DKP What is it for what you need a DKP in what the pros and cons of use

In the life of any car owner always comes the moment when it is necessary to part with its iron friend . Currently, the law provides for many of the most diverse ways to sell their cars. The most popular is the writing of the DKP. We will try to figure out what it is, as well as how to make it correctly.

Fortune telling on the old new year 2021 at home: for the future, on the narrowed, for money, at a desire

Old New Year has always been considered magic time. On this night, it is customary to burn - girls will find out their destiny for the near future, guessing the narrowed, success in the career and personal life. To get accurate answers from January 13-14 on January 13 on January 14, prepare and do not make mistakes when making a ritual.

How to distinguish the guidelines: the difference of females from the male

How to distinguish the female from male cesters?
For poultry farms, who are engaged in breeding, it is important to distinguish females from males. It is necessary for the formation of a parental herd, for growing meat and eggs. The parent flock should consist of 1 male and 4-5 females. Such distribution is kept to achieve a good percentage of fertilization. If female individuals in the herd be larger, the fertilization will decrease, it is impossible to obtain a sufficient amount of incubation eggs in this case.

Geysers - Miracle of Nature (description, photo, video)

A hundred years ago, after the terrifying eruption of the Taracher volcano, on one of the islands of New Zealand, a geyser forms of impressive sizes was formed: the post of ejected water from the bowels of the earth exceeded four hundred meters. The fountain was black, he embarked up, then calmed down the day for two - and was happy again. So, several years continued until the huge boiling lake was formed. There was a relationship - volcanoes and geysers arose.

Top 349 Gifts for the New Year: Toys Boy and Girl

New Year
New Year is waiting for all: both adults and children. On the eve of his beloved holiday, parents are concerned not only to where to spend the New Year's Eve, whom to invite what to cook, but also what kind of gift to put the son (daughter) under the Christmas tree. So that you do not break your head over what to buy for a new year to a child, we offer the best ideas of New Year's presents who will definitely pay your offspring.