of doctors about compatibility of drugs

Doctors using ceftriaxone with lidocaine, it is noted that allergic reactions rarely appear. The intolerance of Novocaine occurs more often, while it can be in the form of a rapidly developing edema of face, neck, deterioration of breathing, which requires urgent resuscitation activities. Therefore, when breeding an antibiotic, which himself provokes allergies, it is better to use lidocaine.

In case of a tendency to intolerance to any medicines, diseases with an allergic component (for example, bronchial asthma, seasonal rhinitis), the skin trial before starting treatment is strictly required.

In what cases ceftriaxone is contraindicated

The doctor does not prescribe ceftriaxone, patients with hypersensitivity to antibacterial agents of the cephalosporin group or other components that are part of the drug.

Doctors do not appoint Ceftriaxone:

  • newborn child with hyperbilirubinemia (elevated level of red blood cells);
  • For the treatment of a premature child;
  • patients with renal or liver failure;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Patients with a diagnosis of enteritis (chronic polyethological inflammatory disease of the small intestine) and colitis (inflammatory disease of the gauge of the colon).

Ceftriaxone is not prescribed with known hypersensitivity to cephalosporin antibiotics or auxiliary components of the drug.

Relative contraindications:

  • a period of newborn in the presence of a child hyperbilirubinemia;
  • prematurity;
  • renal / liver failure;
  • enteritis, nyak or colitis associated with the use of antibacterial agents;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation.

Basic information

Ceftriaxone is an antibiotic 3rd generation, which is capable of preventing the synthesis of peptidoglycan of bacterial cell walls. Externally, this is a small-crystalline powder. Color composition - white or with yellow tint. In the vials, 0.25 g, 0.5 g, 1 g or 2 g were placed from the himsostava, a solution for injections is obtained or used for infusion therapy. Compound by 83-96% is associated with blood proteins. The greatest concentration is found to the end of the introduction of the composition when influencing in Vienna and after 2-3 hours at intramuscular.


This drug is not combined with other antimicrobial medicines. CEFTRIAXONE adversely affects the intestinal microflora, interferes with the production of vitamin K., respectively, simultaneous reception with compounds that reduce platelet aggregation can be fraught with bleeding. Also, the drug enhances the effect of intake anticoagulants. If in therapy at the same time, loop diuretics are used, nephrotoxicity is possible.

If a person on hemodialysis, a history of liver or kidney disease, it is necessary to track the plasma concentration of CEFTRIAXONE.

With a prolonged course, blood tests are viewed in terms of the indicators of the liver and kidney functionality. If there is a change in the balance of fluid and electrolytes, with arterial hypertension, sodium is tracked.

Sometimes the ultrasound of the gallbladder demonstrate minor dimming. This indicates the presence of a precipitate, which is held at the end of the course alone.

Weakened people are sometimes desirable to simultaneously appoint Vitamin K. Ceftriaxone does not affect the quality of neuromuscular conductivity.

Important! The use of alcoholic beverages when passing a course of treatment with an antibiotic inappropriate as the possibility of symptoms typical of strong poisoning. The death is not excluded.

Can be an overdose

Ceftriaxone overdose is possible when using high doses (above maximum) and violation of the kidney and liver. It is manifested by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, dizziness. Little children are possible convulsions. Overdose treatment is carried out only in the hospital. Acklings are prescribed with infusion solutions, anticonvulsants.

In the case of the drug overdose, it is possible to strengthen side effects:

  • thrombocytopenia;
  • fever;
  • GTC reaction;
  • anorexia;
  • stomatitis;
  • Hemolytic anemia.

Treatment: Supporting and symptomatic therapy is carried out. No specific antidode.

Properties of Lidocaine

Ceftriaxone powder is necessary before applying. Since the drug is painful, with him use anesthetic lidocaine, which also has an antiarrhythmic effect. The effect of anesthetic is expressed in the oppression of the processes occurring in the nerve endings.

With the introduction of injections, the highest action anesthetic is possible after 5 minutes. The blood plasma is absorbed up to 80% of lidocaine, which is rapidly spreading through the body, penetrating into the muscles, heart fabric, liver, kidney, lungs. Metabolism occurs by 90% in the liver. With the participation of its enzymes, the period of partial removal occurs after 2 hours. When dysfunction of the liver, the speed of metabolism decreases to 10-50%. The drug with biliary and urine is removed.

The drug is shown to use as the following types of anesthesia:

  • infiltration (localization);
  • Explorer (blocks the transfer of the pulse through the nervous node);
  • spinal (introduced into the subarachnoid space);
  • Epidural (injected into the epidural spinal cord space).

The use of lidocaine shows:

  • to relieve tachycardia;
  • with myocardial infarction;
  • with surgical interventions;
  • as prevention of ventricular arrhythmia;
  • With acute coronary syndrome.

The use of lidocaine is shown when myocardial infarctionThe use of lidocaine is shown at myocardial infarction.

The use of lidocaine is shown as prevention of ventricular arrhythmiaThe use of lidocaine is shown as prevention of ventricular arrhythmia.

Application of lidocaine is shown in surgical interventionsThe use of lidocaine is shown in surgical interventions.

Application of lidocaine is shown to relieve tachycardiaThe use of lidocaine is shown to relieve tachycardia.

The use of lidocaine is shown in acute coronary syndromeThe use of lidocaine is shown in acute coronary syndrome.

How to breed the antibiotic ceftriaxone?

In the article, let's talk about the dilution of the antibiotic ceftriaxone solution of lidocaine with 1% and 2% or water for injection for adults and children in order to obtain the original dosage of the finished solution of 1000 mg, 500 mg or 250 mg. We will also analyze that it is better to use to breed an antibiotic - lidocaine, novocaine or water for injection and which better helps to take painful sensations during the injection of the finished ceftriaxone solution.

These questions are most often found, so now there will be a reference to this article so as not to be repeated. Everything will be with examples of use.

In all the instructions for ceftriaxone (including drugs under a different name, but with the same composition) exactly 1% lidocaine is recommended as a solvent.

1% Lidocaine is already contained as a solvent in packaging of such drugs as Rosin, Roszephin and others (active substance - ceftriaxone).

Advantages of ceftriaxone with solvent packaging:

  • You do not need to separately buy a solvent (deal, which one);
  • The necessary dose of the solvent is already measured in the ampoule of the solvent, which helps to prevent errors when recruiting the desired amount in the syringe (it is not necessary to understand how much the solvent is to take);
  • In an ampoule with a solvent there is an already ready solution of 1% lidocaine - no need to explode 2% of lidocaine to 1% (it is difficult to find exactly 1% in pharmacies, it is necessary to breed additionally with water for injections).

Disadvantages of ceftriaxone with solvent packaging:

  • Antibiotic together with solvent more roads for the price (choose what you are more important - convenience or cost).

How to breed and how to prick ceftriaxone

For intramuscular injection of 500 mg (0.5 g) of the drug, it is necessary to dissolve in 2 ml (1 ampoule) of a 1% lidocaine solution (or 1000 mg (1 g) of the preparation - 3.5 ml of lidocaine solution (4 ml is usually used, Since this is 2 ampoules of lidocaine 2 ml)). It is not recommended in one buttock muscle to introduce more than 1 g of solution.

The 250 mg dosage (0.25 g) is divorced as much as 500 mg (250 mg ampoules did not exist at the time of writing this instruction). That is, 500 mg (0.5 g) of the drug should be dissolved in 2 ml (1 ampoule) of the 1% lidocaine solution, and then dial into two different syringes at half the finished solution.

Thus, we generalize:

one. 250 mg (0.25 g) the finished solution is obtained like this:

500 mg (0.5 g) of the drug should be dissolved in 2 ml (1 ampoule) of 1% lidocaine solution and dial the resulting solution into two different syringe (half of the finished solution).

2. 500 mg (0.5 g) the finished solution is obtained like this:

500 mg (0.5 g) of the drug should be dissolved in 2 ml (1 ampoule) of 1% lidocaine solution and dial the resulting solution in 1 syringe.

3. 1000 mg (1 g) of the finished solution as follows:

1000 mg (1 g) of the drug should be dissolved in 4 ml (2 ampules) of the 1% lidocaine solution and dial the resulting solution in 1 syringe.

How to breed ceftriaxone 2% Lidocaine solution

Below the plate with the dilution schemes of the antibiotic ceftriaxone 2% solution of lidocaine (2% solution occurs in a pharmacy more often than 1% solution about the breeding methodology we have already talked above):

Ceftriaxone breeding

Reducing table: CEF - Ceftriaxone, Rf solvent, in the injection - water for injection. Further examples and explanations.


The child is appointed Ceftriaxone Ukol trees twice a day for 500 mg (0.5 g) 5 days. How much will need ceftriaxone bottles, ampoules with solvent and syringes for the entire course of treatment?

If in the pharmacy you bought Ceftriaxone 500 mg (0.5 g) (most convenient option) and lidocaine 2%, you will need:

  • 10 ceftriaxone bottles;
  • 10 ampoules lidocaine 2%;
  • 10 ampoules of water for injection;
  • 20 syringes 2 ml (2 syringe for each injection - one we introduce the solvent, we record and rolling the second).

If in the pharmacy you bought ceftriaxone at 1000 mg (1.0 g) (not found ceftriaxone 0.5 g), and Lidocaine 2%, you will need:

  • 5 Ceftriaxone bottles;
  • 5 ampoules lidocaine 2%
  • 5 ampoules of water for injection
  • 5 syringes of 5 ml and 10 syringes 2 ml (3 syringe on the preparation of 2 injections - one we introduce the solvent, the second and the third we recruit the required volume, the second stake immediately, the third is set to the refrigerator and decay after 12 hours).

The method is acceptable under the condition of the preparation of the solution at once to 2 injections and storing the syringe with a solution in the refrigerator (freshly prepared ceftriaxone solutions are physically and chemically stable for 6 hours at room temperature and for 24 hours when stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2 ° to 8 ° C ).

Disadvantages of the method: The injection of the antibiotic after storage in the refrigerator may be more painful, when stored, the solution can change the color, which indicates its instability.

The same dosage of ceftriaxone 1000 mg and lidocaine is 2%, the truth is the scheme obtained more expensive, but less painful and safer:

  • 10 ceftriaxone bottles;
  • 10 ampoules lidocaine 2%;
  • 10 ampoules of water for injection;
  • 10 syringes of 5 ml and 10 syringes 2 ml (2 syringe for each injection - one (5 ml) we introduce the solvent, the second (2 ml) is gaining and rolling). In the syringe half the resulting solution, the rest is thrown.

Failure: Treatment is more expensive, but freshly prepared solutions are more efficient and less painful.

Now popular questions and answers to them.

Why use lidocaine, novocaine for ceftriaxone breeding and why it is impossible to use water for injection?

For the dilution of ceftriaxx to the desired concentrations, water can be used for injections, there are no restrictions here, but it is necessary to understand that intramuscular injections of the antibiotic are very painful and if you do it on water (so usually go in hospitals), then it will be too much like when administered drug, and some time after. So it is preferable to use an anesthetic solution as a means for dilution, and water for injection can only be used as an auxiliary solution when diluted with lidocaine 2%.

There is still such a moment that the use of lidocaine and novocaine is not possible due to the development of allergic reactions to these solutions. Then the option with the use of water for injection injections remains the only possible. It is already necessary to endure pain, since there is a real chance to die from anaphylactic shock, feeding quinque or get a strongest allergic reaction (the same urticule).

Also, lidocaine can not be used for intravenous administration of the antibiotic, only strictly intramuscularly. For intravenous use, it is necessary to breed an antibiotic in water for injection.

What is better to use novocaine or lidocaine for breeding an antibiotic?

For breeding ceftriaxone should not be used by novocaine. This is due to the fact that novocaine reduces the activity of the antibiotic and in addition to the risk of development in a patiently dangerous complication - anaphylactic shock.

In addition, according to the observations of patients themselves, the following can be noted:

  • The pain under the administration of ceftriaxone is better removed by lidocaine than novocaina;
  • Pain with administration can be enhanced after the introduction of non-freshly prepared ceftriaxone solutions with novocaine (according to the instructions for the preparation, the prepared ceftriaxone solution is stable for 6 hours - some patients practiced the preparation of several doses of the ceftriaxone solution + novocaine to save the antibiotic and solvent (for example, 250 mg ceftriaxone solutions From a powder of 500 mg), otherwise the residue had to be thrown out, and for the next injection, to use a solution or powder from new ampoules).

Is it possible to mix different antibiotics in one syringe, including ceftriaxone?

In no case can not mix the ceftriaxone solution with solutions of other antibiotics, because It is possible to crystallize or increase the risk of developing allergic reactions in the patient.

How to reduce pain when administering ceftriaxone?

It is logical from the above - you need to breed the drug on lidokain. In addition, the skill of the introduction of the finished drug also plays the mastery of the introduction of the finished drug (it is necessary to introduce slowly, then the pain will be small).

Is it possible to assign an antibiotic yourself without consulting a doctor?

If you are guided by the main principle of medicine - I am not harmful, then the answer is obvious - no!

Antibiotics are medicines that cannot be dispensed and appointed by itself, without consultation with a specialist. Since choosing an antibiotic on the advice of friends or on the Internet, we are therefore narrowing the field of activity for doctors that can treat the consequences or complications of your disease. That is, the antibiotic did not affect (incorrectly colole or bred, incorrectly taken), but it was good, and since bacteria were already accustomed to him as a result of the wrong treatment regimen, it will have to be prescribed a more expensive backup antibiotic, which after the wrong previous treatment will also unknown Lee. So the situation is unambiguous - you need to go to the doctor for recipe and appointment.

Allergic (ideally, again, all patients who first take this drug) also shown the assignment of scarification samples on the definition of an allergic reaction to the appointed antibiotics.

Also, Ideally, sowing biological fluids and tissues of a person with the determination of the sensitivity of the extinguished bacteria to antibiotics is necessary for antibiotics, so that the appointment of this or that medicine was reasonable.

I would like to believe that after the emergence of this article in the CEFTIKSON CEFTICSON, the Ceftriaxon's antibiotic schemes and scheme schemes will become less, since I only disassemble the highlights and schemes.

Consultant: Shutko Paul - Doctor and ideological inspirer site

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Ceftriaxone How to breed Lidokain

Ceftriaxon needs to be breeding 1% solution of lidocaine. On 1 g of powder, a 3.5 ml of solvent will be required. If there is in the pharmacy, only 2% of lidocaine is diluted with water for injection to the desired concentration - mixed 1 ampoule each, that is, taken to 1 injection:

  • Ceftriaxone bottle of 1 g;
  • an ampoule of water for injection (2 ml);
  • 2% lidocaine ampoule (2 ml).

If you need to enter a part of the dose (usually children), then after dilution take the desired volume. The finished solution can be stored in the refrigerator 12 hours. Novocaine is not recommended to be used due to the risk of severe allergic reactions.

Preparation Ceftriakson: how to breed lidocaine

Ceftriaxone is divorced by a 1% solution of lidocaine (local analgesic), for this, 1 g of antibiotic powder must be mixed with 3.5 ml of solvent. If there is no such concentration on sale, then 2% lidocaine needs to be diluted with water for injection. Then take 2 ml of water and 2 ml of 2% of lidocaine once.

Dosage for children and adults

The average daily dosage for children and adult ceftriaxone with the desired solvent volume is specified in the table.

Category of patients Ceftriaxon 1% Lidocaine Water for injection with a 2% solution of lidocaine
Adults and children from 12 years old, teenagers with weight from 50 kg 1-2 g, maximum 4 g 3.5 ml per 1 g 2 ml of each
Newborn up to 2 weeks of life 20-50 mg per 1 kg body weight 3.5 ml of 1% or 2 ml of water and 2% lidocaine per 1 g, take the right amount, the residue is disposed of
From 2 weeks to 12 years 20-80 mg per 1 kg of weight, maximum 100 mg / kg

The dose of antibiotic is always selected individually, it depends on the tears of the severity of the infectious disease, the diagnosis. For children it is more convenient to use 500 mg vials, then less you have to throw out, but they practically do not appear on sale.

If there is still this form of release, then for the dilution of 500 mg of ceftriaxone you need 2 ml of 1% lidocaine or 1 ml of water for injection and 2% solution of anesthetic.

Ceftriaxone with Angina

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How to dilute 2 lidocaine to 1 percent

Lidocaine is used to dilute the ceftriaxone antibiotic at a concentration of 1%, but this percentage of the solution is rarely in pharmacies, so you can dilute 2% to 1%, for this 2 ml of 2% of lidocaine take 2 ml of water for injection.

The instruction for the drug states that the volume of the solvent must be 3.5 ml, and if we breed 2% solution, then in the end it turns out 4 ml. This difference (0.5 ml) does not affect the treatment process. A little larger volume is even better, since Ceftriaxone is quite difficult soluble.

How to breed ceftriaxone
Water for injection photos
Water for injections

Is it possible to prick without lidocaine

Ceftriaxon can be progressed without lidocaine in such cases:

  • intolerance (allergies);
  • Contraindications to anesthetic: liver disease, blood circulation deficiency, heart blockade, elderly age, pregnancy, lactation;
  • Intravenous injections and droppers (Lidocaine is prohibited, as it may cause a heart rhythm violation).

For breeding, only water is used for injection in the amount of 4 ml (2 ampoules). Injections of the antibiotic in the buttock without painkillers are very painful.

Ceftriaxone and water for injection

How to breed ceftriaxone lidocaine and water

For dilution 1 g of ceftriaxone 2% by lidocaine and water, you need:

  1. Open the ampoule with 2 ml of water for injection and dial the contents in a syringe of 5 ml.
  2. Open the ampoule with 2 ml of 2% of lidocaine and in the same syringe add a solution.
  3. Remove the protective cover with the ceftriaxx and pierce the needle rubber lid.
  4. Enter the entire contents of the syringe into the vial.
  5. Vigorously shake the mixture of the antibiotic and solvent until the solution becomes completely transparent (the needle and syringe are not disconnected).

Then you should dial the entire solution into the syringe or the desired amount, change the needle and make an injection into the muscle of the buttock (upper outer quadrant). It is best to prepare ceftriaxone with lidocaine and water to one administration, but it happens that only half of the prepared solution is used. Then the remainder in the bottle is put in the refrigerator.

Look at the video on how to breed ceft atthatson:

How to prick ceftriaxone with lidocaine

If a 1% solution of lidocaine for dilution of ceftriaxone is used, then the water is not needed, and the prick should follow this scheme:

  1. Dial in the syringe 5 ml anesthetic in the volume of 3.5 ml.
  2. Enter into the bottle with an antibiotic.
  3. To achieve complete dissolution.
  4. Dial a solution into a syringe.
  5. Change the needle (the most convenient to use three-component syringes for ceftriaxone), since when dissolved there are cases when the needle is clogged with an antibiotic powder.
  6. Remove air from the syringe.
  7. Make an injection.

Ceftriaxone Syringe and Lidocaine

One injection in the muscle passes only with 1 g of the drug. She is done 1 time per day. If you need to enter 2 g, then usually do 2 injections of 1 g with an interval of 12 hours with a mandatory side change. When higher doses are shown, the patient is more often recommended to put a dropper 1 or 2 times a day.

How to introduce intramuscular injections

The intramuscular injection of the divorced antibiotic make according to the rules:

  1. Visually divided the buttock to 4 parts (the first time you can draw the boundaries with a cotton wand, moistened with iodine) in half vertical and 2 equal parts horizontally.
  2. Find the top outer quadrant.
  3. Wipe the injection zone with alcohol (it should not be seals or soreness).
  4. Take the syringe into the right hand, and left to fix the skin the first and second finger, much stretching it.
  5. The exact and fast movement to pierce the skin and enter the needle strictly perpendicular to 3/4 of its length.
  6. Slowly press the piston and gradually release the solution.
  7. Extract the needle.
  8. Press the area of ​​the injected tampon and hold 1 minute.

Place injection

It is very important in the independent breeding of the antibiotic to adhere to the rules of complete sterility. This means that the hands are thoroughly wash, and then the fingers and cover of the bottle are wiped with alcohol. All manipulations are carried out on a sterile napkin, a needle outside the ampoule and a bottle should be kept with a closed cap.

Why do you need lidocaine for breeding antibiotics

Lidocaine is needed for breeding antibiotics in order to reduce pain soreness. It helps it easier to carry treatment with ceftriaxone. Such mixing is allowed only with intramuscular injections, and a drug dissolved in water is introduced into the vein.

How much can the diluted ceftriaxone

The diluted ceftriaxone is stored at room temperature not more than 6 hours. The finished solution of the antibiotic can save stability to 12 hours, but only in the refrigerator. The bottle with the preparation is covered with a sterile napkin.

Store medicines in the refrigerator

Can always breed ceftriaxone lidocaine

Ceftriaxone can be divided by lidocaine only for introducing into the muscle. The injections into the vein are made on water, and when using droppers, saline solution or 5% glucose is allowed as a solvent.

If you accidentally enter a mixture of an antibiotic with anesthetic intravenous, then a risk appears:

  • Violations of the conduction of the heart muscle, up to the full blockade (the nutrition of vital organs is violated);
  • deceleration of the rhythm of abbreviations (the brain and myocardium do not receive the desired blood volume);
  • fall or sharp increase in blood pressure;
  • fainting, vascular collapse.
how many physically stored after opening
5% glucose solution

In patients with the intolerance to lidocaine, cardiac and liver failure, it is best to use water for injection. If unbearable pain occur, then change the method of administration - they put droppers or make injections to Vienna. When none of these options fit, the doctor can replace ceftriaxone to another drug with a wide antibacterial effect.

Ceftriaxone is better to breed - novocaine or lidocaine

Ceftriaxone is better to breed lidocaine than novocaina, this is due to the properties of the second anesthetic:

  • reduces the effectiveness of the antibiotic;
  • acts weaker;
  • More often lidocaine causes allergic reactions, including immediate type - angioedema edema.

How to calculate the dose of an antibiotic child

With the intolerance of lidocaine and the need to use intramuscular injection, the doctor can resolve the antibiotic breeding 4 ml of 0.5% novocaine solution.

In such cases, preliminary testing is required. It is carried out with 0.5 ml of the prepared mixture of ceftriaxone with anesthetic. This amount is administered under the scope of the forearm and then hourly evaluate the reaction. Novocaine can be used in the treatment of animals.

It is strictly forbidden to independently change the solvent, it is especially dangerous to use solutions with calcium (for example, ringer), as insoluble salts are formed. It is impossible to prick ceftriaxone at the same time (in one syringe) with other antibiotics.

Where to store lidocaine for breeding

Lidocaine ampoules for dilution of 1% or 2% of the concentration are stored in a place protected from light at room temperature (from 15 to 25 degrees). Exactly the same conditions are also needed for ceftriaxone and water bottles for injection.

Joint application of azithmicin and ceftriaxone

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Ceftriaxon needs to be breeding 1% solution of lidocaine or dilute 2% water with water for injections. It helps reduce soreness of injections into the buttock. For intravenous administration, only water or saline, glucose is used.

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