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Lipomas arise from many people, in statistics they have every hundredth man. Men and women are equally susceptible to the disease.

What is Lipoma?

Lipoma is a soft to the touch, rounded, filled with fat education, which most often grows under the skin. In everyday life, lipomas are often called wen. In the overwhelming majority of cases, lipoms are harmless, they are related to benign tumors. There is no leap on the skin, they are formed in the adipose tissue of the skin or in the subcutaneous tissue. Thus, lipom may occur on any part of the body, where there is a fatty fabric. Usually a person has 1-2 education. Multiple lipoms are very rarely found, this condition is called multiple family lipomatosis, it occurs more often in men.

How does the lipom look like?

Slowly growing soft formations under the skin - wen - are usually lipoms.

Lipoma looks like a "ball" or "lump" under the skin. The value of education varies, it may be the size of the pea and to several centimeters in the diameter. Lipoma with palpation (feeling) soft, the density resembles rubber, is not fast with the underlying tissues.

Causes of lipoma

Usually lipomas occur at middle age - between 40 and 60 years, in children this pathology is rare.

The exact causes of the appearance of Lipom are unknown. But they occur more often

  • Patients with a rare hereditary disease - Cougena Syndrome
  • With Gardner syndrome
  • In Madaladung's disease.

Often lipomas find members of one family, i.e. Genetic predisposition to them is inherited. Obesity does not lead to increased risk of education with Lipom.


According to anatomical sign, lipoms are divided into:

  • Lipoma heads, faces and necks, which, respectively, are located on the head, on the face, on the neck
  • Lipoma Torch - on the back, abdomen
  • Lipomes of limbs - on legs and hands
  • Chest lipomas - education affected lungs
  • Lipoma inside abdominal organs - neoplasms may affect buds
  • Lipoma seed cake
  • Lipomas of other localizations.

Classification of lipoms on the ICD-10

According to the International Classification of Lipoma Diseases refer to section D17, i.e. To benign formations of adipose tissue.

Education mechanism

Sometimes a trigger that launches the formation of lipomas, consider skin damage. Lipoma is a tumor of fat cells. Her growth begins from one cell, which grows and shares faster than those surrounding her fabrics. Under the lypom microscope is a cluster of nodules from mature fat cells (adipocytes) separated by fibromuscular partitions. The benignness of the formation is established in the absence of atypics of nuclei or cells themselves.

Symptoms and signs of lime

Lipoma grow very slowly and usually do not cause any symptoms, except for sealing in the form of "cones" or "ball" under the skin. Internal lipoms also do not usually show themselves, i.e. asymptomatic.

Lipoma of the breast

Lipoma in breast Usually occurs in women after the onset of menopause. As a rule, this formation is up to 1 cm, weighing up to several grams. Lamp breast size is more than 5 cm and weighing more than 500 g called gigantic.

Basic signs of breast lipomas:

  • Cheerfulness
  • Softness to touch
  • Ability to displace under the skin. Those. It is not tightly tight with surrounding tissues and does not change the appearance of the skin over it.

Since lipomas are often located in the thicker of the gland and have no symptoms, they are often discovered by chance, during a planned mammography or ultrasound.

Breast Lipoma does not increase the risk of breast cancer and is very rarely transformed into a malignant tumor.

Head and spinal cord lipom

Brain lipomes are also revealed by chance when patients of the older age group conduct an MRI or CT brain for some other reasons, for example, in violation of cognitive functions, epilepsy. Lipoma can be detected in any brain department, nevertheless 50% is Pericalase lipomas In turn, 45% of which are associated with the agent of the corpus body. 25% make up Lipoma quadrifantile tank and 15% - lipomas Supamellular tank . Since the brain lipomas do not have symptoms, although they are often combined with some vices, for example, the agent of the cornistic body, then they do not require treatment. Surgical treatment is associated with a large risk of complications and has no advantage. If hydrocephalus or convulsive syndrome occurs, the treatment is carried out according to general rules.

Lipoma in children

The spinal lipoms make up 35% of all the neoplasms of the spinal cord, are more common in girls.

Spinal cord lipoma divided into several clinical options:

  • LipomilyNingocele . This congenital pathology, in which fat formations are located along the spine and penetrate the inside of the spinal channel, connecting with the spinal cord. This lipoma looks outwardly as a surround form at the bottom of the spine. In ⅓ patients, education exhibits itself with urinary disorders. Less often patients are worried about the curvature of stop, back pain. Surgical treatment.
  • Lipoma Terminal Night at which the adipose tissue is located in the ultimate thread of the spinal cord. Sometimes this condition is considered as an end thread tension syndrome. This is a rare disease that is effectively treated with a surgical operation less dangerous than in the previous case.
  • Spinal brain lipom (intradural) It is rare and is 4% of all lips. More often, it is detected in the thoracic spine in children, the pathology of bones or skin does not happen. If it grows to large sizes, then manifests itself with symptoms of the spinal cord. This is one of the most poorly studied neoplasms.

Lipoma in adults

In addition to ordinary subcutaneous limes, in adulthood can be:

  • Epidural lipomatosis which occurs in the excess synthesis of fat in epidural space, that is, between the vertebrae and the solid sheath of the spinal cord. This is a frequent complication in Cushing syndrome, heavy obesity, glycocorticosteroids. Debuts the pathology by the "horse-tail" syndrome, is treated with its abolition of steroids or weight loss.
  • Angomiolipoma consisting of abnormally bored vessels and adipose tissue. Most often it is found in the lumbar or thoracic spine. As a rule, it occurs in the body of one vertebra and may appear in the back, as it reduces the height of the vertebra and leads to squeezing the nerve roots. Education is usually identified by chance in people aged 30-40 years. With strong compression, i.e. When squeezing the nervous structures, treatment is carried out - puncture vertebroplasty ("cementing" of the vertebra). Sometimes angiomolypace is found in the kidney. With small sizes (up to 1.0-1.5 cm), treatment does not require, the formation is observed, periodically performing an ultrasound study.

Diagnosis of lipom

Lipoma under the skin is easily diagnosed with inspection and tackling.

Lipoma inside the body detect with:

In obscure cases, a biopsy is carried out at which a small amount of tissue is examined under the microscope.

What doctor to contact?

Since Lipoma can grow anywhere in the body, then it is diagnosed and treating doctors of different specialties. It depends on the location of education. The leafomas on the skin are engaged in a surgeon and a dermatologist, lipoms in the field of breast - mammologist, brain lipoms or spine - neurosurgeon.

What is the difference atteroma from lipoma?

Lipoma is an education from adipose tissue, while atheroma is a cluster of a silo gland due to the blockage of its flow. Accordingly, the atheroma cannot occur where there are no sebaceous glands, i.e. In the lungs, brain, abdominal cavity, seed cakes, etc. Atheroma grows more often on the scalp, has a tendency to inflammation and suppuration, is located more superficially. With the inflammation of the atheroma, it increases in size, redness occurs, which does not happen during lipom. In order to find out what is available in a patient - atheroma or lipoma - carry out ultrasound.

Treatment methods

If lipoms are painless and small sizes, then treatment is not necessary. Lamp breast is usually observed. For this, the mammography is carried out every 6 months, and if the formation does not grow, it is not removed.

Do I need to remove lipoma?

Intervention is necessary if she:

  • squeezes nervous endings
  • Causes discomfort
  • Changes its consistency or size
  • Recuses after removal
  • grows.

Before removing inside, lipomas can enter corticosteroids in order to reduce its size.

Surgical removal of lipoma

Use the following removal methods:

  • Surgically When the modified fabric is excised by a scalpel under local anesthesia. Then conduct the wound stroke.
  • Liposuction . In the lipoma, the needle is introduced and the contents are removed using the syringe.
  • Removal of lipoma laser . This gentle method is used to remove formations in size than 3 cm. When interfering, there is practically no risk of injury to healthy tissue and is minimal to bleeding or infection. After removal, the laser rarely arise scars or scars.

Lipoma Treatment by folk remedies

Since Lipoma is usually not needed, it is not necessary to try to reduce it with folk remedies. Applying ice or warming is useless, since these procedures do not affect fatty tissue.


It usually does not make sense, as a clear cause of the occurrence of pathology has not been identified. In epidural lipomatosis, the cause of which may be obesity, the prophylaxis is considered to maintain normal weight.


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An important role is to protect the skin and the glands arranged in it from the effects of various adverse factors, such as injuries, hyggage, thermal and chemical burns, etc. Hygiene of the skin is also important, because it reduces the likelihood of boils, from which lipoms can subsequently be formed.


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Lipoma (fat) is a benign education in the form of small nodules, the appearance of which is associated with the accumulation and seal of excess adequate tissue. Lipoma dimensions may increase or remain stable. Upon exposure to adverse factors inside the wen, the foci of pathogenic microflora can be formed, which makes it a source of other serious diseases of the internal organs. Also, the value of the nonesthetical form of formations protruding on the surface of the skin is also. Therefore, in most cases, a decision is made to remove the tumor and its subsequent histological examination to clarify the nature of the wiring - good or malignant.

Lipoma localization area - spin, chest, face, limbs, dairy glands, structure of internal organs. Detect education can be accidentally during the diagnostic procedures or when palpation. Lipoma edges are dense and clear, formation is moving, and his tackling is painless. Detect linden in the tissues of internal organs is more difficult. However, it is precisely such cases that are considered the most dangerous, threatening disorders in the functioning of the affected tissue.


Depending on the internal structure, distinguishes:

  • Molypoma - formation of muscle cells.
  • Angiolipomes are wen with the inclusion of blood vessels.
  • Mycolipers - tumors with mucus.
  • Fiber polypes - formation with the content of connective tissues.

You can precisely establish the nature of education only after careful diagnosis. It should not be postponed to the foreseeable future, especially if Lipoma is rapidly increasing in size and delivers discomfort.

Causes of lipomas

The overall scheme for the appearance of wiring is the accumulation of fat cells due to a violation of fat metabolism in the body. If treatment measures are not taken in a timely manner, education will grow quickly, sneering the muscles and blood vessels nearby. Among the causes of lipoms affecting the unfavorable course of pathology, it is worth noting:

    Such cases are available in medical practice, but they are of a part. Therefore, it is not worth counting on the spontaneous disappearance of the wiring, especially when the formation appears in different parts of the body and quickly grow. The optimal solution will appeal for help. The doctor will be able to accurately determine the cause of the disease and will decide on the quality of treatment - in favor of expectant tactics with constant supervision or immediate operational intervention.
  • Hormonal disorders, a period of hormonal changes in the body.
  • Failures of metabolism.
  • Disorders in the diet with the predominance of food of animal origin.
  • Diseases of the kidneys and liver, pancreas and thyroid gland.
  • Bad habits.
  • Diabetes.
  • Genetic predisposition.

Also on the formation of excess adequate tissue is influenced by hypodynamia, a sedentary lifestyle and a refusal of full physical exertion.


The main localization of wen is the sedimentation places of adipose tissue. Initially, this is a mild seal, which is gradually increasing in size. The only symptom of lipoma is the formation of a noticeable tubercle with a moving structure, which is forgiven when pressed. Palpation of lipomes on the back or hands are absent.

If girovik is localized in the structure or on the surface of the internal organs, the pathology may indicate violations in their work. The disease is also accompanied by characteristic features:

  • Lipoma in the field of the esophagus causes cough, nausea and vomiting;
  • Education on bronchi and trachery causes the permanent dry cough of an attached character;
  • Lipoma on tendons and cartilage limits their mobility and becomes the cause of pain;
  • Fattle in the breast gives painful sensations;
  • Fat deposits in the kidneys provoke colic, lower back pain, improving blood pressure;
  • Lipoma in the head becomes the cause of dizziness and headaches;
  • Education on the neck prevents to swallow food, and also causes votes;
  • Heart Lipoma becomes the cause of arrhythmia and heart failure.

Did you have symptoms of lipomas?

Only a doctor can diagnose the disease.

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Doctor Bohian Tigran SurenovichMethods of diagnosis Lipom

  • A long period of hidden flow a lot complicates the diagnosis of soft tissue lipomes in the early stages of development. More often, pathology is detected when fat reaches 1.5-2 cm sizes and easily forgiven under the skin. Conduct differentiated diagnosis and confirm the benign nature of education allow:

  • Blood tests that exclude infections of viral or bacterial nature, as well as the absence of an inflammatory process.

  • Radiography of chest, limbs or abdominal cavity. Allows you to detect education, clarify its location, calculate the size and evaluate the condition of the surrounding tissues.

  • Ultrasound procedure. It is used as an additional diagnostic method, when the fact of the presence of lipoms confirm other survey methods.

  • Computer and magnetic resonance tomography. Effective methods allowing to establish the location and dimensions of lipoma, as well as confirm its benign character.

The biopsy of wen tissues for their analysis is on the risk of rebirth of cells in a malignant structure.

If the patient has other diseases of the internal organs, the diagnosis of lipoma is carried out taking into account their characteristics, and the decoding of the results implies the mutual influence of pathologies, allowing you to more accurate the reason for the appearance of wen.


    MRI brain helps to identify the accumulations of adipocytes in the skull cavity. MRI of the abdominal cavity makes it possible to visualize volumetric education in the hollow organs. In the tomograms of the chest, wen are clearly visible in the walls of the esophagus.
  • In the case of a detection in a patient, a lipa of small sizes is selected expectant tactics, implying ultrasound control several times a year. However, there are cases when the doctor makes a decision in favor of operational intervention. The operation is necessary if:
  • The tumor is growing rapidly, capturing nearby fabrics and vessels.
  • Lipoma rises above the skin surface, giving an inesttic cosmetic effect.
  • The development of wen gives persistent pain.

Due to the growth of adipose tissue, the work of internal organs and blood circulation systems is disturbed.

  • Extraction or destruction of lipoms on the neck or back is possible in the following ways:
  • Endoscopic method. It provides for the extraction of a tumor together with a capsule through a small cut on the skin.
  • Liposuction - extraction of adipose tissue due to its softening and pulling through a thin needle. Does not leave scars and does not injure the skin.

Lipoma excision is the removal of wen during the classical surgery.

The optimal method is selected with the general condition of the patient and the size of the lipoma.

Diagnosis and treatment of lipoms in the clinic of JSC "Medicine" in Moscow

The clinic of JSC "Medicine" in the Central Committee of Moscow is ready to offer professional assistance to patients with suspected individual or multiple cases of lipoma. In the Arsenal of the Center specialists - high-class equipment and a huge practical experience in using various methods for removing the tumor focus. Each patient is guaranteed attentive attitude, direction for a full course of surveys and an individual approach to the development of tactics for the treatment of lipomas. Recording is available on the clinic website and on the specified phones.

Questions and answers

Classic lipoma - accumulation of excess fat in a dense capsule from connective tissue. Roller formation, it has clear contours, a smooth surface and dimensions from a few mm to 7-8 cm. Detected during palpation or in the process of studying internal organs for the diagnosis of other diseases. The pain syndrome in the symptoms of lipomas is observed only in cases of circulatory disorders and muscle compresses due to the active expanding of the tumor.

How to get rid of lipomas?

Not only official medicine, but also folk methods offers its decisions. However, one should not follow the latter not to cause the body harm and not to delay the time. Especially since the risk of lipoma resorption is extremely small. Modern methods of treatment involve the removal of the tumor in a surgical path or its destruction by the method of laser or radio wave effect. In some cases, the optimal liposuction is softened and "sucking" of adipose tissue through a thin needle. The advantages of the method are minimal traumatic, the absence of traces on the skin and the short recovery period.

Can lipomas tell me yourself?

Such cases are available in medical practice, but they are of a part. Therefore, it is not worth counting on the spontaneous disappearance of the wiring, especially when the formation appears in different parts of the body and quickly grow. The optimal solution will appeal for help. The doctor will be able to accurately determine the cause of the disease and will decide on the quality of treatment - in favor of expectant tactics with constant supervision or immediate operational intervention.

Such cases are available in medical practice, but they are of a part. Therefore, it is not worth counting on the spontaneous disappearance of the wiring, especially when the formation appears in different parts of the body and quickly grow. The optimal solution will appeal for help. The doctor will be able to accurately determine the cause of the disease and will decide on the quality of treatment - in favor of expectant tactics with constant supervision or immediate operational intervention. Lipoma

- This is a common benign mesenchymal tumor consisting of mature fat cells. It is a rounded or oblong formation of a soft elastic consistency, covered by unchanged skin. The tumor slowly increases in size, without causing unpleasant sensations. When localizing in the immediate vicinity of vessels and nerves, it may compress them, provoking the development of complications. Diagnostics includes visual inspection and biopsy, with deeply located formations shows an ultrasound or MRI. Treatment - Surgical removal of the tumor.


Lipomas are detected at about 1 out of 100 people. Men and women are sick equally often. The average age of patients who applied to the surgeon about the wiring is 40-60 years. For children, the formation of lime is uncharacteristic. In 98% of cases of neoplasms are located in the thickness of the subcutaneous fatty fiber, 2% of cases fall on the brain lipoma, hearts, the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. In 94% of cases of wen are represented by single nodes. The frequency of occurrence of Lipa CNS is 0.5% of the number of all tumors of the head and spinal cord. Lypes account for 60% of all non-epithelial intestinal tumors.

Causes of lipomas

  • The tumor can be an independent neoplasm or one of the manifestations of some dermatological, neurological and other diseases. Lipomatosis is polyethological pathology, for the development of which a combination of several causal factors is necessary. The main circumstances increasing the risk of formations can be attributed: Genetic predisposition.
  • The literature describes family cases of the formation of wen. Family lipomatosis is inherited by autosomal dominant type, in the presence of pathology in parents, the likelihood of formations in children is 75%. The frequency of tumor detection does not depend on the floor. Embryogenesis disorders.
  • The detection of linden in the places uncharacteristic for them is due to the dystopia of the ridicular fat cells. For example, in the central nervous system, wenries develop when moving adipocytes to the primary nervous tube. At the same time, the accumulation of adipose tissue is often part of the complex of congenital anomalies. Some diseases and syndromes.

There are a large number of pathological processes that are accompanied by the formation of multiple limes. This is a dertemp's disease with numerous painful formations, Madeja's illness, which is characterized by the appearance of a fat "clamp" in the neck, Cougen syndrome and others.

The probability of lipomes increase the endocrine disorders, first of all - pituitary hypofunction, thyroid and pancreatic glands, chronic alcoholism, drug abuse, malignant neoplasms of the upper respiratory tract. Multiple lipomas are more often found in women, which may indicate lipomathose communication with a change in estrogen levels, diseases of the female genital sphere.


A key role in the development of the local accumulation of adipocytes is given to chromosomal anomalies affecting the 12th chromosome long shoulder. Here are the genes responsible for the synthesis of tag lipase - an enzyme regulating the process of fats and providing the body with energy. According to another theory, the appearance of wiring is due to excessive deposition of lipids in adipose tissue cells.


The prerequisites for formation of lipom are created at the embryonic development stage when the adhesive tissue is laying. The tumor is surrounded by a loose capsule, which poorly relieves fat from surrounding unchanged fabrics. Deeply located lipoma has numerous pseudo-like processes that penetrate between muscles and tendon vagina, destroy aponeurosis.

  • Lipoma differ in location, anatomical and histological structure, a number of accompanying pathological changes. All of the above determines the characteristics of the clinical course of the disease, the choice of the preferred method of treatment, the forecast. Modern classification includes eight clinical varieties of Lipom: Perineural.
  • In 90% of cases, develops at the site of the middle nerve. Often accompanied by M00 McDactyl. Lumbosacral.
  • Associated with vices of the spine, the unguardment of the arms of the vertebrae, disruption of the formation of the spinal cord. Often appears simultaneously with the wiring located in the spinal Channel. Internal or intermushkin.
  • Located in spaces between individual muscles. It does not have clear boundaries, which makes it difficult to complete the removal. Often recurrences. Spilled.
  • Externally is a bortalized fat accumulation without clear separation from the surrounding tissues, significantly increases the amount of anatomical area in which it is localized. Lipoma tendon vagina.
  • The accumulations of adipocytes grow up in the vagina of the tendons and on the synovial shells of the joints. Myolipoms of soft tissues.
  • It has a number of muscle fibers. Angiolypoma.
  • Patients of both sexes are usually revealed in the kidneys. In men, over 50 years old occurs in the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the upper and lower extremities. Adenalipoma.

It has in the components of the sweat gland.

Lipoma symptoms

Girodics can develop on any body plot with the exception of palms and stop. It has the form of a compaction of the jelly density or a soft elastic node, which is not connected with the surrounding tissues, is easily shifted relative to the skin and subject to the muscles. Education is slowly growing, reaching 5-20 cm in diameter. Covering node The skin is not changed. The patient's body weight and the thickness of the subcutaneous fiber layer do not affect the volume of the neoplasm. All lipomes, with the exception of peri-meral, painless. Palpation of nodes does not cause unpleasant sensations.

Lipoma in the internal organs for a long time does not exhibit itself, often becomes a random find during a survey conducted on another occasion. When the neoplasm reaches significant sizes, it may disrupt the work of the body, which is accompanied by the symptoms characteristic of this anatomical region. Manifestations tend to grow gradually, due to the slow tumor growth.


Superficially arranged wen do not cause problems. The exception can be large subcutaneous lipoms located in the projection of large vessels and nerve trunks, since the compression of these anatomical structures leads to a violation of blood flow and innervation. Lipoma, localized in open areas of the body, head or neck becomes the cause of a noticeable cosmetic defect. A node growing next to large joints may limit the movements of the limbs.

Brain lipomas provoke the appearance of neurological symptoms: cramps, stubborn headaches, violations of the pelvic authorities. Fat clusters in the sublifting of the intestinal layer violate the passage of intestinal content. Heart chambers can potentiate arterial hypertension, blood circulation deficiency. Cases of malignant rebirth are described.


  • The diagnosis of subcutaneous lipoma is produced by a dermatologist. A characteristic appearance, no complaints, indicating slow growth give a doctor the opportunity to establish the type of neoplasm during the first conversion of the patient. Additional surveys are carried out for differentiation with linden with other benign skin tumors and subcutaneous fluid. The diagnosis of wen internal organs conduct doctors of the corresponding profile. Patients can be assigned: Histological research.
  • When studying the sample of the tissue taken during the biopsy of the node, mature adipocytes of different sizes are detected. Inside the neoplasm, the capillary network is well developed. A long existing large lipom may include atrophy sites. The presence of lipoblasts indicates a mixed liposarcoma. Ultrasound procedure.
  • Ultrasound of soft tissues is used to determine the size of the node, detecting intertensive heavy, differential diagnosis of wen with epidermoid cyan, other benign soft tissue neoplasms. Heart ultrasound allows you to detect fat nodes in ventricles and atria. Magnetic resonance imaging.

MRI brain helps to identify the accumulations of adipocytes in the skull cavity. MRI of the abdominal cavity makes it possible to visualize volumetric education in the hollow organs. In the tomograms of the chest, wen are clearly visible in the walls of the esophagus.

Treatment of lipoma

The removal of superficially located wen is carried out with a cosmetic target and to restore the disturbed functions of the affected segment. Special attention from the surgeon requires lipomas of significant sizes, fast-growing nodes, squeezing internal organs, painful and dense education, paved with subjectable tissues. Removal of such tumors is carried out immediately.

Conservative therapy

Medical removal of wiring applies to neoplasms located under the skin. For this purpose, drugs that split lipids accumulated in adipocytes are introduced injecting. Lipolytic activity has glucocorticosteroids, some mesotherapeutic agents. The method is effective in relation to superficial wen, the diameter of which does not exceed 3 mm. Lipolytics reduce the volume of the node, but do not change the nature of metabolic processes in tumor cells, so after some time the lipom can recur.


  • Operational weight removal is the preferred method of treatment, since it allows to eliminate the tumor of any localization and sizes. Fragments of capsules and altered adipose tissue, which remain after removing the neoplasm, can cause a relapse. In this regard, the node during the operation should be carried completely completely, with all structural components. The excision of subcutaneous lipoma is carried out in the following ways: Endoscopic operation.
  • Removal of small surface nodes is performed using endoscopic technology. With it, it is possible to carry out all manipulations through small skin punctures without the risk of formation of large scars on the site of cuts. The disadvantage of the technique is the complexity of determining the boundaries of the node with a loose capsule. Open operation.

Prevent the re-appearance of wiring allows its complete excision together with a capsule, which is possible only with sufficient operations of operational incisions. In the field of breast, the removal of tumors is made by sectoral resection in order to maintain the correct shape of the female chest.

Subcutaneous nodes are excised under local anesthesia in outpatient conditions, do not require a long reducing period. Operations on the heart, internal organs and intestines are performed in the hospital after a thorough examination, preliminary training, under anesthesia. Indications for surgical removal are determined taking into account the degree of violation of the functions of the affected organ and the risk of developing complications for the patient.

Prevention and forecast

Diagnosis of lipomaForecast for life and health is favorable. Prevention measures are not developed. Available subcutaneous neoplasms are recommended to observe from a dermatologist or dermatonologist with a visitor frequency once a year. This is necessary for the timely identification of possible complications of initially benign neoplasia. Cutting fat in the central nervous system, heart, kidneys, liver, intestine it is advisable to remove immediately after detection to prevent violation of the functions of affected organs.

Lipoma, which is popularly known as "girovik", is one of the most common types of benign formations. Most often, the lipom occurs in the subcutaneous tissue and consists of adipose tissue. It can also be located in having a fat incentive organs. As a rule, most often the lipom is diagnosed in women older than 35 years. Localled education can be on his head, back, face, hands.

Externally, the lipom is a soft moving node that is not combined with nearby tissues. Lipoma is located in the so-called capsule, because during an increase in size, it does not grow into the surrounding fabrics, and presses on them, spreading. Lipoma is growing quite slowly, their diameter is usually from one and a half to two centimeters, but in some cases gigantic education develops more than ten centimeters in diameter. If in its composition besides adipose tissue, there is also a coupling, the structure of the lipoma becomes more dense.

Education can be solid, but more often there are multiple lipoms. In this case, they are talking about the so-called lipomatosis. Education can turn into a real cosmetic nightmare, especially if they are located on open areas of the body.

Why lipomas arise

To date, scientists failed to come to a single opinion on what caused lipomas and why multiple lipomas are more common, and not single education. Lipomatosis is not associated with the patient's weight category and with the number of subcutaneous fat in its body, since education can even appear in very slender people.

According to researchers, the emergence of wiring is associated with genetic predisposition. It can also provoke a violation of metabolic processes in the body, hormonal failure, thyroid disease. Some scientists are convinced that wen arise because of the failures in the work of the gallbladder and the liver, as well as in connection with the branches of the body.

Such cases are available in medical practice, but they are of a part. Therefore, it is not worth counting on the spontaneous disappearance of the wiring, especially when the formation appears in different parts of the body and quickly grow. The optimal solution will appeal for help. The doctor will be able to accurately determine the cause of the disease and will decide on the quality of treatment - in favor of expectant tactics with constant supervision or immediate operational intervention.When you should remove lipoma

Most often, patients are interested in whether to immediately remove lipomas and can be dispensed without surgery.

It should be remembered that Lipoma is a benign form, which does not sprout into the surrounding tissues. However, the problem is in other: these formations have a property with time to increase in size. At the same time, the lipoma "spreads" the fabrics and organs located nearby to "win" a place to themselves. Due to the pressure in them, the metabolism may be disturbed, which is fraught with unpleasant consequences and painful sensations.

In some cases, it is impossible to delay with the removal of lipoma. It should be immediately consistent with the doctor if the girowing has changed outwardly or you started feeling physical discomfort. Also a wrapping should redness of the skin over lipoma, itching or peeling.

Doctors recommend removing wen if they grow near the accumulation of vessels or nerve cells. It is also better to "reinforce" and cut an education that is located in the so-called "high traumatization zone" - in other words, on a plot that is often exposed to external influence.

Diagnostics of lipomas and its types

Before making a decision to remove lipoma, a neoplasm diagnosis is carried out, which allows to determine the optimal tactics of operational intervention.

The diagnosis of lipoma does a doctor usually begins with a visual inspection and palpation of education, which makes it possible to determine the form, structure and approximate size of education. A ultrasound examination is also carried out, due to which it becomes clear what the impact of the lipoma has on the surrounding tissues. In the event that education is located in a potentially dangerous zone, the doctor may assign CT or MRI. Also, the biopsy of education is also carried out to find out which fabric is included in its composition.

Classify lipomas depending on where they are located and what fabrics are included in their composition. A serious problem is a ring-shaped lipom, which is a subcutaneous tumor of a large size. It covers neck, as if the collar, provoking problems with breathing and swallowing. There are fibrous lipomas, which include connecting tissue; angiolipomes containing fatty tissue and blood vessels; Molypoma, as part of which there are muscle fibers; myelolipomes consisting of adipose tissue and elements of the red bone marrow; adenolypomes, including components of the structure of the sweat gland; Very painful perioreural lipomas. For each of the types of neoplasms, there are optimal removal tactics. Tumors can delete the usual surgical path, to use an endoscopic method, laser removal or apply the so-called "radio". The final decision on how to remove lipoma, a doctor, based on the general clinical picture of the disease, as well as the patient's condition.

Lipoma | Food and HealthLipoma removal surgically

Surgical removal of lipoma is one of the most popular methods of getting rid of wen. In the event that the formation of a small diameter is carried out surgical excision under local anesthesia, if the lipom is large, then the use of common anesthesia is recommended.

No preliminary preparation before conducting surgical removal lipoma is required. In the preoperative course of medical preparations, the patient, as a rule, does not need. Operational intervention is carried out after the ultrasound has been conducted.

After the introduction of anesthesia, the doctor makes a small incision lipoma - the so-called excision. After that, it cuts the fatty tissue and the capsule in which it is contained. It is the removal of a capsule that allows you to ensure that there will be no recurrence of the disease. After that, the fabric is sutted by layers. At the same time, self-sessive threads can be used. An antiseptic bandage is superimposed on the scar. In the event that the formation was a significant diameter, thin drains can be applied.

Depending on the complexity of the operation, the location of the lipoma and its size, the duration of stay in the hospital is from one to three days. In order to relieve unpleasant sensations, painkillers are used.

The seams take off approximately seven or ten days after the operation. After the surgical excision of the lipoma remains the scar. Special creams and ointments will help to make it less noticeable, the use of which needs to be coordinated with the doctor.

Side Effects and Possible Negative Consequences

The probability of recurrence during surgical removal of lipoma is rather low. However, if the doctor who does not have sufficient qualifications and the necessary experience of the doctor left the capsule, possibly greeting.

Since the surgical removal of lipoma is a traumatic invasive procedure, the development of inflammation is possible, accompanied by an increase in body temperature. In this case, emergency medical consultation is necessary.

Surgical Operation | Food and HealthContraindications for the operation

  1. Surgical removal of lipomas, like any other surgery, has a wide range of contraindications.
  2. So, the surgical removal of wen is not carried out by women in the "interesting" position, as well as during breastfeeding period. Doctors recommend abandoning the operation during "critical days".
  3. Herpes, recently transferred colds or infectious diseases - also reason to transfer operational intervention.
  4. It is extremely undesirable to carry out the operational removal of wen, if the patient was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.

Also complications are fraught with surgical removal in secondary immunodeficiency - in other words, the reduced resistance of the body.

Other Lipoma Removal Methods

In addition to the surgical excision of lipomas, there are other methods for removing the neoplasm. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Laser removal

Laser surgery is one of the most innovative methods for the removal of wen. Most often, this option is used when removing formations on the face and neck, since the procedure practically does not leave the scars. Moreover, since the fatty tissue is removed along with the capsule, the probability of recurrence is reduced to almost zero.

With this operation, the laser simultaneously performs two functions: scalpel and coagulator, cutting fabrics and at the same time preventing the development of bleeding. Therefore, laser removal is bloodless, thanks to which healing is quickly, edema and suppuration is developing. Since laser removal is a non-contact method, it is absolutely sterile. The duration of the operation during laser removal is about thirty minutes, manipulations are carried out using local anesthesia.

Contraindications for laser removal of wiring are oncological diseases in history, diabetes, pregnancy and inflammatory processes.

Radio wave method

Pregnancy | Food and HealthThe radio wave method or the so-called "radonomus" is excellent for getting rid of the linden of a small diameter. Its essence consists in the effects on the formation of intense electromagnetic radiation. High-frequency waves perform the duties of the scalpel, cutting fabrics. Under the influence of "Radiamus" in the cells, heat is begins to produce, as a result of which they are self-destructed. In this case, under the influence of radio waves, disinfection and coagulation wound passes.

The indisputable advantage of the removal of linden using the "Radiamale" is the bloodlessness of such interference. In addition, thanks to the use of local anesthesia, manipulation is painless. Radio wave removal of the neoplasm eliminates the likelihood of complications: in particular, infection of the wound, the appearance of edema, suppuration.

Postoperative rehabilitation requires minimal time - after a week, two wounds completely heals, without leaving after the scars. There is also no need to stay in the hospital.

Puncture-aspiration method

Effective is also a puncture-aspiration method for removing lipoma. During this procedure, a needle is introduced into the tumor, after which the entire syringe is drawn up all the contents of the neoplasm. However, this method has one significant disadvantage - since the capsule remains at the same place, the development of relapse is possible. Also, fatter may also appear if, after "sucking", a tumor under the skin remained at least a tiny fragment of education.

And since such liposuction is carried out blindly, without visual control, it is impossible to ensure complete removal of the neoplasm.

Endoscopic Surgery

One of the innovative methods characterized by low traumaticity and excellent cosmetic effect is the endoscopic lipoma removal. At the same time, the cut is made not on the tumor itself, and at some distance from it: as a rule, in the folds of the skin, in areas hidden from prying eyes. After that, an endoscope and tools are introduced into the incision, with the help of which ghostics are removed.

Lipoma removal by people

Folk medicine offers many ways to get rid of wen. Some of them can be pretty effective, but it is necessary to take into account two important aspects.

First of all, even if the neoplasum disappears under the influence of funds recommended by traditional medicine, it will mean that it was possible to remove only the external manifestation of the disease, and not its reason. Accordingly, it is impossible to exclude the emergence of new formations.

In addition, before trying to get rid of lipomes by folk methods, it is mandatory to discuss the possibility of their use with the doctor. We also give only a few recipes that have proven themselves as rather effective.

Grind Kalanchoe leaf and with a bandage or a patch fix the resulting cleaner in a sore place. Keep such a compress for a few hours.

Grind a sheet of coltsfoot. Plant obtained by Kashitz on another sheet of plants and secure it on the tumor. Keep the compress, while the sheet does not become dry. As a rule, per week the size of the lipoma decreases.

Mix two tablespoons of liquid honey with a tablespoon of vodka. Stir carefully. In the mixture, soak the bandage and fix it on tumors. It is necessary to keep such a compress for two hours. Cut the procedure twice a day for two weeks.

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Lipoma is a benign tumor of adipose tissue formed under the skin. She is harmless and delete it is not necessary. In the spacious lime called wen. Radio wave knife | Food and Health

This tumor is quite common and occurs about 1% of people. Usually solitary lipomas. An exception is the rare disease called the hereditary multiple lipomatosis, due to which the wen appears throughout the body.

Lipoma may form anywhere under the skin, where there are fat cells, but most often - on the shoulders, neck, chest, hands and back. It may not be more pea or reach several centimeters in diameter, but grows very slowly. The reasons for which fat appears are not known.

Lipoma can be defined to the touch. It has a smooth, less often a bug surface, is always clearly selected from the surrounding tissues, soft, like rubber or dough, and easily shifts. Leather over it is going to a fold. This is just the accumulation of fat cells. Evidence that lipom can turn into a malignant tumor, no. However, if you have a bump under the skin, and you are not sure what kind of education is, visit the surgeon. The doctor will be able to diagnose after inspection. Sometimes additional research will be required.

Removing lipomas: how to get rid of wen?

If the lipom is large, is in a prominent place, and also if it causes inconvenience, for example, presses on the muscles or nervous plexus, causing pain, it must be treated. The only effective way to treat lipomas (wen) is a surgical operation. Alone to get rid of lipomas, trying to squeeze it - it is useless. In addition, such attempts may lead to infection and suppuration of education.

It is possible to remove linden small size in an outpatient basis - without hospitalization to the hospital. In this case, local anesthesia is applied (anesthesia). The operation lasts 15-20 minutes, and you can go home almost immediately after its end.

If, as a result of the diagnosis, it turns out that the tumor has large sizes, is located in a hard-to-reach place or deep penetrates into soft tissues and internal organs, for the treatment of lipoma, they will need to go to the hospital for several days. In difficult cases, the operation to remove wiring is carried out under anesthesia (general anesthesia).

Most often, the removal of wiring is made using a simple surgical examination of the skin over the tumor and deserted it from the surrounding tissues. The operation ends with the injury of the wound. After the treatment on the skin remains a rutter. The best cosmetic results gives Endoscopic lipoma removal

. In this case, the point incisions are not made over the wiring, but at a distance from the tumor, masking it in the natural folds of the skin, in the armpits, on the scalp and others. Through an incision to the lipome, fine microsurgical instruments and an endoscope are carried out by which the surgeon visually controls my job. Another gentle method is liposuction lipoma

. In this case, the fat tumor tumor is sucking through a wide needle introduced under the skin. However, after such operations, Lipoma may eventually appear again.

Regardless of the technique of operation, all remote cloths surgeon poisoned into the laboratory, where they are checked for atypical (malignant) cells. Analysis on cytology is usually prepared for 10-12 weeks, after which you must report results.

Lipam BackWhen to consult a doctor in lipom?

With the help of the service, you will be able to find a good surgeon, which will definitely determine what kind of education is disturbing you. If necessary, the doctor will conduct additional diagnostics and remove the tumor. However, in most cases, fatics can not be treated.

  • Be sure to consult a doctor in cases if Lipoma:
  • quickly changed in form or size;
  • rose again after removal;
  • became a firm to the touch;


These symptoms may mean that you have formed another tumor, for example, an angiolipoma (benign tumor and adipose tissue and born blood vessels) or a liposarcoma (very rare species of soft tissue cancer).

What is Lipoma?

Education is moving and, as a rule, does not cause pain. Although sometimes it can cause pain effect when the nerve endings arranged in the tissues.

Lipoma is a benign education consisting of adipose tissue, with time it is capable of increased in size. As a rule, the lipom grows slowly and for even several decades may not be felt. However, under the action of many external and internal factors (for example, stress, exacerbation of chronic disease, the development of the inflammatory process in the body) has a tendency towards rebirth in a malignant tumor.

What does Lipoma look like?

Lipoma structure

Girodik is under the skin and is a semicircular convex thigh. A person can detect it to the touch or visually (for example, during swimming). It is impossible to prescribe a lot, crushing or rubbed the affected place. When a neoplascence is found immediately contact the surgeon.

Where can Lipoma be?

Lipoma can occur in any part of the body for various reasons. They are located under the skin and places of their localization often perform the area of ​​the neck, shoulders, back or abdomen. Sometimes education appear on their hands and hips. If you press the fingertips on the lipoma, its mobility is felt, softness and looseness.

In the diameter of the lipoma reach 5 cm. Therefore, they are difficult to distinguish from other no less dangerous neoplasms (lymphadenitis, hygromes or atheroma). Each subcutaneous tumor has its own treatment regimen. Only a doctor can diagnose the lipoma, in particular, the location of its location.

  • Distinguish such types of wen:
  • perineral (located around the nerves);
  • lumbosacral (formed near the vertebrae, the spinal channel);
  • vaginal;

Muscular (germinate through the muscles, can occur in case of incomplete removal of education).

Lipoma on hand

Also isolated molypomea of ​​soft tissues, which consist of muscle and fat cells, angiolipomes containing fat and muscle tissue, epithelium cells and, as a rule, affecting the kidneys, rarely - adrenal glands, pancreas and adenolypes, which contain iron elements and vessel cells similar to atteroma.

Lipoma - causes

Until now, the causes of lipom are not established scientifically. In most cases, doctors and scientists agree that their appearance is associated with the action of genetic factors. Some people can inherit the defective gene from their parents, capable of provoking the appearance of Lipom. This phenomenon is called family multiple lipomatosis.

  • Risk factors that increase the likelihood of formations appearance include:
  • age changes (most often wen are found in men and women who belong to the age group from 40 to 60 years);

Metabolism disorders (lipoma may occur in case of metabolic disorders, in particular due to lack of enzymes). Lipoma may arise as a result of injury, which has a significant impact on the regionalization area of ​​education (causes irreversible changes in the tissues). The growth of a fat tumor is inextricably linked with a post-traumatic event. Provoke formation of limeLipoma may arise as a result of injury, which has a significant impact on the regionalization area of ​​education (causes irreversible changes in the tissues). The growth of a fat tumor is inextricably linked with a post-traumatic event. Provoke formation of lime How much should I weigh for my growth and age?

Obesity, alcohol abuse, liver disease, as well as glucose intolerance.

Lipoma in the context

Lipoma Treatment by folk remedies

Why are lipomas formed? Usually, the lipom occurs when the exchange processes in adipose tissue are violated. This is mainly related to the process of destruction of subcutaneous fat deposits - lipolysis. Other reasons for the formation of wen can be pancreas and liver diseases, pituitary hypofunction and thyroid glands.

People often treat lipoms at home by folk remedies (birch decoction, ointments cooked from garlic, onion or ginger) and do not seek help for a doctor. Self-medication can lead to a degeneration of growth in oncological education. If there is a neoplasm under the skin, it may be a lipom, the treatment of which dermatologists are not recommended to be carried out using the funds of traditional medicine. Confirm or refute suspicion of lime and its character (benign or malignant tumor) can only doctor.

Lipoma is it dangerous or not?

Treatment of lipomes is reduced to removal, but only in cases where its location causes inconvenience or it represents a threat to the health or life of the patient. If there is no complaints, the fat is not removed. To remove inflammation and pain, the doctor can assign steroid injections.

Lipoma on the back

It is important to distinguish lipomes from liposarcomas. They have similar external signs. But, in contrast to the fat formations, liposarcomas are classified as a group of mesenchymal tumors, the cells of which can be reborn into cancer. In all cases, even if wen is painless, the patient should consult a doctor. After the diagnosis of lipomes, the doctor will make a conclusion about the feasibility of its removal. If education affects joints, nerves, organs, muscles, or blood vessels, it can be removed impossible.

How is the lipoma remove?

Warves are removed by a surgical, laser or radio wave method. The most often conducting surgical removal of lipoma (at the place of the formation of the wing, they make a small micron dress, after which the scar can remain). A minimally invasive procedure passes on outpatient conditions under the action of local anesthesia and does not affect healthy fabrics. The risk of blood loss and the rehabilitation period is also reduced (after the procedure, the patient can go home).

To speed up the healing of the lipoma removal location, you need to regularly change the bandage, prevent its wet and pollution. During this period, the patient does not recommend sports, visiting a bath or solarium.

Differences atteromes and lipomas

Atheroma is a follicular or epidermal cyst, which contains a paste-like or curly mass. Like a lipom, the atheroma is formed under the skin and may be single and multiple. Unlike fatty growth, this subcutaneous capsule has a small hole, from which the contents are distinguished with an unpleasant odor. In most cases, the atheroma arises due to the blockage of the row of the sebaceous gland, its injury or rupture.

Removal atheroma

Lipoma on the brushes

In the presence of a large amount of skin saline in the atheroma capsule, it may become inflamed, which leads to the appearance of pain and itch. The doctor reveals the growth, cleans from the content, prescribes medicinal preparations for inflammation. After that, excision atheroma is carried out with a capsule in which it was pus. The most often spent surgical removal of atheroma. If this is not done, recurrence is possible. The prevention of atheroma is aimed at preventing the blockage of the sebaceous glands through a number of cosmetic procedures for cleansing skin cover (scrubs, masks of gentle action).

Lipoma removal on the head

Removal of lipoma laser

Lipoma can be localized on the head and the most gentle option for its removal is the use of a laser. Deleting wen laser in the head area helps to avoid the development of complications. Laser rays affect only the affected area and do not hurt healthy areas. Also, this method helps to avoid the risk of infection and compared with the traditional operation is considered more secure.

The removal of lipoma laser avoids the appearance of hematomas and swelling in the exposure zone. The doctor neatly dissects the skin, after which it extracts fat, without leaving its fragments from the edges, which helps to avoid the formation of new wiring at the exposure site). The edges are coagulated (searched with a laser) and stitched with a cosmetic seam. Laser removal does not require hospitalization and long rehabilitation period.

Such cases are available in medical practice, but they are of a part. Therefore, it is not worth counting on the spontaneous disappearance of the wiring, especially when the formation appears in different parts of the body and quickly grow. The optimal solution will appeal for help. The doctor will be able to accurately determine the cause of the disease and will decide on the quality of treatment - in favor of expectant tactics with constant supervision or immediate operational intervention.

Timely appeal to the doctor will avoid the development of complications (the emergence of onco-formations).

It is a benign tumor, the histological substrate of which is white adipose tissue. For this tumor, slow painless growth is characteristic. Its rebirth in a malignant liposarcoma almost never happens. Theoretically, it can develop in any portion of the body, with the exception of palms and stop. Surface subcutaneous lipoms, also called wen, develop approximately 95% of cases of all tumors of this type. The remaining 5% falls on the organs of the abdominal and chest cavity, bones, muscles, head and spinal cord. Multiple defeat of the body by these tumors is the name of lipomatosis.

One of the varieties of lipom is a hibernaya - a tumor of their embryonic concubilities of brown fat. Externally and clinically, it differs little from classic lipomas and distinguishable only after histological examination. For this reason, in the future, the hibers will be described together with lipoms.

Medical treatment of these tumors today brings more side effects than good, so it can be said with confidence that it does not exist at all. In most cases, these tumors do not cause their supports of any inconvenience, with the exception of an unpleasant aesthetic species. Therefore, they can remain untreated throughout life.

The preferred method of treatment of lipomas is the surgical removal. As a rule, this happens in rare cases when the lipom is complicated by the infringement of nerves and vessels, which leads to chronic pain. The tumor removal in this case is arbitrary and is determined by the will of the patient. Less often occur situations in which lipoms can be operated on without fail, since they carry a direct risk of the patient's life.

Mechanism of formation of lipom

There are two main formation mechanisms for lime.

The first mechanism is the most recognized in the world and is confirmed by numerous studies in this area. It consists in growing lipoma as a tumor. In other words, fat cells that make up this formation are clones of one cambial cell, from which the entire population appears. In favor of this theory, the pillared structure of most deep limes, as well as the detection of specialized cells with high mitotic (


) Activity.

The second formation mechanism of Lipa is associated with a violation of the outflow of the secrets of the sebaceous glands and, as a result, the accumulation of adipose tissue in the extended lumen of the gland itself. Such lipoms are often located superficially and do not have a valley structure. The most common localization in places of cluster of the sebaceous glands, which also testifies to this mechanism.

Causes of lipom

To date, the causes of Lipom are not fully studied. However, according to the data of basic research in the field of genetics and physiology of fat metabolism, several theories of formation of Lipom were proposed. Each theory has only a certain percentage of evidence and does not claim to fully disclose the mechanism for the formation of data of benign tumors.
  • The causes of the formation of Lipom are:
  • genetic predisposition;
  • violation of fat metabolism;
  • violation of the feed regulation mechanism;
  • low level of personal hygiene;


Genetic predisposition

Lipomatosis is a disease in which a systemic growth of a lipom of various sizes occurs throughout the body. It has been repeatedly proved that lipomatosis is a genetically inherited disease. With the development of this ailment, in a single monosic twin, in 99.9% of cases, it develops in the second. Vertical inheritance is also pronounced. The transfer of predisposition from parents to children is happening independently of the floor of the child.

Violation of fat exchange

This pathology can develop both fat and thin people. The amount of subcutaneous fat has no effect on the development of Lipa, since in the practice of doctors there are often people of asthenic physique with multiple large benign tumors of adipose tissue.

Violation of fat metabolism is clinically manifested by an increase in the blood of a special fraction of fats - low density lipoproteins. Since these fats cannot freely leak into the gap between the cells of the inner layer of vessels (


), they clog them. After a significant part of the endothelium turns out to be impermeable for fats, the suction and other fractions are worsening. As a result, the blood becomes fat, and


Blood is laid in vessels, forming atherosclerotic plaques. Singing in the liver, fats penetrate all her sines, provoking the development of such pathology as fatty hepatosis. In narrow capillaries, fat deposits become so pronounced that they climb their clearance. It does not appear clinically, because at the level of capillaries is formed a large network of collaterals, which fills the blood supply to the affected fabric site. However, fat deposits in this place begin to grow. Over time, a connective tissue capsule appears with numerous partitions, thanks to which the illusion of the valid structure of the lipoma is created.

The cause of low-density lipoprotein lipoproteins can be like a low-wear lifestyle and excessive use of animal products and genetic diseases. These diseases are to disadvantage or impossibility of production in the body of certain enzymes that split fats.

Violation of the feed regulation mechanism

In the body of a healthy person there is always a layer of adipose tissue, called subcutaneous fatty cells. It is entertaining that its thickness in different parts of the body is not the same. In addition, the location of the adhesive tissue in men and women do not coincide and are formed according to the appropriate type. Accordingly, there is a certain system that regulates the degree of fat deposition in one or another tissue. This system is based on the existence of special mediators that are created within the fat cells themselves. The larger the fat cells, the more the mediators are formed. An increase in the local concentration of mediators slows down the membrane processes of glucose processing, triglycerides and cholesterol into fatty tissue. As a result, an increase in the number of adipose tissue launches mechanisms aimed at its decrease, and vice versa. In this way, there is an authorization of the level of useful fatty fiber in the body.

Such a mechanism is extremely useful because it is an autonomy, that is, does not require hormonal or any other control. It does not interfere with the expenditure of adipose tissue during long starvation and ensures the restoration of the fullness of subcutaneous fatty fiber during a period of sufficient nutrition. During the overeating, this mechanism prevents fat deposition and takes its surplus from the body through the urine and bile. It is for this reason that some individuals that this system is successfully operating, never fulfill, no matter how they eat.

However, it happens that this mechanism gives failures. In some cases, its violation applies to the entire body, in other - only on certain parts of the tissues. The reason can be strong


, injuries,




, radioactive irradiation, etc. In the first case, the so-called neurogenic occurs


. In the second case, the fatty tissue is postponed in limited fabric sites, forming lipomas. Their prayer structure corresponds to the structure of adipose tissue in other parts of the body.

Low personal hygiene

According to one of theories, lipomas are formed from a long time




. Many patients, not knowing the rules for the treatment of this inflammatory education, are trying to open it on their own. As a result, in the overwhelming majority of cases, this procedure is performed incorrectly, the pus is not completely removed, and the acute focus of inflammation becomes chronic. Purulent move scarce and narrows. The sebaceous glands that were part of the hair follicle, from which the furuncle was formed, produce a thick secret. Under certain conditions, this secret clogs the clearance of the gland and leads to a cluster of the skin in its cavity. Such a cluster is also referred to as lipoma. It often contains a capsule, but never has a true quarrel structure.


In the rigorous and meibomy glasses of a small percentage of the population of the globe there are small ticks. Their sizes are so small that it is possible to consider them only with a sustainable increase in the microscope. With sufficient level




Published by him. However, during periods of its weakening, the ticks are actively multiplied and completely closed the clearance of the gland with their bodies. In most cases, such an invasion is completed by the inflammatory process by the type of furuncule or even the carbuncule. Nevertheless, sometimes inflammation does not develop, and skin fat accumulates in the cavity of the row, with time forming a lime.

What do lipomas look like?

Lipoma can be on the surface of the body and in its cavities and internal organs. However, it is necessary to recognize that such tumors of internal organs are rare. Their main part grows out of the subcutaneous fiber layer. When feeling lipomas are medium density formations, often painless. They are not laughing with surrounding tissues and rarely provoke inflammation. The skin is not changed over them and freely shifts in all directions. The dimensions of the lipom can be from the minimum, in 1 - 2 cm, to gigantic, at 15 - 20 cm in diameter and more. Typically, such wirings are located on the head, neck, chest, abdomen, back, forearms and hips. Lipoma is never formed on the palms and footsteps. Lipoma can be both single and multiple. It has been repeatedly seen that there is a certain symmetry in the bodily arrangement of multiple linden. In other words, when forming lipoms on one forearm is high, the likelihood that on the forearm of the other hand approximately at the same level eventually the same lipom will arise. This fact indirectly confirms the hereditary mechanisms for the growth of these tumors.

Lipoma Torch

Most often such tumors are located on the back, chest and stomach. In the elderly, multiple front abdominal wall lipoms are often observed, making palpation of the abdominal organs. The dimensions of such lipom can reach 10 - 20 cm in diameter, but not to manifest itself, with the exception of aesthetic defect.

In rare cases, lipom can be located above


. In this case, the product of magnetically resonant tomography (


) This area to exclude the diagnosis of the spinal



Lipoma hips and forearm

Contrary to the established belief that classically lipomas do not provoke the appearance of pain, in some cases lipomas of this localization may be painful. Most often, pain occurs when the tumor passing along the nerves passing alongside. Gradually, the destruction of his protective shell and the exposure of axons, through which the nervous transmission actually occurs. Axon irritation manifests itself pain. The compression of the venous vessels tumor can also take place, however, in order to appear at least a minimum clinic of blood stagnation, it is necessary that the tumor is large and compressed at least a few large veins. The compression of the arteries tumor is almost never happening due to their more dense vascular wall. The only case in which it is possible to compress the arteries, is the situation when the lipoma capsule for any reason turns out insolvent and well tissue breaks into the environment. As a result, it infiltrates neighboring muscles, tendons and blood vessels. Over time, the capsule is again formed around this spilled lipoma, and connective tissue germinate inside it


. These spikes are compacted as the tumor grows and flashes. In the case of the compression of the blood vessel between two such spikes, its permeability can significantly decrease. At the same time, pain appears, differing from pain when infringement of the nerve. It is permanent, suitable and enhanced when performing physical exertion.

The second situation in which the appearance of pain during lipoma, the forearm and the hips is germination of this tumor with small vessels. In this case, the lipom becomes an angiolipooma. The more vessels in this tumor, the more pronounced pain during palpation. In no case cannot be considered an angolyype of one of the stages of the malignant rebirth of a fatty benign tumor. Its cells are also highly differentiated, as well as lipom cells, which indicates the preservation of its benign.

Lipoma parenchymal organs

A distinctive feature of such lipoms may be pain caused by its growth under a capsule of one of the parenchymal organs. Most often intraganic lipoms develop in




, less likely - in



adrenal glands

. Very rarely lipomas are found in


. The character of pain corresponds to typical pains for the pathology of the organ, near the tumor grows. However, due to the fact that lipomas are slowly growing, capsules, their covering, gradually have time to rebuild and pain arising from this are stupid and non-permanent. This criterion should be taken into account in the differential diagnosis between lipoma and other volumetric formations of the abdominal cavity discovered in ultrasound examination, computed tomography (


. In this case, the product of magnetically resonant tomography (

) or magnetic resonance (

). In other words, the presence of volumetric formation in combination with acute pain of the corresponding localization in almost 100% of cases excludes the diagnosis of intrahedragan lipoma.

Lipoma head

Head lipomes rarely reach large sizes. More often they can be found in the physiological growth zone of hair, that is, on the cheeks, chin and the scalp. In the region of cheekbones, the tumor data is typically stronger over the skin surface. When palpation, leather over them is colder than above the surrounding fabrics. According to statistics, the lipoma heads are more often developing in women presumably due to wearing less warm hats and frequent scalp hypothermia.

In the medical literature several cases of intracranial growth of these tumors were described. When describing the clinic of such lipom, it is important to note that sometimes they can be masked under very diverse diseases. Depending on the location of the tumor, various symptoms were manifested both positive and symptoms of the fallout of certain functions.

Positive symptoms appear more often with the growth of tumors from one of the brain shells and constant irritation of the corresponding parts of the brain. At the same time, visual, auditory, olfactory, can become the most possible positive symptoms.


, involuntary movements of various parts of the body, was damned (

Joint, arrogant

) Behavior, delusional thinking, etc. The symptoms of the fallout of certain functions can be observed during its internal growth. For example, when squeezing a tumor of a visual crossroads or one of the visual nerves, a clinic of falling out the corresponding field of view appears. With the development of a tumor from the pituitary gland, gradually will be graddrated by all nuclei, and a decrease in the concentration of trop hormones with a manifestation of the clinic of the corresponding endocrine disease is observed.

With the growth of lipomas in the clearance of brain ventricles over time, a violation of the circulation of the spinal fluid can occur. In adults, this is manifested by the strongest headaches. In children and newborn babies, such a tumor can cause backlog in mental development. Intrauterine blocking of the tumor of the channels by which the spinal fluid circulates may result in the birth of a child with one degree or another


and unfavorable life forecast.

Lipoma Neck

When localizing lipomas on the front surface of the neck, symptoms of the surveillance of nerves and even organs there may be symptoms. The compression of the esophagus can manifest itself an unpleasant sensation when swallowing. The compression and displacement towards the larynx leads to a gradual change in voice timbre, less often - to hoarseness. The compression of the diaphragmal nerve is manifested in constant


Lipoma of the breast

. The compression of the return gastric nerve leads to a weakening of the voice bundle on the side of the lesion and violation of the violation. Massive lipomes, squeezing jugular veins, can cut blood outflow from the brain, causing frequent headaches and dizziness. The lipomes of the rear surface of the neck flow, as a rule, asymptomatic.

The appearance of this type of lime should always be the basis for a visit to the doctor-mammologist. Most often lipoms grow from adipose tissue surrounding

Milk gland

. Such tumors are slightly densely than the surrounding adipose tissue, are fluent in relation to the breast, the skin is absolutely not changed over them. Pain with feeling absolutely absent. It rarely, but it happens that the lipom grows out of the breast itself. In this case, the only modified parameter will be immobility in relation to the hardware. The rest of the lipom has typical clinical signs. In the event of pain, rapid growth, seals, inflammation, skin change over the tumor should immediately refer to a mammologist or oncologist.

Lipoma heart

In the history of medicine, several cases of Lipom Development were documented in

a heart

. Depending on its initial localization in various parts of the heart, appropriate symptoms are developing. With the growth of tumors from the right atrium, the symptoms of the disorder of automatism appear to the fore. It manifests a different kind


. With the growth of tumors in the field of preservative, interventricular and interpresentation partitions, the clinic of the blockade of the excitation pulse at the appropriate level is developing. As the tumor grows, in most cases it is speaking in the heart cavity. First of all, this significantly reduces the effective systolic and diastolic volume. In other words, instead of pumping up to 30 liters of blood in a minute with active physical work, the heart works in the same way, but pumps only half or third of this volume. In addition, the tumor pens out the working heart muscle and takes her place. Accordingly, the contractile ability of the ventricle or atrium, in which the tumor is located. As a result, the clinic is developing

heart failure

often accompanied by


Emirates of the lungs

Diagnosis of lipom

Since the lipom is almost the only painless soft tumor, growing subcutaneously, which does not cause secondary changes, then the diagnosis does not represent much difficulties. Some indirect value is the detection of large indicators of cholesterol, triacylglycerin, beta lipoproteins and low density lipoproteins. However, lipomas are often found quite often against the background of normal blood oily indicators.

Instrumental studies in the diagnosis of these tumors are carried out only in the case of a clinical picture of mixed with other more dangerous diseases. Frequently used ultrasound examination allows you to determine the structure of education, its exact dimensions, the depth of the occurrence and sometimes even communication with the surrounding tissues. When the lipoma is located under a parenchymal organ capsule using ultrasound, only the dimension of its size is available and the definition of the structure is available.

After determining the presence of tumor formation in the abdominal cavity, located next to the liver or kidneys, there is a need to determine its nature. During the diagnostics, the rule of exception is always used at the beginning of the most dangerous pathologies, such as malignant tumors,


Aorts, parasitic cysts, etc. Thus, the lipom of the abdominal organs is a diagnosis of exception.

In order to eliminate the hepatocarcinoma and the lightweight kidney cancer, analyzes are analyzed to determine the corresponding oncomarcresters. Echinococcal cyst exception is more complex and requires the fulfillment of more expensive research, such as computed tomography (

preferably combined with vascular contrast

) and magnetic resonance tomography.

Computer tomography allows you to estimate the size of the tumor, its contents, connection with the surrounding organs and even approximately estimate the density of the tumor and suggest from which substance it consists. With vascular contrast, it is possible to determine how vascularized is a tumor. One of the signs of malignancy of the tumor is the high concentration of vessels in it. Lipoma is a benign tumor and does not contain vessels, but angiolipoma may contain them, which complicates the diagnostic process.

Magnetic tomography is the most accurate study existing today. Its advantages include a clearer visualization of soft tissues, the possibility of assessing the reaction of regional lymph nodes, absolute harmlessness for the patient, etc.

What doctor to contact?

With surface subcutaneous lipoms, first of all, it is necessary to refer to the oncologist. In the absence of this specialist in the clinic, you can seek advice on the surgeon.

With deep lipoms, patients impose complaints about pain in the projection of organs to which the tumor puts pressure. Accordingly, first of all, the patient must be consulted for consultation to the district doctor, the general therapist, a gastrolologist, hepatologist, nephrologist and surgeon.

Does biopsy and morphological study need lipomas?

Morphological examination with biopsy should not be confused. Biopsy is a method for the collection of suspicious fabrics, and a morphological study is an exclusively laboratory procedure aimed at determining the type of cells present in the bioptate.

The morphological examination of the tumor is certainly necessary, since it is the only method of accurately determining its nature. In protocols for diagnosing tumors, morphological research is a gold standard. However, it is often performed after removing the tumor in order to define the diagnosis. In the event that a benign tumor, treatment is completed. If the tumor is malignant, then mandatory, based on its type, you need to go through several courses


radiation therapy


To destroy the remaining tumor cells in the body.

Otherwise, the case is with biopsy. Among the surgeons there are certain disagreements regarding the feasibility of performing this diagnostic procedure. Moreover, the reason for disagreement lies not in the method of performing the procedure or testimony to it, but in the organization of the coherence of the work of the laboratory and the hospital. In other words, it is extremely important that from the moment of taking a biopsy to obtain a result took no one day.

The biopsy implies the removal of a certain part of the tumor. After removal, a small open wound remains, into which tumor cells fall and are separated by a blood current throughout the body. In the event that the tumor is benign, the spread of its cells does not bring any harm. If the tumor is malignant, then with each hour on the body more and more oncological cells are spread, increasing the likelihood of rising metastases after surgical removal of the main focus. Therefore, in advanced clinics, the biopsy is performed immediately before the operation and its result is referred to as a surgeon for several hours. Based on the result, the surgeon decides whether to operate the patient and if it costs how much the operation should be. This scheme is the most correct from the point of view of the oncosurgery methodology.

In more remote hospitals, where biopsy should be sent to large medical centers, the time to obtain results increases significantly and reaches sometimes 1 to 2 weeks. In such conditions, it makes no sense to wait for the biopsy result, since during this time it is practically guaranteed that the tumor will spread throughout the body and the patient will not be left for recovery. It turns out that the biopsy, performed before the operation, does not make any sense. Thus, without having the ability to quickly determine the nature of the tumor, the surgeons are forced to operate patients with "with a margin", that is, removing more fabric than the tumor itself to minimize the amount of residual cells. In addition to this, the operating doctors remove regional lymph nodes, even if the latter do not show signs of inflammation. Then the tumor itself or part of it goes to histological examination, according to the results of which the tactics of further action is determined. This method is more traumatic for the patient, but its effectiveness is equal to the first.

Treatment with lipom

Treatment with linden is extremely surgical. However, not all lipoms must be operated. Many patients throughout their lives successfully coexist with their lipoms and under no circumstances want to resort to their removal. Tumor data is almost never illuminated, therefore the risk of their preservation is minimal provided that they are not complicated by the compression of the surrounding structures.

Is there effective treatment with lime medicines?

Unfortunately, today there is no single drug, the use of which would lead to a decrease in the size of the tumors of this species. Interestingly, even with a strong weight loss, the fat fabric of the whole body is thinned, and the lipoma does not decrease in the amount. This proves the fact that the fatty tissue, which is part of the tumor, turns off from the total lipid metabolism. Thus, the lipom can only increase in size and is physiologically not able to decrease independently.

When do you need an operation to remove lipoma?

Surgical removal of linden can be made at the request of the patient, as well as on relative and absolute indications. At the request of the patient, subcutaneous lipoms cause a certain aesthetic defect are often removed. Relative indications for the removal of lipomes imply a certain violation of the functions of a particular organ under the influence of lipoma. Most often, this state does not threaten the patient's life, but it brings him certain inconveniences. Absolute readings suggest a direct threat to the patient's life.
  • Relative readings to remove lipomas are:
  • nerve compression and constant pain caused by this;
  • Localization under the capsule of a parenchymal organ;
  • constant injury injury;
The obstacle to the influx or outflow of the blood of a certain part of the body.
  • Absolute testimony to remove lipomas are:
  • intracranial lipom, squeezing vital structures of the brain;
  • the threat of breaking lipomes into the abdominal cavity or the retroperitoneal space;
  • Lipoma preventing the circulation of the spinal fluid;

Intricultural lipom with severe heart failure, arrhythmias or blockades.

The purpose of removing lipomas is to eliminate all tumor cells, and, accordingly, the symptoms of the compression of certain structures.

Lipoma Removal Operation

Operation to remove the surface linden is carried out using both local and general anesthesia. The choice of anesthesia method is carried out depending on the localization of the tumor, its size, concomitant diseases and age of the patient. For several days before the operation, the level of blood glucose, electrolytes, and normalize

arterial pressure

. If a patient has a deficit of certain blood components or coagulation factors, they are replenished.

Before the operation, a test is carried out on allergic tolerance

analgesic substance

. In case the sample turns out to be positive, you should change the use of the drug or even revise the type of anesthesia. In addition, a single reception is made.


A wide range of action for the prevention of postoperative complications. The surveillance of the operating field is carried out without the use of soap and shave tools, that is, on dry skin. This item is extremely important because it prevents irritation of the skin after shaving, and skin irritation with the appearance of at least one glandy is a direct indication to the transfer of the operation.

Putting the patient to the operating table in the position in which access to the lipome will be possible at least on both sides, the operational field restriction is limited and its processing alternately alcohol and iodine solutions. At this time, anesthesiologist conducts anesthesia. The first incision is performed only after the quality of anesthesia is recognized as satisfactory. The layer laying of tissues is carried out. In the proximity of the capsules work mainly inverse, blunt side of the scalpel and clamps, in order to preserve its integrity. As a rule, lipoma capsule is easily separated and only a few places are tightly soldered with surrounding tissues. After removing lipomas, together with a capsule, the wound is treated with antiseptics and stroke layerly, keeping the topography of fabrics. In the wound, the drainage remains, in the first few days after the operation, Sukrovitsa is separated. In the presence of signs of successful wound healing, drainage is removed. The seams are removed at the end of the second week. Complete disability comes on average in a month.

Complications during the operation may occur when the capsule was initially deformed and the adipose tissue broke into the surrounding space. Over time, she infiltrated the muscles and tendons nearby, surrounded the vessels and nerves. When opening such lipomas, visibility is strongly limited, and the vessels, nerves, muscles and tendons are connected to one node through numerous adhesions. In such conditions, it is extremely easy to accidentally cross the nerve or a blood vessel with the development of appropriate complications. In addition, even after the ideal cleaning of the wound and the complete removal of adipose tissue, a high probability is preserved that after a certain time, a lipom is formed in the same place. This is due to the fact that a small part of the cells remained between the fibers of the tendons and muscles and resumed the growth of the tumor.

Prevention Lipom

As can be seen from the pathogenesis of the disease, the development of lipom is not always a consequence of the improper actions of the person himself. A rather large percentage of these tumors is developing due to genetic predisposition and is not amenable to arbitrary control. However, proper nutrition and sufficient motor activity will definitely reduce the likelihood of this tumor education if there was no lip in the patient's family.

In addition, there is a group of drugs called


which is designed to reduce the concentration of fatty fractions in the blood and prevent complications in this way


. The most famous drugs of this group are Simvastatin and Atorvastatin. It is believed that they can indirectly prevent lyp formation or slow down their growth, but there is no scientific evidence of this hypothesis. An independent application of these drugs can lead to irreversible metabolic disorders, so it is extremely recommended to consult with a family doctor regarding the feasibility of their application.

It is important to timely detect and heal such a parasitic skin of the skin as demodecosis, since it leads to the blockage of the sebaceous glands and the development of wen. In periods of weakening immunity, the adoption of various polyvitamins is recommended.

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